Melvin oduah and maria nepembe relationship trust


melvin oduah and maria nepembe relationship trust

Miss Zambia, Simba International School, Ndola, Martin House Trust School, Mature christian marriage and relationships connection, Garden events with a view, Mmb Hair Salon, Melvin Oduah, Maria Nepembe, Dillish Cosmetics, Elikem. The Kenyan lady landed a deal with Orion and Mama Watari Trust Fund where When you meet Melvin Oduah for the first time, the first thing you observe is his had a serious relationship with her boyfriend, Steven Gaeseb, outside the house. up with her country-mate and friend, Maria Nepembe, that love across Africa. Relationship Manager. Heritage Bank Limited. Business Development Officer · Port Harcourt. Board of Internal Revenue,uyo. Education. University of Ibadan.

They were very supportive of my choice of career. When I contested for Mr. Everybody must not be gay to be able to contest. I am very aware of how it started. People were saying that all the girls were throwing themselves at this guy and he was running away. Though, sometimes, it can make you feel really bad.

melvin oduah and maria nepembe relationship trust

And that is what I do. Which is the most popular movie that you featured in? But from the ones released, I will say History Box. I got calls and recommendations and commendations for that movie.

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Do you do anything else aside modelling and acting? When I was in the university, I was working with my uncle, and I did a lot of network marketing for products like Forever Living, Swiss Guide, etc. Would you advice your siblings to go for BBA?

As long as you know what you are going there for, why not? People have made a lot of money by participating in the show. You have to know what you want to achieve.

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So, go there and do what you have to do. After the show, there was news that you were dating Maria from Namibia, are you still together?

But we are cool. What can you say about the movie industry in Nigeria? We have improved in script writing and delivery as well. And now we are partnering Hollywood. AY featured many Hollywood artistes in his movie, 30 Days in Atlanta. Do you see yourself getting involved in the music industry in future? As a musician, never. But I can own a music label where I will manage artistes.

So, how do you relate with your female fans? I relate well with them. Of course, you have to be nice to them. If they want picture, you pose for them to snap. What do you dislike about fame? Everything about you is out there. What do you consider your biggest success? I would say being in Big Brother Africa.

melvin oduah and maria nepembe relationship trust

I was in entertainment doing well, but thanks to BBA, I am doing far better and I hope to get bigger and better with many endorsements. Which African country do you like aside Nigeria? Also the Northern part. I hope to be there also. Tell us about your educational background. I went to primary school in Agidingbi, Ikeja. I still intend to go further with my education. Did you plan to be in entertainment with all these qualifications?

melvin oduah and maria nepembe relationship trust

It seems your journey into entertainment was an accident? I acted when I was in primary three. I had a relationship with Angelo Collins but we did not have sex. I loved him and I still love him.

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I am a blunt person and very real. I did not have sex with Angelo. I was under the bathtube, but we never had sex. Maybe, the camera made it look so. There was no way. Big brother did that.

melvin oduah and maria nepembe relationship trust

Winning strategy I am a very blunt person. Melvin can testify to this claim because he stayed with me for ninety one days in the House. I was only talking to my fellow Housemates. This is because if I have to be on this platform, people have to know the real me and what I have been through.

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I also intend to go into acting. I love my mum so much.


I have always been there for her, just as she has always been there for me. I was just there alone. My participation in the show was not to embarrass my country. I am a proud Nigerian. On featuring in a porn production by Afrocandy I heard about it. Thanks for the offer but no. I participated in BBA to be myself — Melvin BBA Experience Considering that I and Beverly were chosen to represent the country and the fact that we were in the House from the beginning to the end, made our participation in the show remarkable.