Lines on father and daughter relationship stories

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lines on father and daughter relationship stories

Poems about Daughters contains poems from Fathers and Mothers to their girls. Browse our large Poems · Quotes A father has a special relationship with his daughter as she will judge all men by his standard. Featured Shared Story. poems about Dads. Father Son Poems, Father Daughter Poems, Fathers Day Poems. Our relationship with our father plays a huge part of who we will become. In many Featured Shared Story. My dad is my . Our favorite lines of poetry. So, there's a special bond between a father and a daughter. To illustrate this special and tender love in the most exquisite way, Snezhana Soosh, a young.

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Dido and Pa by Joan Aiken From one of my favourite series as a child, Dido and Pa is set in a pretty grim alternateth-century England. Definitely not a role model. Each is coping in their own way: Laura openly mourns, whereas John is in denial. Electra The daddy of daddy-issues, in neo-Freudian psychology the Electra complex describes a situation in which a daughter feels she must compete psychosexually with her mother for possession of her father.

lines on father and daughter relationship stories

Eventually, she plots with her brother to kill her mother in revenge. So far, so devoted. The Big Sleep Be warned, fathers, if you find your daughter pulling the wings off flies, this is exactly the kind of gateway-to-villainy behaviour one of the Sternwood girls exhibited as a child in this seedy, yet glamorous noir.

Could have done better, General Sternwood.

lines on father and daughter relationship stories

Could have done better. You could argue that Valjean is justifiably paranoid and protective after years of having to evade recapture, or he could simply be jealous and controlling.

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Mona Ombogo talks to women, leaders in their field, on experiences and memories of their fathers and how this has influenced their relationships with men, how they handle money and how they raise kids. Senior Manager at an oil company On Men: A man must command respect: My father was the last line of defence when it came to discipline in our household.

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He was firm and thorough. I learned to appreciate that a man needs to be strong and revered within his circles or he can be extremely ineffective.

lines on father and daughter relationship stories

A man is his family: We were that family who always showed up for events, functions, visits, you name it. It was important to my dad that we form a strong bond, not just amongst ourselves but with our uncles, aunties and cousins. I learned to judge a man by how hard he works to keep his family together, no matter what is happening around him. My father believed in equal learning opportunities for all his children.

He allowed all of us to contribute to the family businesses. He inculcated in us the importance of education. I find myself consistently curious to gain more skills, do new things and acquire what I need to get me to the next level.

Why your sex goals should be like an umbrella On Money: There are two extremes to life: During school holidays, it was almost mandatory that we go upcountry. In fact, it made me want to work harder so that I would never lack.

lines on father and daughter relationship stories

That sense of ambition has never left me. My dad believed in being hands-on.

lines on father and daughter relationship stories

When we went upcountry during the holidays, we would till the fields just like everyone else. He wanted us to know that nothing came free; if there was food on the table, it was because someone had worked to get it there. Go where wealth is: In my house, my dad was the entertainment capital.

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One of his roles was to find new hotels, restaurants, resorts et cetera for us to visit. It was important to him that we travelled widely and were cultured. He always said, the best way to grow money, is to experience wealth first hand.

Kids need parents, not TV: During Christmas, we would gather as a family and my dad would regale us with stories. He was such a great story teller, he could repeat the same tale countless times but all of us would be in stitches, laughing. We built strong bonds in those times. I constantly remind myself that when I have kids, I will make time for them.

Kids want to be heard: I was a strong-willed child. My father, of course, would not stand for my disobedience but he almost always gave me a chance to explain myself and air my views. I felt like I had a right to speak. I believe this is a quality people appreciate about me to date. My father was over protective of me, mostly because I was his first daughter.

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I felt like my freedom and sometimes my potential was curtailed. Now, I appreciative that my father acted from a point of love. He drilled in us the importance of education. He wanted us to know that nothing came free; if there was food on the table it was because someone had worked to get it there.