Law and order tabula rasa ending a relationship

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law and order tabula rasa ending a relationship

After a philosophy professor is pushed in front of a subway and killed, the investigation leads to a suspect who, following a divorce, changed his identity and disappeared with his daughters. Jay O. Sanders as Nick Taska / Bill Fallon. Jay O. Sanders would later appear as Captain. We identify six stakeholder groups: developers, vendors, end-users, data .. was previously, under the old law, both legal and ethical is now, under the new .. In order to be in a position to give consent, a data subject should understand (or 54 The relationship between coercion, influence, and undue influence is subtle. Tabula Rasa married and had babies, others were in serious relationships – well, except Alex's voice was calm and she stared at the brunette with her lawyer eyes. .. Olivia could almost hear Alex smile on the other end.

After dismissing his wife, the man maintained a confrontational stance while the purpose of the visit was explained. Although he assured me the girl was fine, it was explained she was an adult and would have to give those assurances in her own right. When it became clear the man was not about to budge, he was told further steps would be taken to force the issue if he continued to refuse. Meanwhile, the woman, believed to be the wife and mother, continued to pace in the living room.

I was not sure at that moment if the man would actually attempt to physically restrain her. As we moved towards the sidewalk and safety of the police car, I looked back to see the man glaring and wondered if he might take his anger on his wife. I immediately asked the girl felt it OK leaving her mother alone with her father.

law and order tabula rasa ending a relationship

She related that for as long as long as she could remember her father controlled every aspect of the lives of she and her mother.

Since entering University two years earlier, and as she began to spend more around other adults, she came to understand how fully her father control almost every aspect of her life. He planned all her school courses and set a strict schedule for study, a pattern she was expected to follow without question or comment. All aspects of her life at home, including who might be allowed to phone or come to the house and who could be a friend to either her mother or herself was controlled by her father.

She was never allowed to stay overnight away from home and was seldom allowed to attend any event outside the confines of the University unless her parents were present. At the office, the young woman told me she wanted to leave home to live with friends, but her father forbade her from doing so.

At one point, her mother tried to intervene, but the father had simply ordered the mother to stay out of the discussion. The daughter loved her mother but knew she was also hopelessly controlled. We touched on the subject of physical abuse against either herself or her mother, but the daughter stated the abuse was entirely mental. On the phone, he was abusive and stated he was contacting his lawyer and that he wanted his daughter brought home immediately.

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The conversation ended when he hung up. On asking the young woman what she wanted to do next, she stated she would prefer to have her friends pick her up. They arrived within a half hour, and all were soon on their way. The young woman was asked if she felt intervention on behalf of her mother was needed, but she stated she it would be OK. She stated she would phone her in the morning after her father left for his office. The man slammed the door stating our office would be hearing from his lawyer.

During our short conversation, the wife was sitting within hearing distance in the living room. There did not appear to be sufficient grounds to intervene on her behalf given what the daughter had told me.

Back at the office, I phoned the daughter and learned the mother was OK, but her father would need some time to settle down. The girls stated that after her father left for his office, she and her friends would stop by the house to pick up her belongings and speak to her mom. She regularly called her mother, and periodically they had lunch, but she never spoke to her father who had told his wife he wanted nothing further to do with the girl.

While it was a tragic case of an over-controlling man, it was indeed fortunate the daughter had become strong enough to break the bonds of fear which encased the family. She couldn't do anything but blink, her brain desperately trying to process the new information.

She was still trying to get her racing heartbeat under control. Olivia was certain her brain exploded. She could only stare, eyes wide, as Alex grinned at her one last time before reluctantly getting out of bed.

Olivia was about to ask Alex what the hell was going on, but couldn't say a word because her eyes had just landed on the soft curves of the blonde's body. Olivia's breath caught in her throat as the subject of her fantasies stood in front of her, stark naked.

She felt flustered and extremely hot, but couldn't turn her eyes away from the sexiest and most beautiful figure she'd ever laid her eyes on. She picked up her clothes from the floor and disappeared into the bathroom, leaving a gaping Olivia after her. The detective lay back on the bed, her breathing shallow and irregular.

She buried her head in her hands, desperately trying to make sense of the situation. She'd been extremely drunk, she remembered that, and she remembered Alex wanting to take her home. But it still didn't explain what she was doing in Alex's. A very nerve-wracking thought crossed her mind. Taking a deep breath, she slowly raised the satin sheet. Yep, she was naked too. A few minutes later she heard the bathroom door open again. She peeked at the now fully clothed ADA standing next to the bed.

You're acting a bit strange," Alex narrowed her eyes slightly. This had to be some sort of a hallucination. She was clearly dreaming, there was no other explanation. Olivia had to admit, it was damn realistic. Alex looked at her for a moment and then shook her head. Finally she turned to pick up a pile of files from the floor, and stuffed them into her briefcase.

I'm gonna call you when I leave the office. See you later sweetie," the blonde said and leaned forward to give Olivia a quick kiss. This time Olivia was prepared.

She figured that she might as well enjoy the illusion as long as it lasted, and tucked Alex closer for a long and thorough kiss. A few minutes later a very distracted Assistant District Attorney walked out of the bedroom. Olivia groaned, not willing to wake up and leave the divine dream about Alex behind. After a few minutes she gave up and opened her sleepy eyes.

She had to blink several times before the reality finally hit her. She was still in the same, unfamiliar bedroom, and the faint scent of Alex was flowing in the air.

Although she already knew what she'd see, she glanced downwards anyway. She started picking up her own clothes where they lay randomly on the bedroom floor and quickly dressed up. There had to be a very simple explanation to all this. Maybe it was some sort of a prank the squad had played on her. Olivia clung to that hope, although the possibility of it being just some sick joke seemed rather slim. The way Alex had kissed her was real.

Alex had kissed her. Slowly Olivia exited the bedroom and made her way to the living room. This was definitely Alex's apartment; she'd been there on various occasions with her.

law and order tabula rasa ending a relationship

Often it was because of a certain case they had had to work on, but a few times the two women had just sat in the kitchen, drinking wine and talking about, well, everything really. But, the apartment was different than the last time Olivia had seen it. Among Alex's things, there were a number of things she recognized as her own.

Familiar photos, books, DVDs, clothes and other items were scattered all around the apartment. Olivia swallowed, trying hard not to pass out. She couldn't breathe, her hands were shaking and the room seemed to be spinning around her. With a thud she sat the couch, bending forward and trying to ease the nausea that had overtook her. How on earth was this possible! There was no way anyone could've got a hold on of all her personal items and brought them there overnight. Feeling a bit better, Olivia stood up and walked to the bookshelves which were covering the entire wall next to the fireplace.

There were several photographs, each of them placed neatly on the shelves. With trembling fingers Olivia picked up one that had immediately caught her eye. She was staring at herself - yes, it was definitely Olivia Benson - but couldn't for the life of her remember the picture being taken. She was standing in some park, wind tousling her short hair and the sun making her locks shine. But those were hardly the details Olivia noticed.

What she did notice, was that her arms were tightly wrapped around Alex from behind, her chin resting on the blonde's shoulder. Alex's hands covered hers and they were both grinning like it'd been a toothpaste add. They both looked happy. And in love, Olivia thought, flabbergasted.

She placed the photo back on the shelf, unable to tear her eyes away from it. Why couldn't she remember! And what the hell had happened during the night?

law and order tabula rasa ending a relationship

It was like she had swapped places with an alternative universe Olivia. She blinked, considering what she just thought. She couldn't just walk to a doctor and say that she'd lost her memory, sort of, and was now living a life that wasn't really hers at all.

There had to be a better solution. Finally she did what she often did when help was needed: Everything looked the same as before: Instead of checking her out from head to toe, the aging owner smiled sweetly at her. The wrinkly old man knew she was a detective? On a whim she picked up a newspaper, feverishly eying the headlines. What if something else had changed as well? At least the date seemed to be accurate; it was the day after her birthday.

She threw a few coins onto the counter and fled as fast as possible. Five minutes later she sat down on a bench with a heavy sigh.

Tabula Rasa

She was early, Elliot wouldn't be there for another fifteen minutes. The paper hadn't offered any new insight to her "problem" and she threw it impatiently into a litter basket next to her. As she did so, she noticed something that nearly made her heart jump out of her chest. There, in her ring finger was a simple diamond ring, glinting beautifully in the sun. Oh, you've got to be kidding me! This was just too much. Yesterday she'd been Olivia Benson, living a life of a hermit in her little flat, and now she was Olivia Benson, living under the same room with the woman she'd fantasized about the past five years.

She was, and rightfully so, freaked. You look a little pale," he added, slightly tilting his head to the side. I- I think I'm losing my mind. Promise me you'll let me finish before calling the men in white coats. You woke up this morning with amnesia, you can't recall what's happened during the past few years and the guy at the newsstand said hello.

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Olivia, this is really the lousiest prank you've ever tried to play," Elliot laughed out loud. He glanced at his partner. I don't know what's happened! I just know that yesterday things were different!

But you've got to believe me," Olivia pleaded, desperation seeping through her voice. Maybe you should go to see someone.

You know, a shrink or something. No, there has to be a better way. I can't believe I'm wasting my day-off by telling you self-evident truths," he sighed, submitting to his faith. You've been together for four years. Don't ask me why, I'm still trying to figure that out.

Olivia just glared at him. Your apartment was too small for two people, and since Alex had more than enough room in hers I can't believe all this," Olivia whispered more to herself than Elliot. Something weird happened and everything changed.

law and order tabula rasa ending a relationship

Just thank God we don't have a kid," she grinned at Elliot who suddenly looked down at his hands. Oh, please Elliot, tell me there's no kid! She was standing in the living room, sipping from her coffee and watching people outside living their daily lives.

Elliot had told her to go home, and she'd been half way to her old apartment before she remembered that it apparently wasn't hers anymore. It felt so weird to be inside of the apartment that in her memories was so clearly Alex's.

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She felt like she was doing something criminal by studying the books in bookshelves or rummaging through kitchen cabinets. The idea that everything was theirs now, rather than Alex's, was extremely hard to grasp. But the fact that she still couldn't remember anything scared her the most. After the little chat with Elliot, she'd figured that maybe seeing Alex and talking with her properly would shed some light to her current state of mind.

But the little voice in her head didn't leave her alone. What if this is permanent? What if I'll never remember the last four years of my life? Even the thought of not remembering made Olivia shiver. It was half past four when Alex called. I'm heading home now. You haven't made dinner or anything, have you? I thought I'd get us a pizza or something. Talking on the phone with Alex-the-lover instead of Alex-the -friend felt downright odd. She didn't really know how she was supposed to talk with her.

Did she usually use endearments?

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Was her pitch higher or lower? Every little detail of her new life was confusing. Fortunately Alex didn't seem to hear it and the line went dead. She didn't look any different than yesterday. Her hair was as short and brown as it'd been the day before, she was even wearing the same clothes. She paced around the apartment, waiting for Alex to arrive.

Now that the moment drew closer by the minute, she was suddenly nervous to meet the blonde. Alex would immediately see that something wasn't right, and then she'd have to explain the whole damn mess to her. The sound of a key in the lock made Olivia freeze. There was nowhere to run anymore.

She took a deep breath and turned towards the door. Alex emerged a few seconds later, carrying a pizza box in one hand and her briefcase in the other. She smiled when she saw the brunette waiting for her. The smile took Olivia's breath away. It was so rare to see Alex like that. Most of the time Alex' job as an ADA required her to keep all the emotions in check. She put her briefcase on the chair beside the door and took the pizza to the kitchen.

The she turned to Olivia again. Slowly that involuntary smile appeared again.