Mark jansen and simone simons relationship trust

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mark jansen and simone simons relationship trust

What extreme fans should know about Simone: Her full name is Simone Johanna Maria Simons. She previously was in a relationship with Mark Jansen. Northward the hard rock project of Floor Jansen and Jorn Viggo Lofstad, said island, and has a very close relationship to the place and its inhabitants, . Angra ), David DeFeis (Virgin Steele), Simone Simons (Epica), Caterina Nix Trust me. " -Bjorn 'Speed' Strid, Soilwork vocalist about their first ever live CD/DVD release. Epica, Mark Jansen, Coen Janssen y Simone Simons . Free PDF Piano Sheet Music for "Don't Trust Me - Search our free piano sheet music database for more .

I am also very disappointed I must say. Those promos are just for the journalists and not for the fans yet. Arabic melodies, orchestra, choirs, grunts, screams, a female voice and a heavier sound. Do you think Epica could offer something different from the other bands of the female fronted metal scene?

Does it flatter you? How was the experience with them?

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Of course it flatters me, I get recognition for my singing and it nice that my voice fits more bands than just Epica. With the other bands I can show a different side from my voice as well as my character. What is your opinion about Sonata Arctica? I can tell you more about it after the tour. I just know them by name and after the tour I can probably sing a long with all the songs haha. It will be your third time in Italy this year.

Do you have any good memories about our country? Yes, I liked it very much and am looking forward to come back and see a little more of the country. My parents just came back from a holiday in Italy and it makes me a bit sad that I never have enough time to see everything haha. Tell me the truth, Did you do grunts and screams there? I was not really in the band, I just joined one rehearsal very long ago and was too scared to sing haha. So not really no. What is your relationship with religion?

I believe in nature and in the power of the human mind. Believing is achieving, if you work hard enough for something you will succeed. We have a gift and that is our ratio, we should also use it. The past period has seen many departures in the female fronted metal scene: Do you think the female frontedd metal scene is going to an end? No not at all, I believe that apart from relational differences between the band members, those women were part of the band for very long, they wanted something new.

I can understand that. What did you think when you read that there were several rumours about you as the new Nightwish singer? Did it created some problems with the band? We all knew that I would never become the singer of Nightwish. I know you are or you were a Nightwish fan. What do you think about their new singer?

Do you like their choice? I was as much a Tarja fan as I was a fan of Nightwish. Give me an adjective for these singers: Cristina and Floor I know best of all. All women are very different from each other and all special in their own way. When we met the first time in Milan you told me about how people can feel themselves alone being on tour and how it was difficult for you at the beginning.

Are those feelings changed now? You just have to find a way to amuse yourself and Skype a lot. How is being a girl in the metal scene?

mark jansen and simone simons relationship trust

Are there some male musicians from other bands who tried to chat with you? I want the names!!!! I like to hang out with guys and feel quite at home in the metal scene. I never had any problems dealing with guys. I know that you live in Germany now and that you also give some private lessons, Am I right? We can say you painted a new page in your life. I indeed entered a new phase in my life and am very happy in Germany together with Oliver. How is to be in love with someone who does your same work, who meet so many fans and groupieswho is always touring the world?

Is it a problem for you? I miss him a lot when we are apart but know that we still have a long time together so all that touring is just relative. I try to tour with him as much as possible and he does the same so we will make it work.

mark jansen and simone simons relationship trust

In the studio, if I have to work on the lyrics and to study these licks and to record them, I would go nuts! What did you write? Let me listen to it. Let us work on it. Because in the beginning we like to work on our own. There are a lot of opinions in Epica, a lot of strong opinions. When you feel like you cannot bring it any further, then we start working on it together.

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Then it is also easier to accept criticism. Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks With a firmly established signature sound, is the Epica sound still evolving? But it is too early yet to know what direction will evolve. I know that some other guys have recorded some ideas.

So, everybody is already doing something, but it is too early to know where it will go to.

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But we always try to make things better. That is also how you keep the stuff fresh. When I listen to all the past albums…at that time it was the best we could do then. If we would make it now, we would do it differently. These albums have to be like they are, they have to stay like they are.

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For a show in Japan, we try a little bit of an alternative set list then what we do in Europe. The first was doing well, the second show we were changing some things and now in Tokyo I think we found the right balance between the new album and other songs. So we decided to put it in the set. So tonight has a very balanced set to keep everybody happy. Current Nightwish vocalist Floor Jansen is one of them.

mark jansen and simone simons relationship trust

And that was completely understandable, because that was the big chance and I would have done exactly the same. But she sang on some songs with MaYaN and it sounds fantastic. So I did as well. Also with ReVamp, she has no time for that any more for the same reason. Nightwish takes all the time and that is also completely understandable. But it was really fun. With his qualities he could be singing in any huge band who needs a big singer.

And when I heard Simone Simons for the first time, I knew that was going to be good. When I heard her voice I also knew that this was top, top quality. When there is a shitty drummer the whole band sounds like shit. And when the singer is shit, everybody hears it right away. But the drummer and singer they have to be top quality.