Liesel and max relationship help

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liesel and max relationship help

He is her mentor and she his motivation, and their relationship is just as beautiful as any. So, Liesel loves Max as well, and we see how she runs off towards I can see why, and I can't help but kind of wish that, but it would be. of Max as a character?' and find homework help for other History questions at eNotes. Max and Liesel's relationship is a critical one in the novel. At first, Max . The relationship between Liesel and Max was amazing for me and I just needed to write a smutty one-shot to celebrate it. Rated: Fiction M - English - Liesel M., Max V. - Words: 2, . She couldn't help it; he was large.

It was a perfectly normal occurrence that she was there when he got home from work. Only she felt abnormal at the moment. She drank him in as he washed his hands and splashed a little water on his face. He was tall and muscular, the effects of his starvation in the camps long gone. His dark hair was shorter than it had been when he'd been in hiding with them and there was only the tiniest hint of stubble along his jaw now.

But it was his generous smile that made her melt. He didn't seem to notice as he grabbed an apple and started munching on it. He offered her one with a gesture but she shook her head no. Her fingers twined in the fabric of her dress as she considered how she was going to go about this plan of hers.

The Book Thief

Max plopped down on the sofa next to her, crunching on his apple. He grabbed the book she'd put down and examined it. Liesel laughed at his muffled words, breaking some of the tension inside her. I'll have to let you know how it turns out.

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The trashcan was across the room divide in the kitchen but that didn't stop Max from trying to throw the core. Of course it missed, bouncing off the side of the can and sliding across the floor. Liesel giggled as Max groaned, heaving himself off the sofa to dispose of it properly. As he rinsed his hands off, Liesel knew that this was the moment to move.

She got off the sofa and stopped him as he was coming back to the living room. Her eyes met his and the lighthearted moment turned serious. She took a deep cleansing breath and then kissed him. He didn't kiss her back, just gently pushed away from her. You know I'm too old for you.

liesel and max relationship help

He tried to turn away from her but she wrapped her fingers about his arm. She tried to kiss him again but he backed up, almost to the threshold of his bedroom. I'm damaged," he said.

He looked like he was going to cry and it made her want to cry with him for even thinking that. He watched with wide eyes as she took a step back and slipped out of her dress.

She hadn't been wearing anything underneath in anticipation for this moment. There she stood, naked and open to him. The look on his face was one of fear but she could also see something else underneath that: Only you, not some other boy my own age. I'm damaged too, you know that.

Max Vandenburg

But maybe together, we can make a whole person," she expressed. She stepped towards him and he backed away, almost frantic. Step by step, they entered his bedroom until his back was pressed against the far wall. His eyes never left her and he seemed so much like a frightened wild animal. Liesel knew she needed to move slowly so as not to scare him off. Leaning up slowly, she kissed him sweetly on the mouth.

He was frozen, not responding. She backed off a little and saw that he was shaking. His dark eyes were stormy with fear but also possibly lust. She needed another tactic.

Ever so tenderly, she took his hand in hers and raised it to her lips. She kissed each fingertip and then pulled up his sleeve, kissing the inside of his wrist. Her lips fluttered just past the small numbers that had been branded into the skin of his forearm.

He hated those numbers; she'd seen him scratching at them and always keeping them covered. Those numbers were meant to dehumanize him but she was not going to let that happen. Taking his pliant hand, she placed it on her hip, half expecting his to snatch it away. But he didn't, his warm fingers actually pressing slightly into her skin. Growing bolder, she went up on her toes and kissed him again, this time a little fuller on his lips.

He breathed in through his nose and his lips moved a little against hers. Without breaking the connection, she pressed the length of her body again his.

Now she knew with absolute certainty that he wanted her too. His arousal was evident. He moaned into her mouth, the hand on her hip slipping around to the small of her back. There was no more shaking. His lips began to move, deepening the kiss.

She opened her mouth for him, granting him access. As his tongue slid across hers, exploring the depths of her mouth, she knew there was no going back now for either of them. Liesel realized that she was still the only one naked. Her fingers went to his belt, fumbling with it.

liesel and max relationship help

Max's hands quickly helped her, pulling the leather strip out of the loop holes in one swift motion. As his mouth covered hers once again, she found herself laying on his bed without even remembering moving in the direction.

She felt drunk on his kisses, time becoming jumpy as her complete focus remained on him. He was pushing his shirt off his shoulders when she unbuttoned his pants and slid her hand down inside. Her fingers wrapped around the length of him and he whimpered.

Breaking the kiss, he looked down at her, gripping her wrist lightly to still it inside his pants. And she did understand. She was going too fast for him. With a reassuring smile, her hand withdrew.

liesel and max relationship help

Quickly he slid out of his pants and he was as glorious to her as he had been in all her many fantasies of him. Some of those fantasies had gone back to when she was young and he was a mysterious figure hiding under the stairs.

She hadn't understood then the stirrings of teenage hormones that had drawn her to him. While she was at the end of her teenage years now, those feelings had only grown stronger.

liesel and max relationship help

His mouth attacked her flesh. His tongue was in her ear then his teeth were scraping across her jaw. He was sucking her neck and then kissing her pert breasts. His hands were roaming down her sides, over her thighs to her knees and then back up again.

It was like once the flood gates opened and his passion was released, he couldn't get enough of her.

liesel and max relationship help

She could feel the heat pooling in her center. Even though she was inexperienced, she'd read some books that talked about this. Plus, she did know from a difficult talk with Mama where babies came from. Her fingers laced in his hair as he kissed her abdomen. His body settled between her legs and she could feel his arousal against her. It made her heart pound faster.

Gazing down at her, he paused. Debate whether Liesel is a substitute for Hans's children, who have strayed from the family. Why is it so difficult for Rosa to demonstrate the same warmth toward Liesel? Discuss how Liesel's relationship with Rosa changes by the end of the novel.

Compare and contrast the lives of Liesel and Max Vandenburg. How does Max's life give Liesel purpose? At what point do Liesel and Max become friends? Max gives Liesel a story called "The Standover Man" for her birthday. What is the significance of this story? Hans Junior, a Nazi soldier, calls his dad a coward because he doesn't belong to the Nazi Party.

He feels that you are either for Hitler or against him. How does it take courage to oppose Hitler? Discuss how they demonstrate courage throughout the novel.

Liesel Meminger lived to be an old woman. Death says that he would like to tell the book thief about beauty and brutality, but those are things that she had lived. How does her life represent beauty in the wake of brutality? Discuss how Zusak's poetic writing style enhances the beauty of Liesel's story.