Mateo cruz and jj relationship quotes

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mateo cruz and jj relationship quotes

"Criminal Minds'" milestone th episode has finally revealed JJ JJ, while the secrets that JJ has with new section chief Mateo Cruz usual quote at the start of "Criminal Minds" season 9 th episode opening sequence. In episode , the nature of JJ and Cruz's relationship was revealed: they worked together in Afghanistan in an operation to capture Osama bin Laden, which. Most likely because his own marriage failed in a humiliating way, and his wife left him for a man she may be engaged or even already married .. Section Chief Mateo Cruz: Whoever took Cruz and JJ is highly trained and highly organized.

Once you start doing your character, you run the risk of ruining the surprises that may or may not be in store.


Cruz, whom Morales describes as a "chameleon," will head out into the field with the team on their first case together, which will be enlightening for both parties.

And obviously JJ does for different reasons. Give me a shot and maybe it'll be better. He has admiration for them, but he doesn't really understand what the big deal is until he gets there.

I think Cruz is the kind of leader that knows people need to be left alone to do their best. But I also have to remind them that they do have a hierarchy to respond to. They're not an island unto themselves. They have to answer to their boss, but their boss doesn't have to be abusive or preachy with his authority. And since this is the Behavioral Analysis Unit, the rest of the team will start getting suspicious as to the true nature of their relationship.

Hot scoop on your favorite shows "Let people think they're having an affair! I think that's more interesting, don't you think?

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Does he have feelings for her beyond the professional realm? I'm sure he has. But has he acted on it? That's the question," Morales says. And how did her backstory come together? Executive producer Erica Messer answers our burning questions.

You've said that you had the "JJ gets kidnapped" plot in your head for a year. Did you also conceive of the whole arc then too? We had talked about it.

We saw the beginning of this episode a year ago, let's put it that way. In fact, it was going to be the episode Thomas [Gibson ] directed last year, but it felt more finale-worthy or premiere-worthy than middle of the season unless it's the th episode! We started talking about what happened to JJ when she was away from us and if that could be the thing that comes back to haunt her.

JJ came back much stronger. She came back a profiler, and you can tell something happened in the year she was gone that's changed her for the better.

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It felt like, "Let's take this opportunity in that milestone episode to show what this was like for her. Was that twist important to her backstory? The next thing for me was the emotional step. Professionally, things can change you, harden you, make you better, make you stronger.

But personally, what happened to her? Strauss sets it up that she'll be going back and forth from the States — I just pictured her finding out in a med tent in Afghanistan that she's pregnant and as many casualties of war, she loses the baby in an explosion. It's heartbreaking and tragic.

For me, for a female hero on our show, it's a story we're not going to tell present day. It's too hopeless in a sense if we say she's pregnant and take it away.

mateo cruz and jj relationship quotes

Miscarriages are a pretty common TV trope. Right, and I think the way we did it, it shows that it's something that changed her and made her stronger. The audience doesn't have the chance to fall in love with the fact that she's having a baby since this was in and we know JJ didn't come back with another baby. I felt like it was an important part of her character to have something she wanted and lost because of this, and it's not because of chasing serial killers but because of a bigger role she played as an American hero.

When we introduced Cruz, I told A. You were the only one there who knew the loss that she endured and that is a connection that you have with somebody that you can't explain.

It's not romantic, but just the bond you have. He's a major character in your life because he was there for that. They care for each other, but not like that. Will Josh Stewart didn't know, but it's implied at the end that she finally told him.

mateo cruz and jj relationship quotes

Why did you decide to have him in the dark? I don't want to be generalizing women by any means, but one of the many strengths of women is that you carry on. We talked about, "Did she tell Will?

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He never knew she was pregnant, so he never lost anything. It felt like it would've been putting him through an unnecessary pain at the time, so she just kept it to herself. It was like, "What you don't know won't hurt you. The team still doesn't know though.

mateo cruz and jj relationship quotes

What's JJ and Cruz's relationship like going forward? Fewer whisper-y conversations, I assume. We don't have him back probably until our finale, but they are going to be working together and he's still the section chief. They'll be less secretive. Is this whole story line done? Hastings and the other guy are dead.