Mike and jesse relationship breaking bad

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mike and jesse relationship breaking bad

The biggest controversy from Breaking Bad episode "Salud" is has no relationships in his life that will become a threat to Gus if Jesse is. Fring and Mike practically begged Walter to allow them to kill Jesse He genuinely felt bad about being ordered to kill him in Full Measure. This is perhaps the best summary of Walt/Mike/Jesse's relationship I've ever read. including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn.

Mike sees Walter as a snivelling little weasel: Walt deeply insulted Mike by suggesting that Mike might help in killing Gus. Walter is being isolated and constantly watched and babysat by Tyrus. Jesse on the other hand is being given more responsibility and is being allowed to handle weapons in the presence of Mike and Gus. Gus would not have taken Jesse to Mexico if he thought Jesse would fail… he has confidence in him.

Walt and Jesse are the only two cooks that we know of. Is it even remotely plausible that Gus would want to kill Jesse and retain Walter?

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Gus shows confidence in taking Jesse to Mexico, because Gus has built up Jesse enough to succeed. This will get Gus into the position to take his revenge on Don Eladio.

If Jesse fails, he, Gus and Mike are not going home.

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Gus has huge confidence in Jesse at this point. Jesse then succeeds in this task, and also shows that he can forcefully put down a challenge. This performance allowed Gus to get into a position to take revenge on his nemesis. There is no reason to get rid of Jesse at this point. Evidence Mike with the Gun The gun angle — pistols are very inaccurate and are only good at very short range… the slightest change in the angle of the wrist of the shooter can greatly alter where the round will go.

We cannot tell if he is focussed on Jesse or something in the distance. When the bullet strikes Mike, his right hand comes forward and traverses to the left as the impact of the bullet causes him to now rapidly spin to the left. Mike is an ex-police officer, so he knows how to work with a partner. If he sees that Jesse is covering the Right, he should have raised his gun more to the left to cover the hacienda entrance.

Mike is a trained police officer, so he knows how to work with a partner. Because Mike is right handed, the only space available to raise his gun once the car door is open is in the gap facing towards the front, after which he intended to switch aim towards the hacienda entrance. This was a planned action.

Mike is following his police training instincts and is getting ready to cover their escape. Mike was beginning to move his gun to the left deliberately once his gun cleared the window, but was then shot. They were trying to get the heck out of there.

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Once he had the car door open he should have gotten straight in and started the engine running ready to peel out the second Jesse got in. If he was just covering the Hacienda and protecting Jesse by raising his gun, why did he open the car door first?

Of course Mike raised his gun after he had the car door open. But Jesse says nothing, just makes a show of boredom, and Mike goes on. From inside the warehouse, he grabs the stash and listens to the sound of his car driving away.

Well, now he can tell Gus that's what happens when you trust a junkie, just like he's said. Then the kid surprises him by coming back with the car and picking him up. Jesse offers a breathless explanation of the robbery Mike had planned.


He's still not sure of the logic behind Gus's plan, but he can't deny that Jesse passed the test. The kid had taken care of it, and come back for Mike.

mike and jesse relationship breaking bad

Gus doesn't reply, but he doesn't seem surprised. It was part of being a cop, part of being a PI, and it's definitely a big part of his current job. Jesse Pinkman is easy to read, but hard to understand. Jesse wears his heart on his sleeve, or more accurately, on his face.

mike and jesse relationship breaking bad

The first time he'd met Jesse, the kid had been a case study in raw pain. Most of that is now buried somewhere deep inside him, but flashes to the surface from time to time. His face shows boredom, and excitement, and disappointment, like a child who doesn't know any better. He talks a lot. Eventually Mike stops shushing him, or Jesse stops being afraid of Mike, and Jesse offers up random pieces of information.

He reminds him of the way Kaylee waves her drawings in Mike's face as soon as she finishes them. It's more than attention, Mike realizes--it's approval.

Jesse wants his approval.

This doesn't surprise Mike, exactly. Mike's accustomed to subordinates courting his favor, if not quite in this manner. What does surprise him is that eventually, he does approve of Jesse. Jesse's smarter than he looks. Smarter than he acts most of the time. But what Mike likes about Jesse is the simple fact that the kid's got a good heart.

Even if it's not exactly an asset to have in this line of work. One afternoon on one of their runs, Mike finally indulges his curiosity and brings up one of the few subjects Jesse hasn't already willingly babbled about. He asks, "How did you and Walt get to be partners, anyway? Mike says, "It's not my business, kid, I'm just curious. White recognized me, uh, from his chemistry class, and he, uh, told me he'd turn me in, unless I taught him how to cook.

Your former chemistry teacher blackmailed you into teaching him how to cook crystal meth? At first Jesse huffs and says, "Um, I know how to use a gun. Jesse's hands are shaking, Mike notices. He'd thought the kid was past that. You want to stand like this, with--you're right-handed, right? You need to have a good, balanced stance. That's the first thing. Don't lock your knees.

Um, people you've killed? Mike pats his shoulder.

Top 10 Reasons That Prove Breaking Bad’s Mike And Jesse Are The Same Person

He says, softly, "Okay. You're nobody's top choice for a hitman, all right? I'm teaching you this for your own defense. Like I said, things might get hairy, here.

mike and jesse relationship breaking bad

I need to be sure you can handle yourself. Still, it doesn't surprise Mike to see Jesse freeze up when the shots ring out at the farm. What does surprise him is the protective instinct that kicks in when he sees the kid just standing there. Mike half-knocks, half-drags him out of the line of fire, and feels a bone-deep sense of relief when Jesse stumbles to safety behind the shed, behind him. Later, Jesse says, "Yo, like, uh, I guess I never thanked you for what you did.

Running and so forth," Mike says. He's doing his best to impart wisdom to this kid. His efforts pay off in Mexico. Sure, Jesse stands around like an idiot when the poison starts taking effect. Mike supposes it would be a little confusing if you weren't in on the plan. Still, after Mike says, "Make yourself useful," Jesse does, and Mike finds himself in the surprising position of actually owing his life to Jesse Pinkman.

Mike knows he has to get out of here soon, and he doesn't want another loose end. Especially not one like, as Jesse so aptly called him, "Ricky Hitler. Mike has connections, though, and he'll use them. First, he calls Jesse and asks, "Are you with Walter?

mike and jesse relationship breaking bad

I have a proposition for you. He looks so, so much older than when Mike had first met him, even though that was, what, barely a year ago. Mike's genuinely not sure how Jesse will respond to what he's about to suggest. He knows Jesse's taking Drew Sharp's death very hard. Mike And Jesse Both Love Kids Throughout the series, Jesse is often thrown into situations involving children, and he is always at their defense.

His first interaction with a child involves the junkie-parents of said child, who Walt sent him to kill. And although Mike is basically a ninja with invincibility code enabled, he has a soft side, protecting his granddaughter, Kaylee, to the fullest extent. It is even revealed at one point that all his earnings will go to her once everything inevitably goes down the crapper.

Jesse, in retrospect, has a smaller yet intensely loyal crew in Skinny Pete and Badgeralthough killing is a last resort for them. It seems throughout the series that Jesse, wrought with guilt and conflicting emotions toward his mentor, becomes more callous while holding on to his strong morality.

In an almost bored-yet-disciplinary manner, Mike tells Jesse to calm down, count to 20, then call After making Jesse repeat it 3 more times, he calmly gets up and leaves. Mike has an interesting opportunity here, to beat some sense into his younger self so that he could focus on the matter at hand, which would most definitely affect Mike.

Although most of their interactions are business-related, there is a great level of respect and nigh-comradery among them. They have a history, and so do Jesse and Walt. While Jesse has his doubts, Walt is still his mentor in that he taught him how to make the purest meth known to man. The Dead Drop Ambush Scene Gus sends Mike and Jesse on a long road trip through the desertto his random money caches distributed there.

At the final drop of the trip, two muggers come out of nowhere, and Jesse is almost jacked for all the loot.

mike and jesse relationship breaking bad

With quick thinking, Jesse gets the hell out of Dodge, knocking one guy over in the process and losing the others in a chase.