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this is an AU about kurogane and fai and other numerous clamp characters and it RELATIONSHIP! Chapter 1-Fai loves Kuro . "Sure, I just gotta talk to Dad, ask some major questions, etcetera," Fai said, "Wanna get to. The romanization of his name has been expressed as Fai D. Fluorite, but in the character Kurogane confronts Fai about this, and states that Fai should figure out what he's . Their relationship returns to normal after this, even though Fai promised he wouldn't Netflix Has a New 'Mowgli' Movie and We Have Questions. An example of this would be how Kurogane continually questions Fai on his . too close to anyone, though it is inevitable that their relationship will change.

Fai hated how the ninja would simply not let it rest. He could only say one thing to try to distract the other man. Fai tried so hard not to sigh at that moment. How dare he point out the obvious like that? But the mage could care less, for now, at that moment. He had to focus on staying awake as long as he could. Fai could faintly hear Kurogane's rhythmic breathing as his chest rose and fell in perpetual motion. The room was not pitch black, yet it was still dark as moonlight seeped on the carpeted floor from the window.

Fai stared at the full moon shining in the night sky. He concentrated so hard on it while ignoring the ninja's light snoring for so long that he lost track of time. But that was alright. Tonight, the moon would have to be his best friend. His brother was his best friend. Damn it, Fai cursed to himself. He wasn't supposed to think about his brother at all, not now in this precarious world. He could feel the strong magic activating on cue to his slipping mind, gripping his own body.

Silently cursing and begging to do anything but sleep, the last thing Fai saw was the moon.

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He wondered why so many were pitted in the accursed Valley of Death. What crimes could they have committed that would have them killed and be disposed? Every time the horrendous sights of the corpses sickened him, the boy would focus on looking at the solitary barred window on top of the tall tower where his brother Fai was imprisoned.

Yuui painstakingly piled the bodies to lean on the cold stone tower. After dragging the last one with the even just a little amount of dignity he could, Yuui clambered on top and grasped his fingers on the stone, searching for any grooves to begin footing himself. Fai peered to the valley below from his prison, hands blistered from clutching the frozen bars tightly, allowing the twin brothers to maintain eye contact.

Yuui struggled to ascend further as his fingers began to form blisters from the numbness and pressure. Yuui desperately kept his fingers on the wall as he slid down, feeling his blisters opening up. An outstretched hand caught his attention. It was holding onto a scroll. The boy removed it and unrolled it. The writing was scrawled crudely and was at first hard to decipher. Now no one can stop him.

We beg for any foreign armies to help us…" The writing became harder to read. So the cruel deaths of each and every Valerian citizen were the result of the insane sovereign's murder rampage, yet their deaths ultimately lied in the hands of the twins? In a panicked fit from the accusation, Yuui attached himself to the wall and frantically began scaling it once again.

He had to hurry. Yuui and Fai had to escape this hellish environment and flee to another world together. Each time he miserably failed and fell off he would start over, gripping his fingers even tighter to the point that the deep blisters ripped open, spilling blood.

As he fell once again, he saw another form falling from high above. The body slammed into the ground, lying still momentarily. All of a sudden, the head snapped up.

It was the accursed sovereign, madness haunting his very soul. Rasping for breath, the sovereign writhed towards Yuui, cornering him to the wall. The haziness in his eyes completely terrified Yuui. Now the only ones left in this country who breathes…are you two and me. The whole scene and the king's dying words of hatred rattled Yuui's soul. A howl pierced the whole valley.

High above in the tower's cell, Fai kept wailing in pain for the trauma his brother had just witnessed. Would people we never even know…die, because of us? Will people die just because we live? Yuui slumped in despair, falling into the pile of snow. He curled himself in a fetal position, paralyzed. The boy remained in that state as an unidentified amount of time passed by, as the valley was blanketed in so much snow that all the corpses were either buried or fully decayed.

Nobody but the dead could come in here!

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A man fully came into view from the other side. There are other worlds. Do you want to leave this place? Yuui was rendered speechless. Could they finally leave this place? It was what his heart had always desired.

If there are other worlds, I want to leave. And I want somebody to-" The man interjected, "I can grant your wish, however, you must choose! Only one of you can leave! Yuui looked up and saw Fai hurtling down towards the ground. The twins directly looked at each other, two pairs of eyes seeing each other for the last time, before Fai hit the ground. His body was completely still. The man ominously declared, "You have made your choice, a choice that took out a life.

You must take that responsibility. That is your curse! So that was the case. After accusations of guilt laid upon guilt, after seeing innocent people's bodies tossed in the valley, and after witnessing the death of the insane sovereign, the only other person he could rely on and ever cared for was dead because of him. Would you like to go back in time?

But nobody could-" "Assume there were such a method to bring the dead back to life. Would you do it? He would gladly do anything to atone for his death.

But one day, you will travel to many places. When one who bears stronger magical powers appears before you, you will put that person to death! That is your curse. As for the other one," The man paused, "well, you don't need to know.

Flowright" rendering among many English-speaking fans. Appearance Edit During his first appearances, Fai was wearing a fur-lined robe and white clothes with a blue trim. Since then, he has adopted a more formal-style dress, consisting of a white button-up, black vest, and a red tie. He has blue eyes and blonde hair parted on the left side. Personality Edit Of Syaoran's group of allies, Fai is the most enigmatic.

He appears to be happy-go-lucky and good-natured, and acts very carefree. He often teases Kurogane, calling the latter ridiculous nicknames. However, Fai has been shown to be as perceptive and skilled a fighter as Kurogane. He also appears to carry a deep emotional burden, and values his own life very little. In battle, Fai doesn't bother to fight very hard for his life, and will only do so if someone he cares for is in danger.

Though he hides his unhappiness well, Kurogane is able to sense the disguise. When he confronts him about it, Fai usually gives very dark and enigmatic answers. His past is a profound motivating factor for his actions and is something Fai cannot seem to overcome; instead he masks it all with a smile. Fai is emotionally distant, refusing to allow anyone to become too close to him.

Despite this, Kurogane has noted that the mage has become attached to Syaoran and Sakura. Fai's behavior changes significantly after he becomes a vampire and is forced to regularly drink Kurogane's blood to survive.

Fai becomes much colder and very solemn around everyone, and begins addressing Kurogane by his real name. However, after the events in Celes, Fai seems to have gone back to the way he was at the beginning of the series, as he once again addresses Kurogane with strange nicknames, and he seems to give a real smile.

Fai worries about his companions and would go as far as breaking his own personal vows to ensure their safety.

Kurogane confronts Fai about this, and states that Fai should figure out what he's doing with his present and future, because his past has nothing to do with either Kurogane or their younger companions.

It is shown that "Yui" was born in Valeria Country ,with a twin named Fai. Though the birth of the second prince's son was highly anticipated, the birth of twins was considered to be a bad omen.

Shortly after their birth, the second prince died, and their mother committed suicide out of guilt for giving birth to them. In addition, the country suffered many misfortunes, and the twins, when combined, more powerful magic that rivaled that of the current king. The king decided that making them unhappy was the only way to break the "curse", and since both refused to kill each other, they were locked up separately in a place where magic is ineffective and time does not flow: Both were condemned to stay there "until the world's destruction.

Yui tried endlessly to climb up towards Fai, so they could escape, but he did not succeed. Eventually, the king became insane, and he executed every person in the country, except for Yui and Fai. He then jumped into the valley himself and committing suicide in front of a horrified Yui, reminding him that their birth was the reason for the country's misfortune, and that they would now "pay for that sin" by being the only people alive in Valeria. Eventually, Fei Wong Reed appeared from another world, and offered to free one of them.

Fai chose to save Yui, resulting in Fai being thrown from the tower to his death. Fei Wong then tampered with Yui's memory to make him think that Yui had chosen to save himself at the cost of his brother's life, allowing Fei Wong to use Yui's guilt in order to turn him into his servant. In order to bring his twin back to life, Yui allowed Fei Wong to bestow two curses upon him, one of which was removed from Yui's memory. Fei Wong then told Yui that someone would free him from the valley, and that he would have to go on a journey, protecting "a princess" Sakuraand killing any obstacles along the way.

Fei Wong then tells Yui that when he finds a magical feather, he should put it into Fai's body to prevent it from rotting, and that he should begin his journey when he finds a second feather, which he should give to Sakura.

Later, King Ashura came to Valeria from another world in order to retrieve Yui and took him to Celes. When Ashura asked what Yui's name was, Yui said it was "Fai". Ashura later gave Fai the last name "Flourite", the name of a precious talisman mineral, and he eventually earned the title 'D', given to the highest magician in Celes.

We are all in the same year. Her high heels clacked on the linoleum as she said clearly, "Welcome to year I'm your homeroom and maths teacher, Ms. I'll take attendance, and then assign lockers, and then you'll have a free period until-" "Sorry, I'm late," Kurogane said, walking through the threshold.

Take a seat, please. Now for attendance…Azura Aruko…" Fai leaned against his locker as Chi told him about her summer. That's when we went back to the hotel and on the way back there was a store.

Dad thought we should go in and I saw this and we bought it. Then-" "Hey," Kurogane said, closing his locker, on Fai's other side, "You guys wanna come to my tryouts for free period? Fai and Chi walked the opposite direction of Kurogane. After a while, Chi asked, "You really love him don't you?

That's for you to tell," Chi said, turning to Fai. She grabbed Fai's shoulders and told him, "You'll tell him when you're ready. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have you.

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He said it would be like a year. They usually got assigned trips together. This was old news. It was Fai and Dad, and Yuui and Mom. A warm day greeted them outside. The bleachers creaked under Fai's sneakers as he climbed.