Live in relationship india pros and cons


live in relationship india pros and cons

Introduction: The British ruled India for about two hundred long years. One of the such on going trends is the culture of live in relationship. . Now it is upon us to weigh the pros and cons of this and then accordingly take a. 8 CHAPTER IV PROS AND CONS OF LIVE-IN RELATIONSHIPS. 9 CHAPTER V RIGHTS OF WOMEN IN A LIVE-IN RELATIONSHIP IN INDIA . 11 Live in relationships are no more a taboo in the metropolitan India. It's true that couple opting for a 'live-in relationship' are sometimes subjected.

They probably have greater financial interdependence with family members that imposes practical curbs on experimenting with lifestyle choices. Live-in relationships across age and social boundaries But the live-in lifestyle is not something that only youngsters indulge in. Recently an elderly couple in Kerala reluctantly married after forty years of living together.

Young India finds a live-in relationship as a best suitable means of having a virtual married life without following complex rituals, obligations and social responsibility. Live-in relationships are more than just a form of rebellion for the youth. Some tribal population, such as the Garasia tribes of Rajasthan believe that marriage imposes restrictions upon women and thus they tend to opt for live-in relationships. Click here to find out why Indian parents hate love marriages.

Clearly, there is a lot more emotion involved but it is impossible to dismiss live-in relationships as just a fad. It has clear advantages over marriage and here are five key points that make a live-in relationship a compelling alternative to marriage.

Enjoy best of both worlds In a live-in relationship, you get to experience the joys of having a stable partner just like in a marriage while retaining the freedom associated with a single life! You can enjoy your personal space without having to remain single. Can it get better than this? Greater financial freedom Financial freedom is considered as one of the biggest advantages of being in a live-in relationship.

In a marriage, the couple is expected to share the income, maintain joint bank accounts and keep an eye on their spending. But in a live-in relationship, you share the bills of the household whilst maintaining the freedom to do as you wish with your earnings. Limit legal hassles Separating from each other in a marriage or ending the marriage entails a lot of legal hassle like dividing of assets, alimony and custody agreements of children if any.

Avoid compatibility issues later Live-in relationships are the perfect litmus test to a relationship.

live in relationship india pros and cons

If you can survive living together without too many problems, it is very likely that you will have a successful marriage too. Couples that opt to live together for a while before getting married will have the opportunity to test their compatibility for a long-term relationship without the pressure of making it work somehow.

Easier to build mutual respect When there is no pressure of being financially or socially dependant on one another, couples tend to enjoy more peaceful lives with fewer conflicts. You can do away with the negative influences of relatives and customs that might dictate what the couple can do and cannot do in a marriage.

Are you going on a date with a woman? If the intent of both the parties entering into a live-in relationship is genuine, a negative fallout can be managed to the satisfaction of both the parties. However, this is not always the case. Watch out for these 6 pitfalls before you sign up for a live-in relationship.

Difference between Live-in relationship and marriage | Dating

Lack of social acceptance In general, Indians have still not embraced the concept of live-in relationships wholeheartedly. Couples who live together often may often face harassment from neighbours, landlords and their respective families.

live in relationship india pros and cons

Here was his shocking explanation in an interview with the Indian Express. The area where they a couple live-in…there is a sense of insecurity.

Pros and cons of live-in relationship | Dating

There is a sense of fear, which virtually creates terror…there may be fights. Lack of commitment While this is considered as an advantage as well, it is also perceived as a major disadvantage as a live-in relationship lacks commitment or any form of social obligation. Either party in the relationship can choose to exit leaving the other person, who might have had a greater emotional investment in the relationship, high and dry without any recourse.

A study in the UK found that nearly one in 6 unmarried couples were worried about the loyalty of their partners. On the other hand, married couples had a significantly lower incidence of doubts about loyalty and commitment. Find out what you should do when your spouse or partner is cheating on you 3. Risk losing the spark early on When a couple decides to live together before marriage, they go through everything that a newly married couple would go through.

Thus, there is much less to be discovered post marriage and the spark is not probably alive. Differences evolve and familiarity eventually breeds contempt. Couples also stop making themselves attractive to the other party as they have grown comfortable with each other. Most interactions between couples in long-term relationships devolve into routine transactions with no interesting joint activities that could keep the spark alive.

Children in a limbo? Children born out of wedlock to a couple who have been living together are considered legitimate by law but not accepted by the society. As a result, it is possible that the child could face rejection or disapproval from society. As they grow up, they will always wonder why their parents chose not to marry. Sexual exploitation In general, cases of sexual exploitation and discrimination against women have been on the rise.

Women are subject to harassment not only by the partner but also by the society. In India, the society tends to judge the woman more rather than a man. If the woman is not financially independent, her ability to end the exploitative nature of the relationship is non-existent. In some cases, women are forced to agree to a sexual relationship with the promise that eventually the live-in relationship will lead to a marriage.

However, after a while, the woman is abandoned. Hassle with legal documents Couples in live-in relationships face huge odds in securing documents such as visas, applying for medical insurance, opening bank accounts and navigating government regulations to get things done.

International chess player Anuradha Beniwal was living in with her partner with no objections from family. But when her partner decided to take up a job offer in London and she too was willing to move, they got married in a rush to avoid visa troubles. We find out what men want from women. Read this interesting article. In western countries, there is a broader understanding of the idea of couple and family with legal recognition of cohabitation, domestic partnership and civil unions.

live in relationship india pros and cons

In fact, when we examine the history of judgements pronounced by the Supreme Court, we can come to a conclusion on the legality of live-in relationships in India. This ruling was a result of the first case, Badri Prasad vs.

Director of Consolidation in which the court gave legal validity to a couple in a live-in relationship for 50 years! Even in the case of Payal Katara vs. Superintendent, Nari Niketan Kandri Vihar, Agra and others, the court drew a line between legality and morality.

While the Supreme Court has upheld the legality of live-in relationships, the intent of the relationship could determine the fate of the relationship from a legal perspective. According to the Supreme Court, a couple entering a live-in relationship or a similar arrangement only for the sake of sexual gratification cannot claim the legal benefits accorded to a marriage. This was precisely the judgement given by the court in the D. In summary, for the court to accord live-in relationships the same status as that of a marriage, there are a few conditions that need to be met.

The couple must hold themselves out to society as being akin to spouses.

live in relationship india pros and cons

They must be of legal age to marry and they must be otherwise qualified to enter a legal marriage, including being unmarried. These days' people are crazy about their ambitions and career. A failed relationship always hurts. Breakups are easier in live-in relationships. And wouldn't you prefer to 'we broke up' rather than 'we are divorced'? Live-in relationships are more suited for fast paced life.

Couples don't have to give up any rights nor need to accept any responsibilities. Hence, there will be no commitment issues as in marriage. If you are not satisfied with your partner, you can easily pack bags and move out without any legal implications. There would be heartbreak in live-in relationship but it is better than a divorce which has some social stigma attached to it. Both partners are truly equal in live-in relationship in terms of both security and freedom. Both of them know that doors are open to move out of the relationship.

So they give space and respect to each other socially and financially. Relationship help can always be sought if needed in future. Another benefit of live in relationship is that the couple need not adhere to the relationship advice of the elders of family or bow to the pressure of society.

Unlike marriage, they need not follow the customs of the society. Relationship help can also be sought from professionals to resolve the tricky issues. A live-in relationship leavesnothing to explore further about each other. Unrealistic expectations could cause ill-will and distance between the couple.

Live-in relationship is not permanent; couple spends time together, enjoy and then move on. While in marriages, they vow to stay together for life long. Physical intimacy can be real fun at times but if you don't stay or marry the same partner then getting physical may cause guilt or depressing, especially in a girl.

There is no stability in these types of relationships as it is not permanent and couples can easily break-up. This can be heart breaking for any partner. Lack of commitment is the biggest disadvantage.

Anything from a small fight or disagreement may lead to breakup.

Difference between Live-in relationship and marriage

But if the couple is married they will make every possible effort to maintain their relationship and find out solutions to the problems or misunderstandings. Things change after marriage. Comparing current behavior with live- in days may cause tension and even lead to divorce. Women are often at the receiving end if live-in relationship fails.

It becomes difficult for a woman to find a good and understanding partner after being in living relationship for long. Live in relationships lack the depth and stability of marriage. Trust often becomes questionable. And if a child is born from the live-in relationship, it is the most affected one. There will be legal issues related to custody and custodian if the couple moves out from the relationship.