Minho and taemin relationship advice

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minho and taemin relationship advice

And Taemin is just so turned on by how possessive Minho is being right . And basically he ends up getting relationship advice from his mom. Minho's unsuspicious relationships with female idols 1. and aims to open up counseling and psychological services in art high schools with Taemin had Minho, Kibum had Jinki, Jinki had Taemin and Minho had Kibum. See more ideas about Lee taemin, Minho and Angels. MBC's “We Got Married Global Edition,” virtual couple, SHINee's Key and Japanese model Yagi Arisa.

He pulled them apart and gasped for breath when his mouth was free. Taemin glanced over at Minho. He heard the door open and shut when he first arrived. The fact that the person who came home was Minho was a perfect coincidence. If Minho never came home, or anyone for that matter, then maybe he would have cheated. Key scowled at him when he walked out of the living room into the bedroom with his bag. Key followed him and Taemin followed Key, which led to the two of them standing awkwardly beside one another as Minho climbed onto his bunk.

Key thought long and hard about it before he asked his question. Taemin was watching him intently, his eyes scanning over him from head to toe. He seemed to be pleased with that. Taemin glanced at Key again and smiled when he saw his vexed expression.

He grabbed his hand and brought himself up against his chest, his eyes closing slowly as he inched closer. He held him there with his lips parted and his breath getting more out of control. Who knew he could be so impatient. Who knew Minho could be so nonchalant. I have many thoughts.

SHINee’s Taemin And Minho Reveal Surprising Secrets Behind Idols’ Stage Outfits

What do you mean by that? By any chance do you put in a lot of effort in studying physics?

minho and taemin relationship advice

I also want to study psychology. Most recently when you cried on a music program, there was much speculation about your tears.

You say that people are all different quite often. Do you have characteristics that make you different from other teams? Giving off our own color is the ultimate point. However, I think with that comes personal satisfaction. There are many different directions that can be taken.

I could choose many, or I could choose one, or I could not choose at all. You can say that taking on various activities from different fields is an effort to collect diverse experiences and make a broad choice.

Onew is joking about his stage name. What type of person do you see yourself as? I was just asking. Do you watch your own performances objectively as well? I try not to watch them calculatedly. First off because the stage is created through practice, something about it is systematic in a general sense, so I think that I have to show myself enjoying it.

If I think that it is so difficult right now, then I do it with difficulty. I mainly monitor those things. Maybe with the song and choreography, everything is too tightly fitted and dense. Naturalness is the most difficult point. On the flip side, you must have developed a sense of freedom and ease now as well?

Does the song you hum day to day change with the weather? The thing I think of most importantly, and so what I concentrate on polishing the most, is emotion.

But I forget quickly. It felt like this yesterday too but even if the situation is the same tomorrow it approaches with a fresh feel so there comes to be tens of thousands of expressions. In order to do something precisely your schedule must be too crowded. I think a lot about my trainee days. Rather than missing it. How have you changed since your trainee days? I did everything the way I wanted to.

minho and taemin relationship advice

I think I will continue to that in the future. It seems like you have a life that just continues to flow. Do you like it? Where does the difference start? But when Minho took his I suddenly felt sad. It could just be a minor feeling of complaint. That is really my shield. At a young age you have accomplished a lot. I want to hear that these kids are really good. And I did hear that. When we first received the song I thought, how will we do this?

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But as we practiced I saw that we were doing it. Um, I concentrated a lot on pronunciation. Not on whether the pronunciation is good or bad but on the issue of whether the pronunciation suites the song. So I did go a little overboard but personally I liked that feel. I sang the Korean lyrics with stresses and emphasis like in English. I wanted to give off the feel of Michael Jackson in that song. My greed is the people who liked the music from before the year SHINee does commercial music.

It is commercial music. It means that we have to do music that people listen to. As we do that we offer attractions and earn revenue. We have to make people hum along to our music. There is so much music, and the issue comes down to who will imprint it first. And with that momentum, to make people listen to it one more time, to make them look for it one more time. Even if you take the stage alone.

Looking at it as an objective person, what kind of team is SHINee? I think we are a dynamic team. A team where five kids like that are gathered together? There are so many people who sing better than I do. What do you want to steal and from whom?

Um, the meaning of being twenty years old to a man? An age when you should do everything you want. Do you do that?

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But, what does it mean to be busy. For three months I exercised really diligently. I did so without skipping a single day. Not just exercise, but composition, piano, harmonics study, I keep going, if only I had time for it all, and as I think that regret piles up.

Right now at this point, what is the type of good music that SHINee could do? I think it would be good if we did ballads. For now I have to rest. I think right now is a period where I should rest. You said your dream is to be a composer? I thought of going to music school as the first turning point in my life. Is that what you view your role to be?

I try to explode on stage. When energy that was bundled together overflows it explodes.

Taemin And Minho Pick The Best And Worst Dressers Of SHINee By Comparing Airport Fashion

I want to become like that. I hope that is the moment when people will remember me. If you become that sort of person, people would have no choice but to watch. Something has to explode for it to be fun. When you look at your face when you debuted inwhat do you think? I definitely think my face looks much better than before.

After monitoring your growth, what do you think about yourself? But I just like myself? Doing all the songs that I want to sing, and dancing everything I want is not ok, right?

Because we are a team. Which member causes you to feel jealous? Like that… Jonghyun sings the most, right? The fragments of us that you see in the media is not everything. Over time because of jealousy, you do come to hate that person.

A tame example would be if someone has prettier clothes? They are not family and they are not my closest friends. If we become too close like family, I feel like there will be a problem. You will begin to think about your relationship instead of the person.

We only meet for work so the we have only a work relationship is the best description. How is your injured leg? I was injured just a few days before our comeback. I really worried a lot about what I was going to do. We prepared the album for over half a year so privately I did feel like it was all ruined.

For a few weeks after your comeback you sat on a chair and sang, right? Sulli and taemin dating allkpop.

minho and taemin relationship advice

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minho and taemin relationship advice

Dispatch is the top source for dating scandals, however, there are some. Fans are also worried about the change in Sulli's behaviours since dating him.