Megan hunt and peter dunlop relationship trust

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megan hunt and peter dunlop relationship trust

Megan is shocked to discover her own special connection to the vic- tim. Meanwhile .. Bishop (Peter Dunlop), Dana Delany (Dr. Megan Hunt) . that he liked Daphne and said that she trusted him to run errands. He said that. Instant Chemistry: Dr. Megan Hunt and Peter Dunlop on Body of Proof show that give us clues and insight into their budding relationship. Be Careful Who You Trust, 7. For Megan Hunt, sleeping was something that had never come easy. Megan informs her colleague Peter Dunlop as her eyes adjust to the dark light of her room. Lacey and Megan's relationship all though not perfect, like most mother daughter relationships, was at least.

I have been mauling this idea over in my head pretty much ever since the show started. I know right it takes me a while to write it out. Anyway this is going to be a Megan and Kate story and it will have chapters of hmm shall we say a more intimate nature.

megan hunt and peter dunlop relationship trust

There will also be another main storyline to this fic but you will find out what that is as we go along. I love to know your opinions and what not so please always feel free to share. After all I write it for you, so knowing what you are liking and thinking really does help me write.

If not thank you for just taking the time to read and I hope you enjoy it all the same. Anyway enough of me going on here is the first chapter. Enjoy ;;'x Chapter 1 "Everything changes" For Megan Hunt, sleeping was something that had never come easy.

megan hunt and peter dunlop relationship trust

Since she was a young child she had struggled with getting her mind to become peaceful enough to allow her to drift away in to the land of dreams. For most people we relish those moments where are most wanted fantasies and deepest desires become true, even if it is in some bizarre circumstance that deep down you know could never be true.

Wither it's sleeping with a famous actor or winning the lottery and taking over the world for however long our dreams last, our deepest wishes come true. For some however, dreams are the last thing they encounter when they close their eyes and drift off to sleep. For them their quiet nights, are shaken from quirky, relaxing, refreshing dreams of inner most desires coming true and thrown in to a world of dark, ghoulish nightmares.

With Megan's job you may say it's no surprise that sleeping peacefully can be a struggle but just like so many things in life things aren't what you would think.

Megan's nights aren't filled with monsters under her bed or the sickening images she deals with on a daily basis or even some of the most evil, callous minds you could imagine that she helped send down for their crimes.

megan hunt and peter dunlop relationship trust

No for Megan her nightmares all consist of her past, a past that no matter how hard she tries she can't change and she has to face. Luckily for Megan, much like tonight just when those memories were turning her sleep in to a nightmare her phone rang and she was plucked from her restless sleep to do her job. Megan's job, some may even call a nightmare but for Megan it was work, and she enjoyed it.

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Cutting bodies open and delving inside, sometimes being faced with the most gruesome scenes in an attempt to put a puzzle together and help find out what happened. Mystery was something that had always surrounded Megan and in a way summed her up so it was only fitting that her job had that same would applied to it on a regular basis.

See you there Peter. Pulling back her covers Megan lets in a deep breath, holding it a second before letting out a clearly tired sigh. Megan loved her job, she knew she was doing something good every time she went to work but sometimes the hours that her job made her work was enough to make her scream.

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Half three in the morning on a Saturday, most people were stumbling in from a wild night out or curled up with a loved one in bed not pulling their selves out of their warm comfy beds to go and give her analysis on two bodies in a car crash in some woods. But that is what being a M. E consisted of and all though sometimes tiring it was a job with rewards you could get nowhere else.

Lacey, Megan's thirteen and a half year old daughter was staying with her father, Todd that night.

Peter Dunlop

It was hard to believe that not too long ago Megan and Todd had been married and for a period happily married. Then again it had been five years since their divorce and in a lot of ways both Todd and Megan had changed, almost grown up. They had finally realised that the most important person in all of this was Lacey and whatever they did they had to make sure it was what was best for her. Megan knew she had done things in her past to let her daughter down, it had never been intentional but thankfully things had started to change.

megan hunt and peter dunlop relationship trust

Lacey and Megan's relationship all though not perfect, like most mother daughter relationships, was at least starting to heal. After picking up a coffee from one of the all night coffee shops in town, Megan drove in to the overgrown wooded area that Peter had sent her a text to come to.

They arrest Holly, who reveals that Elena visited her and discovers Holly was back on drugs, and was going to take Holly's baby. Holly followed Elena, and shot her to prevent this from happening.

After the confession, social services arrive, and take Holly's baby away. This episode achieved a much higher number of viewers than the previous episode, " Letting Go ". It's a smooth, unchallenging watch. Delany is effortlessly likeable as Hunt and, while her cohorts are sketchily drawn, they do show promise.

megan hunt and peter dunlop relationship trust

The best part is, she does something to try and change that and the results are both comical and touching". Thankfully they continue to give me plenty of what I want". Pavlica explained, "In the Pilot, the other medical examiners seemed to hope they could somehow get rid of Megan by tattling on things to Kate.

This week, as she saw Megan struggle in her connection with the living, she attempted to reach out and give advice".

I was at a total loss. I had written off the baby's mother as soon as they spoke with her. No many shows are able to do that. I can almost always narrow it down to at least two and one of them would be right.