Kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship

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kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship

Once, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook had to cook together. Ryeowook He always bullied by Kyuhyun. ♫ Ryeowook and He's not ready for a serious relationship . and Kyuhyun are the smartest in the team); can balance anything on a finger; maknae okay Kyuhyun & Ryeowook please stop confusing the public) within. Before Kyuhyun was added in , Ryeowook was the last to join Super . Even if I did have a girlfriend, I can′t go public with it or walk.

Who is the least closest with whom? So this is what I've gathered with regards to their relationships. Sorry that this looks like a ramble, lol.

In no particular order: Ah, the only 83'liner now that Hangeng has left. In the beginning I think that they were not that close However, after their fight, dubbed the "Battle of Incheon" as revealed in Radio Star, during the Bonamama era and not having talked to each other for three whole months, they finally made up and since then Heechul has always supported Leeteuk.

kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship

Eh, I think this is self-explanatory. From the comments below, I see that their relationship has seemed to be strained a little bit due to work. That is sad, but I guess unavoidable sometimes.

kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship

It doesn't seem to be serious though. They just need some time for themselves. Very special relationship in my eyes, maybe the most special one if you ask me. Leeteuk met Donghae way before Super Junior's debut, when the latter was just 13 or To Donghae, Leeteuk is truly like an older brother to him.

They are kind of like the variety kings of the group in my eyes, and best friends! Kyuhyun loves Donghae, lol.

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I think he's his favorite hyung, might be wrong though. The reason why I believe so is that he one of the two who welcomed him when he first came into Super Junior everyone else disliked him, lol.

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Donghae was the one that visited Kyuhyun in the hospital the most after his accident in The two same-aged maknaes. They really do get along with each other and are prob the closest with each other in the group.

Not to long ago, they were last two ones living in the same dorm, meaning that they are very comfertable with each other. Highfives and "I'm confident!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This might come as a surprise, but Kangin I think stated that Ryeowook is his favorite dongsaeng. Fact is, they are very close.

kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship

In one video, they shared a hotel room. Leeteuk comes in and sees them wrestling with each other XD And Kanging did this absolute sweet phone call suprise on Sukira for his solo debut. Not close at all in the past.

kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship

Very awkward if you've seen Intimate Note. Kyuhyun did not make any contradictory comments regarding his relation with Uhm Ki Joon. Choi Siwon Liu Wen and Choi Si Won played a couple on-screen, which led to fans speculating something was going on between the two.

kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship

There were even news about their love and closeness to each other. But no one can predict the future, so people hope they become a real couple as they have worked together in many drama series, understand each other, and look good together.

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But, he has said that he will go to Jeju Island when he will find a girlfriend. This comment implicates that now a days he is single. He also added that he would like a non-celebrity girl and walk along the streets together.

It seems that he is searching for a non-celebrity girl friend. However, nothing has been confirmed from them personally. Maybe in the future we will receive a confirmation about their relationship, but fans will have to wait until then. According to a report, they were seen enjoying a musical together.

Sungmin himself also stated that they are in a good relationship. Shindong Not too long ago it was reported that the Super Junior member Shindong and his girl friend Kang Shi Nae are no longer a couple.

InShindong was confirmed to be in a relationship with Kang Shi Nae.