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Real answer, if TC is being serious- No. Ike, Marth and Roy are in NO WAY related. None of them even live on the same continent, possibly not. Marth (Japanese: マルス, Hepburn: Marusu) is a fictional character from the Fire Emblem series, Marth and Roy's appearances increased western interest in the Fire Emblem series, and in part it led Nintendo to start releasing the games. I'd go to his free relationship counseling sessions. Marth, Roy, Chrom and both Corrins (would also include Lucina and the Robins if I had.

Her hands moved toward her pocket as she felt her phone vibrate. Are you with Wolf yet? Samus pursed her lips at this text from Zelda. She thought for a second, then pressed the reply button. He's ten minutes late. I'll give the fucker another five before he's dumped.

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Samus wrapped her arms around herself, shivering a little bit as the wind picked up. She wondered where on earth Wolf could be; he had made this date with her their first back on Tuesday, and he had promised to meet her outside of the mansion at 8.

Samus looked back at her phone as it vibrated once more. She sighed, and looked at Zelda's text. Do you want me to check his room? Samus chuckled bitterly to herself and shook her head to herself. She texted back loudly and angrily, with a furious purpose.

He'll show up or he won't. At this point I don't care either way. He has three more minutes before I retire back to my room to watch a horror movie on my own. Samus shoved her phone back into her pocket and sighed. She had lied; she did, in fact care, whether or not Wolf showed up. Although she would never show it, she had been looking forward to the date all week. There was something about that Wolf, something in his inaccessibility, his ruggedness, the way he cut himself off from the rest of the world, that intrigued her.

Intrigued her to the point of turning her on. It was curiosity that led her to accepting to go out with him; but it was genuine attachment, now, that made her wish he would show up.

Wolf's protective barrier that he put up around himself was slowly, but steadily, coming down, and the more they did, the more Samus liked him. There was something about him that made her feel so safe; even though he seemed detached, even to the point of moroseness, he always looked at her with affection in his eyes.

It made her feel special, the fact that he was so cut off from everyone else but was willing to always talk to her. And that, she knew, was what a good boyfriend should do; make a girl feel special. But Samus did not feel so special as she looked back at her phone and saw that it was now 16 minutes past eight. She looked down glumly and drummed her fingers against the gate. Five more minutes, she thought to herself.

But she knew that she couldn't. Samus, also, put up a show of distance from everyone else, of not caring. She had to maintain that; she could never be the girl who would wait 20 minutes for a guy to arrive late. Somewhat defeated, but still with her head held high, she let herself let go of the gate and walked briskly back to the mansion. He can call me with his apology. And I won't pick up. What with Mario standing up Peach, Link smothering Zelda, Marth freakin' cutting her arm open…" "Yeah, well, that was an accident.

Radiant Dawn and Meta Knight from the Kirby series.

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His final smash, Critical Hit, strikes opponents with a blow that instantly knocks them out of the screen unless they hit a barrier. He is also a starter character in the series for the first time. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. For the first time in the series, he will receive an English voice. Yuri Lowenthal will voice him in the game's North American release while Hikaru Midorikawa will reprise his role in the Japanese release.

Marth's name is romanized as 'Mars' and he is given the surname of 'Lowell'. The anime ended production after only two episodes were finished. Typical of most Fire Emblem "Lords" in successive games, he is a swordsman with a slim build and wears a cape; he shows nobility and justness in both of the Fire Emblem games that he appears in, though he also shows himself to be somewhat single-minded in his pursuit in Shadow Dragon.

He also has difficulty in expressing his romantic feelings for the character Caeda in that game's epilogue if she survived. His nobility of character has carried over to the anime, in which he is fighting against villains. Once Medeus was resurrected he rebuilt his land of Dolhr, readying himself for an invasion of Archanea once again. After the attack from Dolhr, Marth was forced into exile on the island nation of Talys.

His father, Cornelius, was killed battling Gharnef, an evil priest and a devout follower of Medeus; his elder sister Elice was taken hostage. With the help of the Altean knight Jagen, the Talysian Princess Caeda, and other characters, Marth embarks on a quest to defeat Medeus, reclaim the kingdom of Altea, and rescue his sister.

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Marth meets Nyna, the princess of Archanea-the most prominent kingdom—who gave him the country's national treasure, the Fire Emblem. Marth later obtains the Falchion sword, which was stolen from his father by Gharnef. He uses it to confront Medeus. After the defeat of Medeus, Marth was engaged to Caeda and spent his days peacefully in Altea. It wasn't until rumours had it that Hardin—a former ally and friend of Marth—had begun to conquer various countries in Archanea with the help of the Manaketes [31] that Marth was forced to leave his rule of Altea to investigate.

When Marth and his men gathered at Grust, several of his former allies were fleeing, or some were murdered during the pillages of Hardin. Marth then travelled to Macedonia where he reunited with Linde, a mage of Archanea, who had been keeping the Fire Emblem safe from harm. He discovers that several magical spheres are needed for the Fire Emblem to regain its true power.

Marth retrieves most of the spheres, only to realize that Hardin had conquered Altea in his absence. He leaves to see Gra, a kingdom that had seen a similar fate to what happened to Altea.

He meets Sheema, Gra's princess, who had left Gra when her father decided to betray Altea as she wanted no part in it.