Magnetism and gravity relationship to mass

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magnetism and gravity relationship to mass

According to Newtown's Law all mass possesses gravity with the larger mass having more gravitational force. If this is the case shouldn't Jupiter. Gravitational fields are determined only by the mass (or mass-energy) of a body. Charged and uncharged massive particles produce the same gravitational field. Gravity is a force that acts between any two objects with mass. No matter what they . However, there is no special connection between magnetism and gravity.

magnetism and gravity relationship to mass

DC power flows in one direction this is the same concept scientists believe about gravity and the magnetic field. After reading a book entitled Magnetic Current by Ed Leedskalnin where he claims that the magnetic field is made up of tiny magnets or what he also described as particles that flow in both directions I began to investigate the idea of a magnetic field which flows in both directions rather than one.

I spent months going over it time and time again drawing it out on paper and after intensive research it seems that he may have been correct. After all, he did leave evidence in the form of a castle among other amazing achievements that no one has been yet to explain to this day. Once I accepted this as an idea it all become a little more clear to me could all of the forces in nature actually flow in two directions only in some cases one slightly weaker than the other?

An experiment was preformed recently involving the weight of objects. This is a sure indication that the further down in the crust you go the surface gravity which flows inward becomes weaker. How could this be when gravity should be increasing as it gets closer to the core?

One thing can explain this, another force coming up from underneath the crust. These forces are what the crust is basically floating on they are responsible for the shifting of continents which cause earth quakes, high pressure causing volcanoes and on a larger scale subduction.

While observing a lab pool where standing waves are created in water it became evident that this is the same way these forces behave only they would be in a spherical shape.

After carefully thinking this through the best comparison for this type of event would be a mid-air nuclear detonation. Imagine the detonation occurring time and time again at such a high rate of speed standing waves are created in the form of a sphere, think of the explosions which are created by implosive forces happen at a certain frequency just as waves. While these explosions are repeating on a certain frequency larger spheres can be created by secondary explosions on a lower frequency a good example for this would be two different octave notes harmonizing in music.

The spheres would form boundaries with the smaller boundaries being created by a higher frequency of explosions but lower energy while the larger boundaries are at a lower frequency but with more energy. Each of the boundaries is what forms the different layers within the planets and stars. Using Earth as an example the core would be created by a high frequency of explosions with low energy implosions while the outer-core would be created by a lower frequency of explosions but with more implosive force that creates more energy.

The next major boundary would be the mantle because the surface of the Earth is the outer edge of this boundary the forces are stronger moving towards the core while the forces produced by the explosions reach the mantle and the bottom of the crust where they are reflected back inward with the motion of the standing waves. As these boundaries increase in size the explosions that create them become less frequent but with more energy. The standing waves that form the spherical shape boundaries would be in the form of P-waves an example of this would be the gravity we experience on the surface while the lowest frequency explosions with more energy would travel in the form of S-Waves this would be the gravity that holds planets in their orbits with the empty space in-between.

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The S-waves would also travel back and forth from the source to any orbiting planet at such a high rate of speed it forms a standing S-wave holding the planet in its orbit. An example of this is how radar is used to detect planes in the sky when the reflected radio waves are intercepted the size of the object can be judged by the amount of waves that were reflected back. The tidal bulge provides evidence that this energy is in a smaller waveform and is moving back and forth just as the standing waves in the wave pool or as AC electricity behaves.

With this is mind the Earth must be held in its orbit by standing S-waves that are provided by the Sun and that are traveling toward it. When these waves strike the core of the Earth they reflect back to the Sun but on a shorter wavelength. Using the same rules as sound reflecting from an object the crest of the S-wave would strike the North Pole of the Earth while the reflected or exiting trough would be located at the South pole.

This action is at such high speeds it forms standing S-Waves or the magnetic field lines. These Standing S-waves would reflect from a sphere shape the same as light waves reflect from a convex mirror this would surround the planet with magnetic field lines.

The Unified Theory – Electricity, Magnetism, Gravity , Mechanic

If standing S-waves from the Sun entering the North pole it seems apparent at the striking point of these waves is when the implosive P-wave forces occur.

When observing other forces in nature such as magnetism there is repulsion and attraction by using these same methods at the point where the energy enters the North pole of the Earth the charged particles which travels within the waves would attract to one another. When exiting through the South pole repulsion and explosive energy occurs taking with it radiation which builds up at the x point of the magnetic field lines or what scientist call the Van Allen radiation belt.

With this in mind and there is evidence of more than one radiation belt there must be more than one standing S-wave creating implosions and explosions which only makes sense if there are three main spherical boundaries within the Earth. One must wonder how does the high and low pressure weather systems fit into all of this? When observing the weather system of the gas planets such as Jupiter there appears to be bands of winds that circle the planets traveling in both directions.

I was always interested in how this occurred, how could winds be traveling at high speeds in one direction but in another band just below that there would be high speed winds traveling in the opposite direction? When looking at the weather system of the earth previous page it appears to be in layers or bands just as the gas planets only fewer and calmer. I also noticed that these layers or pressure systems have repelling forces that resemble a mushroom cloud produced by a nuclear detonation.

On Unification

From this conclusion the repelling forces that form the mushroom cloud seem to be a good comparison to the pressure systems within the atmosphere. When observing the atmospheric circulation of the Earth the poles have high pressure weather systems which pull on water vapor while the equator is on a low pressure system which behaves the opposite.

These same forces can be used to describe the tidal bulge created by the moon with the stronger forces pushing the tides out at the equator while pulling in at the poles. Could these forces all be related to a two current magnetic field and gravity? Why does the Sun not pull the first four planets in by its gravity?

This question can be answered using waves in a fractal state. The wave patterns can be compared to fractals with a smaller system within larger system. The Sun and the gas giants would be on a lower frequency wave pattern while the first four small planets are on a much higher frequency system or vibrations.

The lower frequency waves would travel much further before meeting at a node position. Because these waves travel in S-waves the nodes would form the planets orbit around the Sun with large areas of empty space in-between each planet.

At each node position which would form a circle around the sun there would be an orbiting planet. The planets magnetic field is influenced by these waves and in some cases it is affected. For example, Uranus has a changing magnetic field over its one year orbit around the Sun. This would be the result of the S-waves on one side of the Sun being stronger at the north pole while on the other side of the Sun there would be slightly stronger S-waves at the south pole.

The wavelength would be shorter where Mercury orbits closer to the Sun while on the other side it has a longer wavelength. This would put the sun at a node position of the different wavelengths for each planet which could be off-center or at different strengths. If the magnetic field lines are created by standing reflecting S-waves these waves must be rotating much like the standing waves that can be visualized when rotating a rope.

This can be compared to the reaction of a sound wave that reflects from a hard surface. If negative particles are put together then the positive pressure is increased and the negative particles try to avoid this.

For the same reason positive particles try to avoid the collection from them. If positive and negative particles are put together then the over and the under pressure is compensated.

Since electricity is the density variation of the gravity, the gravity and the electricity have the same signaling velocity c0. This can be summarized: When you have a gravity mass then you can see a object due to his electrical waves. For the unified theory only one energy wave equation can be assumed which is composed of two components, the gravity wave and the electrical wave.

With the introduction of a field impulse tensor: Results of the United Theory The unified theory explains physical values like the B-field. Some physical laws like the Newton force, the Lorenz force, the mass defect, the time and the length dilation can be understood. The Lorenz Force is observed if a charged particle passes a rotating field. It means that the field is rotating even if no charged particle is there. The rotating of the field can be observed at the Maisner-Ochsenfeld effect.

The reason why two magnet can attract or repulse is located in the two invisible rotating curls of the electric field defined by the B-field. The Newton Law is a result of the gravity wave introduced by the acceleration of the object. The acting force used to accelerate the mass produces a gravity wave.

magnetism and gravity relationship to mass

The reaction of the gravity wave is a reaction force which is exactly so strong as the accelerating force is. The Newton law is also a indicator that our gravity material is build with atoms and there is a wide empty space between the atoms. The Relativity Theory The relativity theory has its origins at high velocities near c0 of the objects. The heavier electrons will reduce their distance to the atomic kernel since the total energy for the electrons is constant, the atom will shrink which is the relativistic length contraction.

The heavier electrons will slow down in their velocities since the total energy for the electrons is constant, the atom will slow down his reactions which is the relativistic time defect. The Quantum Theory For small object sizes the gravity waves will move more directly the object. The wave behavior of the gravity wave becomes more dominant since the particle can not integrate over many gravity impulses.

The same effect happens for a small ship in the sea in contrast to a ocean steamer. Summary A unified theory was presented.