Laertes and claudius relationship

The Meeting Between Claudius and Laertes

laertes and claudius relationship

Relationship Description Evidence Claudius and Gertrude Gertrude is trusting Hamlet and Laertes, Laertes doesn't respect Hamlet, Laertes tells Ophelia that. Polonius sends Reynaldo to spy on Laertes to see if he is following his Claudius' ego mediates between his desire to have Hamlet killed and. King Claudius, as seen in William Shakespeare's "Hamlet", is both intelligent and () This is the opposite of what Claudius says to Laertes later in the play, where he says . The Relationship Between Fathers and Sons in Shakespeare.

In consequence, Claudius claims the friendship and alliance of Laertes; since both are animated by the same purpose of revenge.

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Laertes, however, cannot understand why the King, even when impelled by his own safety, did not vindicate the law against so capital an offence.

Claudius assigns two reasons: On the other hand, "the general gender," or common people love him so highly that his faults seem graces in their eyes; and any attempt to punish or restrain him, would appear as so many injuries perpetrated against his innocence and good qualities: Laertes in smothered feelings of disgust at the fears and weakness of the King, recounts his dual loss as motives for insisting on revenge, and in reference to his sister's perfections, makes a beautiful allusion to an olden ceremony at the coronation of the Kings of Hungary.

laertes and claudius relationship

It was customary for the newly-crowned monarch to stand on the Mount of Defiance at Pressburg, and unsheathing the sword of State, to extend it towards the four quarters of the globe, challenging the world the while to dispute his claim.

Claudius in reply, protests that he is not a dull weakling to be branded with fear in face of danger; and when, in the hope of speedy news from the ambassadors, he proceeds to offer proof, he is interrupted by the sudden entrance of a messenger with letters for the King and Queen from the lord Hamlet.

laertes and claudius relationship

In a refinement of irony, the letter to Claudius shatters his dream at the moment when he is gloating over the prospect of soon communicating to Laertes the news of Hamlet's execution. The letter, formal and diplomatic, informs him that Hamlet has returned alone to Denmark, and promises to recount to him on the morrow the occasion of his sudden and strange return.

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The King, surprised and startled, is scarcely able to believe his eyes, and in sheer bewilderment turns to consult Laertes.

He, though equally lost in surprise, rejoices at the news; the prospect of challenging on the morrow the slayer of his father causes his heart to glow still more with its mad sickness for revenge. Laertes, informed of his father's death, returns to Denmark, and leads a mob to storm and take the castle.

Laertes confronts the King, thinking he was responsible for Polonius' death.

The King explains to him who the real killer was, and incites Laertes to kill Hamlet and avenge Polonius' death. When Ophelia appears in her mad condition, Laertes laments, saying that if she had her wits she could not persuade him more to revenge. Later, Laertes is informed of her death. She had climbed into a willow tree that hung over a brook, and then fell into the water when a branch broke.

laertes and claudius relationship

Too insane to save herself, she drowned. His sister's death strengthens Laertes's resolve to kill Hamlet. At her funeral, Laertes asks why the normal Christian burial ceremony is not being carried out for his sister, and rebukes the priest for questioning her innocence.

laertes and claudius relationship

He leaps into her grave and begs the attendants to bury him with her. Hamlet, who was previously watching from afar, advances and himself leaps into Ophelia's grave.

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When Laertes attacks Hamlet, the two have to be held back to avoid a fight. To this point I stand, That both the worlds I give to negligence, Let come what comes, only I'll be revenged Most throughly for my father. Laertes uses his sharp, poisoned sword instead of a bated dull sword.

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The King provides a poisoned drink as a backup measure.