Lee kwang soo and kim jong kook relationship quotes

Lee Kwang Soo shares how he was duped by Kim Jong Kook | allkpop

lee kwang soo and kim jong kook relationship quotes

Sep 25, It is said that Kim Jong Kook is a young master of Hapcheon (a city in He also becomes close with Lee Kwang Soo after the starred on And I think some of them are meaningful, at least for me. click here to read some of his quotes. I found out that there's a lot of fans that questioning his relationship. Laconic · PlayingWith · Quotes · Recap · ReferencedBy · Synopsis · Timeline · WMG Adorkable: Kwang Soo can fall under this trope at times, especially when he gets After the announcement of Song Ji Hyo's relationship, the Monday Couple . Bully and Wimp Pairing: Kim Jong Kook and Lee Gwang Soo whenever. Jun 27, Lee Kwang Soo's muliple identities and nicknames. . Byul Explains Why HaHa Is Waiting For Their Relationship To Cool Down SEVENTEEN's Vernon, Kim Jong Kook, HaHa, And More To Feature On Drunken Tiger's.

The Ultimate Ddakji, which in tries the producers couldn't flip once.

lee kwang soo and kim jong kook relationship quotes

Jong Kook flips it on his first try. Dog Pile of Doom: In order to subdue the Commander in episode And it was hilarious. Do Not Taunt Cthulhu: Ji Suk Jin tries to bluff about his power in front of the Commander. Thanks to Ji Hyo's tip-off, he sees right though it.

And the inevitable happens. Do Well, but Not Perfect: When playing the Multiplication Game, members have to answer a multiplication question such that exactly one of the two digits is correct. For example, for "6 x 4" "22" or "44" would work, but "24" or "30" would not. Gets tricky when the player has to do it without hesitation. Choi Min-Soo for the entire crew.

Lee Kwang Soo shares how he was duped by Kim Jong Kook

But especially for the Grasshopper. Kim Jong Kook may not be the smartest cast member, but he's definitely better than most of them. Ji Hyo is actually not one of the original cast member. Her appearances in episode 2 to 5 is considered to be guest appearance.

She joined them full time in episode 6, yet doesn't make her official debut until episode 7. Song Joong Ki, who dropped out from the show at the end of episode 41 due to schedule issues, is one of the original ones. Before episode 48, all the missions are done in one single landmark. Lampshaded himself in a recent episode, where he teaches another guest how to properly betray other people. Gwangsoo mentions that it's even fine to hit or kick Jong-Kook, as long as he makes sure to apologise later.

Usually happens right when someone is about to betray someone else. The PDs take special care to avert this trope when they have to inform one of the members of their secret mission or spy status by bringing them somewhere isolated.

However on a few occasions they deliberately re-avert this trope again by having the other members watch the secret mission being given from another room through a CCTV. Yoo Jae Suk has done this on a few occasions. Subverted for Ji Suk Jin - he runs into the elevator and asks the cameraman why the door isn't closing. That's because Kim Jong Kook already has a hand on the door. A kind of inversion of this trope with the nickname "Kookie". The name refers to the Commander when he's acting cute or like a child much to the annoyance of the rest of the cast.

But Jong Kook embraces the name even sometimes getting it on his nametag with little hearts while it embarrasses everyone else to watch or say. One episode had a challenge that involved this.

Yoo Jae Suk's self camera From the perspective of the hiders, this is pretty much what's happening any time the chasers are divided into two competing teams, such as in episode At times, the chasing teams clamoring over each other trying to capture the same person proves beneficial to the target in question. Enemy Eats Your Lunch: Any time when someone gets better food than the others as part of a game, the other members are bound to swoop down like hungry hyenas, leaving just a small portion of what was originally a feast for the intended owner.

In free-for-all games, or at least games that split the members into three or more teams, it's not uncommon to see these types of temporary team-ups.

lee kwang soo and kim jong kook relationship quotes

Not surprisingly, the common enemy that they're teaming up against is often Kim Jong Kook. Everyone Is a Suspect: Episode 89 in particular, as well as Episode Spy or X-man episodes also count. The basic motto of Running Man is "don't trust anyone".

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Since secret missions can be issued in any episode, suspecting everyone else has become a natural part of the show. He has powerful aura on RM. He becomes a commander on RM and it's attracted me. I really like a man with a great power on his hands.

He was born in April, 25 in Yongsan, Seoul the age that a man should get married…hehehe. He was born in a year of dragon. No wonder he's really strong. He comes from rich family.

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He said that his mom comes from rich family and his dad is on military who also comes from rich family. His older brother is a surgeon. It is said that Kim Jong Kook is a young master of Hapcheon a city in South Korea means that his family runs lot of business stuff in Hapcheon. His family runs hotel, supermarket, restaurant and factory in Hapcheon.

His debut was in He was a member of Turbo. A famous dance group at that time. He has a serious problem with his back since he was still in Turbo. He is a Korean celebrity who has the best body. I'm too shy to post his topless pic He has big body but little voice. He is the second singer in Korea who swapped 3 daesang top award from 3 major TV.

Not many celebrities who achieve master degree. His achievement makes me more adore him. He was a rebellious student. Once, he was offered a mobile phone and by a gangster if he joined the group.

At that time, mobile phone was a luxurious thing. But, he refused it because he had his own dream for his future. He tried the best on his study just because he wanted to be a doctor just like his brother. Means that they are teachers to him. His closest celebrity dongsaengs are Haha and recently, it's also Kwang Soo here. He never dated thin woman.

lee kwang soo and kim jong kook relationship quotes

Once he said that he prefers chubby girl than the thin one. He is a beast with gentle manner. He's so nice to kids. He wrote message for kids with his own handwriting So far, he has 11 albums. Still waiting his new album this year.

It is said that he will release his new album this year. He's already released his new album 'Journey Home'.

lee kwang soo and kim jong kook relationship quotes

I've bought it He made a successful comeback. He got his new variety show not long after he released from his service and also his album was success. He got awards for his works right after his comeback. He looks sexy wearing army uniform. He said that he's a frugal person, it's because of his frugal dad. He had 2 concerts in Japan in and He made a bold step by making his own agency, JK entertainment, derived from his name, Jong Kook.

But unfortunately, now he's not working for his own company anymore. And also his famous single eyelid. Here's the picture that shows his sharp nose in when the plastic surgery wasn't so popular as nowadays. He has a niece who also a singer, Soya. He's so famous with his 'gentle hand manner' He really likes work out. He said that he even got dumped by his girlfriend because of his love to gym.

He can speak English well. His English has no Korean accent and I found that he's so sexy when speaking English. And He sings English song very well. He's officially known as 'National Oppa'.

kim jong kook quotes

He lives in Anyang, it's about 20 km from Seoul. He can play football well. He also became a football coach in Shootdori. He likes to watch drama. He doesn't like watching horror movie. His weakness is women. He'll become shy in front of women. He's not drinking nor smoking. He has healthy life. He also doesn't eat deep-frying food. He will be chocked if he eat spicy food revealed this fact on Running Man episode when his team had to eat spicy food. He takes care his hair style too much. He will be angry if his hair style was ruined.

And he likes to fix his hair, he often does it during Family Outing or Running Man recording. He can't get up easily in the morning. In every Running Man which has 'wake up' mission especially on Running Man episode 66 Once, in the past, his plastic surgeon brother suggested him to do plastic surgery on his eyes but he refused. That's why I think his face is still original He's indeed a smart person.

He was know as a smart boy in town. His parents encouraged him to become a doctor as his older brother. He was often studied in a same room with his elite brother who is a doctor now. It is said that at that time he studied hard and dreamed of applying to medical school but unfortunately he failed.