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Maxim Trankov Photos - Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov of Russia to Bolero putting the story of a steaming love relationship in front of the world, and. The relationship between ice dancing and figure skating can be Russia's Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov won a gold medal in Sochi. With Maxim Trankov, Volosozhar became the World champion, two-time World silver medalist, three-time European champion,

At their next event, the Trophee Eric Bompardthey scored personal bests in both segments, finishing with an overall score of They placed third in their segment and Team Russia won the gold medal. They scored personal bests in both segments and an overall total of Despite winning the next segment, they finished off the podium in the closely contested event.

Their total score was just 1. On 4 AprilKatsalapov confirmed to Ilinykh that he wanted to end their partnership. They were fourth at the Russian Championships. They were the second highest-ranked Russian couple in the Grand Prix rankings, behind Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitri Soloviev who also won one silver and one bronze but had a higher total short dance score, and were the first alternates for the —16 Grand Prix Final.

They later added Elena Tchaikovskaya to their coaching team. We have a desire, but will see. After all, there are many factors that could affect our decision, from pregnancy to eg injury.

Volosozhar and Trankov: We always feel good together.

We can simply not qualify for the team. So athletes, being a superstitious people, never say: After another victory and a successful performance at the European ice show Art on Ice vacations in a luxury Swiss hotel was twice nice? Of course, there is very good. There is probably one of the best spa, where we have ever been. Still, we missed home a lot. Most of all we want to go home.

Can we also congratulate your with the housewarming? Yes, we now have our nest, where our little family lives. Without children yet, but with animals. We have a dog — a German Spitz, which Tanya got even before our relationships have started. Then it was her dog. And recently we had a cat.

In winter, mouses have started to bother us and we had to do something with it. Who takes care of animals when you are not at home? There are also friends. We have such a changing of the guard, so we have nothing to worry about. Had the top skater fallen on the triple axel, she would likely earn a -3 grade of execution, plus another deduction of a point for a total, essentially, of 4.

Spins and footwork sequences with more difficult positions or turns -- called "features" -- also earn a higher base value than those with fewer features.

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Ice dancers skate past the judges' panel during a fall event in Paris. Falls on any element also result in a one-point deduction from the skater's segment total and jumps completed in the second half of a program earn a percent bonus. The resulting cumulative total from all the elements, with their average grades of execution factored in, is the skater's technical score a. Skaters' presentation or "artistic" scores have also been quantified under the new system as each judge assigns a score between 0.

Skating skills, transitions, performance and execution, choreography and composition and interpretation. Read a more detailed explanation of the figure skating judging system. Ice dancing presentation scores are based on similar skills. In a nutshell, the total presentation -- a.

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Olympic figure skating team has an excellent shot at a medal in the inaugural figure skating team event.