Lola and narcisse relationship advice

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lola and narcisse relationship advice

The relationship between Queen Mary Stuart and King Francis II. really going on with Narcisse's blackmail, and as a result left her vulnerable to the attack. With Lola's advice, Francis allowed Mary to be with Condé, hoping that she would. Lady Lola Flemming Narcisse was a main character of Reign. She was the close Lady Lola was a member of the House of Narcisse by marriage. She was. After a couple weeks hiatus 'Reign' immediately reminds us that it's all about At the end of the day, Catherine doesn't give a fuck that Lola is Mary's best Naturally, because Francis is an idiot, he sleeps with Narcisse's niece Maybe Bash should take a line of advice from The Wire's Marla Daniels.

God forbid we ever forget for a second that French Court exists in two time periods; party-planning and partying. A couple weeks ago, party-planning went into effect because the ladies saw the first bloom sprout up through the winter frost.

At least Kenna is taking the party planning like a pro, what with her insistence on putting together seating charts and carting around a giant folder with an air of authority. Another person born a few centuries too early is Mary. Otherwise, Mary takes the double standard in stride and is surprisingly cool about the fact that Court has turned into a depraved season of The Bachelor, what with a room full of young maidens desperately trying to shack up with her husband right in front of her.

lola and narcisse relationship advice

In an unforeseen twist, Catherine encourages Lola to join the competition, reasoning that she already gave Francis an heir and that she knows he already likes her. The female characters of Reign run the gamut in terms of social position, relationship status, ambition and ability.

And yet, despite such setbacks, Reign still presents a compelling story in which these same women nevertheless find ways to succeed, thrive and even save themselves when necessary.

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Sure, on a good day, this show is a gonzo, mile-a-minute festival of ridiculousness and I mean that in the best wayfull of everything from serial killers to ghost husbands. But even in the craziest, most insane moments, the women of Reign manage to shine. These three women lead very different lives, and have very different goals and motivations.

lola and narcisse relationship advice

They have complicated relationships with one another and with the mechanisms of power within their countries. Particularly once Reign decided that—despite its love for making things up—it was going to stick to the broad strokes of history. So Mary chose Francis, and though the show gave them other various relationship problems in its second season, the issue of Bash as a viable romantic option was never really revisited.

The brothers repaired their relationship, Bash got his own storylines sometimesand everyone moved on. This was the first instance in which Reign demonstrated that it could evolve past its for lack of a better phrase CW-drama origins. Its ultimate embrace of the political story at its heart was another.

lola and narcisse relationship advice

The three women at its center are smart, strong and independent. They love ferociously, and are incredibly loyal. Catherine is selfish and greedy. This is just a fair warning, so you don't get angry unnecessarily.

lola and narcisse relationship advice

If you still decided to give it a go, I won't delay you any longer. He knocked on her door. He had nowhere else to go.

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If anything else was the matter, he would have gone to Bash. His brother didn't judge him, not even for killing their father. He would hardly judge him for this.

Bash was the only one who always stood by him, whom he could always rely on. He couldn't trust his brother, not with this. It would reopen old wounds they had worked so hard to mend. Those old arguments and misunderstandings had to stay buried in the past. Bash was his oldest and dearest friend, but once he had been his adversary in competition for Mary's heart. Despite his marriage to Kenna, he surely didn't forget everything that had happened between him and Mary.

Francis hated to admit it, but anything that had something to do with Mary couldn't be shared with Bash. His fears hit harder and hurt deeper as he realized he had been completely blinded by his love for Mary, love he still wasn't ready to utterly give up on. She had done this to him before, yet he had let her back into his heart so easily, without a second thought.

He noticed she couldn't look him directly in the eyes, her cheeks red as strawberries.

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Almost against his will, it lured a smile to his face. As of late, she was the only person in whose company he laughed. If I could erase it all, I would. At the sound of it, Jean-Philippe opened his eyes and looked curiously at his father. They stood in silence for few moments, looking at their son with adoration and love.

Francis remembered how he had felt about this child when he had first found out about its existence.

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He had thought of his son as of a mistake that would destroy his and Mary's marriage. He had thought he didn't have enough love for both his son and his wife.

Lola & Narcisse -- Salvation

His son made many things complicated for his marriage and country, but holding him in his arms, loving him, was the easiest thing in the world. He didn't know how he would have gone through Narcisse blackmailing him, Mary's constant questioning of every decision he made and, at the end, her blaming him for the rape and falling in love with Conde without this small ball who brought him joy even when he cried. I doubt we will ever try to have a child again.

He didn't intend to slander Mary so harshly, but the hurt in his heart took control over him.

lola and narcisse relationship advice

Shock on Lola's face confirmed his thoughts from last night; none of them had ever deemed Mary capable of such coldness. He could feel in her tone that she was thinking about the person Mary had been before she had been raped. That Mary and today's Mary were not the same person.

How could they be? I believe she tries to focus on helping her country so she can forget about it. She has also been under pressure from her mother. I'm sure she wouldn't have suggested it if Marie de Guise hadn't pushed her into it.