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See more ideas about Jonas brothers, Joe jonas and Nick jonas. RIP I will always . Jonas Brothers Meet Their Fan (Jimmy Fallon) EW! I adore . The following is a list of tours by the Jonas Brothers. Jonas Brothers World Tour / Opening Act; .. Honda Center, Anaheim, 23, / 23,, $, .. March 2, , Córdoba, Argentina, Parque Sarmiento. Jessica Theodor, SVP 77th Annual Meeting Host Committee Co-Chair M. F. Jones, N. A. Thurber, K. Beard NEW SPECIMENS OF EXPL/BIA-EVF// , SFRH/BPD//, (CONICET), Córdoba, Argentina; GAUDIN, Timothy J., University of block suggest that they may be siblings.

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Danertused his own research on growth form and branching patterns in Solanaceae to propose a new subgeneric classification system for Solanum; he largely kept the same groupings as Seithe but recognised them at different ranks. He recognised 21 sections with numerous subsections, and listed component taxa in each. Child and Lester provided a synopsis of infrageneric classification of Solanum, based largely on the work of Bitter and Seithe They did not indicate component species of any of their recognised sections, which comprise fewer species than those of Nee Child and Andropedas Rusby plus a variety of other taxa see Bohs for discussion.

Most current taxonomic work in Solanum is being undertaken in this cladistic framework underpinned by molecular data and concomitantly, more taxa are being added to molecular analyses to test its stability and robustness e. As more taxa have been added the thirteen clades have generally been supported, but many species have not yet been included in molecular analyeses and their relationships remain to be tested.

History of taxonomy of species of the Dulcamaroid Clade The Dulcamaroid clade as recognised by Bohs and treated here is comprised of elements from several previously recognised subgenera and sections of Solanum. The common European woody nightshade or bittersweet, Solanum dulcamara L. It was the only member of this group described by Linnaeuswho recognised its extreme variability but did not explicitly name any of these variants, although he did explicitly name variants of other highly variable taxa.

This polynomial refers to the South African species Solanum africanum Mill. Dunal had only seen herbarium specimens or live plants of three of these taxa Solanum dulcamara, Solanum triquetrum and Solanum pubigerum Dunal and relied on published descriptions for the rest.

The greatly increased number of species 19 names recognised as members of the Dulcamaroid clade as treated here included in the updated synopsis Dunal were scattered over three groups based on leaf division. It is clear that the species now recognised here as members of the Dulcamaroid clade were in different groups due to their highly variable leaf morphology that can be pinnatifid to simple on a single stem see below.

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He included Solanum viscosissimum Sendtn. Difficulty in grouping these taxa which today we recognise as closely related is perhaps understandable as label data from 19th century herbarium specimens is sparse and usually does not include any mention of habit. Seithe examined 36 species representing 24 of the species recognised here and 12 species relegated to synonymy here of the Dulcamaroid clade in her analyses of hair types in the genus.

Of these, 11 were classified only as members of subgenus Solanum without assignment to a section; Seithe was unsure as to the affinities of these taxa. The rest of the species were included in her sections Dulcamara e.

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Those taxa included in Anthoresis are all the members of the Solanum nitidum species group sensu Knapp and were grouped together based on the possession of highly branched trichomes. He pointed out the extreme morphological similarity between members of his section Holophyllum and section Brevantherum Seithe; species in both these groups have dichasial branching, but they differ in their trichome morphology.

Species such as Solanum pulverulentum Pers. Knapp studied the members of section Holophylla and recognised that the section was morphologically heterogeneous and almost certainly not monophyletic. She segregated a group of 11 species, the Solanum nitidum species group, and identified the unusual pedicel insertion morphology see below as a morphological synapomorphy for the group.

Her cladistic treatment of the Solanum nitidum species group based on morphology was one of the first explicitly phylogenetic analyses of an entire clade in Solanum.

I believe that the American Heritage Cultural Dictionary has an appropriate definition for subculture: A group within a society that has its own shared set of customs, attitudes, and values, often accompanied by jargon or slang. A subculture can be organized around a common activity, occupation, age, status, ethnic background, race, religion, or any other unifying social condition, but the term is often used to describe deviant groups, such as thieves and drug users.

What I like about this, and in my own personal experience, is that rock and popular music actually brings together a diverse group of people who might not ever otherwise meet or socialize, if not for a shared interest in certain bands, artists, or styles of music. Music really transcends occupation, age, status, ethnic background, race, and religion — I think it can speak to us on a much different level that puts all of those other elements aside.

Lastly, I sought a word that would be sum up my own objectives in publishing articles on this site, and journal seemed perfect to me at least the first three definitions: So all in all, this site is a resource for fellow fans of music, and I continue to publish frequent articles that cover long favorite as well as new and emerging artists, their activities and live concert events, some news, a variety of resources, tips about buying tickets for and attending gigs, travel tips and ideas, information about collecting related memorabilia, some showcases of such memorabilia, interviews, and more.

I publish my e-mail and phone number on this site publicly, so if you would like to get in touch with meplease feel free to do so. I am always happy to talk music, as well as meet people at various concerts. About Jason DeBord The Rock Subculture Journal is an effort to share my love of music, connect with fellow fans and artists, and to share and memorialize experiences at live events, as well as participate in the dialogue about bands and artists in contemporary rock and pop music.

I write about my own experiences and opinions in the form of articles shared on this site. So I thought it might make some sense here to share a little bit about myself, to frame my articles in the context of the music that I follow and enjoy and why.

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You can also check out my January interview with the Monterey County Weekly here: The Original Prop Blog, which has been a significant resource to those in the entertainment memorabilia art market sincebegan as a non-profit news and information resource intended to help consumers navigate the world of collecting original popular culture artifacts, namely props, costumes, and other artifacts made for and used in film and television productions.

While my undergraduate degree was in English and Literature Bachelor of Arts in English from California State University Sacramentomy subsequent graduate studies were exclusively in film and television.

So music serves as the powerful connection to different places in my life. I have an older sister, so her and her friends would turn me onto new music regularly I remember one of her friends giving me a mix tape with lots of Bs, and one song I was never able to identify for years and years — World Destruction by Time Zone with John Lydon.

But right then and there, I realized what a powerful experience it was to be able to listen to a record and then go and stand before the very artists that made the music, and perform it live, on stage.

While in high school and into college, I would often see as many as one show a week.