Knight of swords and ace wands relationship

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knight of swords and ace wands relationship

In simple terms, a Tarot card combination is the collective meaning of cards that appear Wands represent the element of fire and indicate action and enterprise, often Page of Swords · Knight of Swords · Queen of Swords · King of Swords. Slideshow for the Minor Arcana Suit of Swords Tarot Keywords suit of Swords. Ace of wands in a love reading denotes a passionate relationship. If the Seeker is Ace of wands + Knight of pentacles: A new exciting job. Ace of wands + Five. The Knight of Cups would bring out a surprise "I love you" from someone. When the Knight of Wands accompanies the Knight of Swords, art or song express an.

Use your common sense, your powers of reason, and your natural critical eye to observe any inconsistencies or flaws in the plan. Look to the surrounding Cards to see if they support your own thoughts.

Swords – Love and Romance Associations

Should you decide to go for it, full commitment is required of you. You better have a lot of energy to sustain you for you will have to give it your full attention. You must be fully behind your decision otherwise momentum will be lost and it may fall flat on its face. A lot of mental and physical energy is required of you right now. Going Your Own Way It could be time to strike out on your own, sail your own ship, make your own way and carve your own future.

You could feel tired of being held back by everyone from doing what you want to do. This could result in you getting very hot-headed and making a hasty decision. Be careful you do not slam shut any doors or burn any bridges behind you as you rapidly depart. There is also a tendency to say things you may later regret under this influence simply because life is not happening fast enough for you. You may grow extremely impatient with everyone, or with the slow movement of a situation and try to push or force it.

You may take matters into your own hands and attempt to bend, control or use manipulation to get what you want. You risk alienating yourself from others in the process. You need to calm down and take a step back from the situation. You appear to be thinking very much of your own concerns in this matter and must remember that it is not all about you.

This does not necessarily mean physical battle or hostilities. It can simply reflect that problems or obstacles to your advancement have been thrown on the path in front of you. These may appear very challenging and daunting, leaving you stressed and worried as to how you will proceed from here. Under the influence of this Knight you must not let anything block your progress. Instead of panicking about the situation and tearing your hair out with stress, use your head to come up with a logical solution.

If there is a problem find a way to fix it. Now is the time to draw up strategies and plans to overcome any difficulties. You can and will find a way, but some of it will require having a steely nerve and guts. Under, over or through should be your battle cry for turning back or stopping is not an option.

There is a way and you must find it. Action must be taken in a short space of time otherwise the energy will dissipate. So too will your nerve. You can achieve a lot once you remain fired up with enthusiasm and determination. Get yourself out of this mess as soon as you can. You might be exercising your powers of perception and discrimination to find answers. It is for sure that you are fed up waiting for someone else, or the powers to be, to act in this instance.

You have decided to do your own investigative work and have resolved to leave no stone unturned in your pursuit. You are demanding answers and explanations of all those involved. You will not stop until you get to the heart of the matter. You might be demanding that justice be done or endeavouring to expose corruption around you. Now is not the time for sitting by and doing nothing.

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You feel fired up with a desire to get fully involved now for you know that you can make a difference to the outcome. Enough time has been wasted as it is. There is a fearlessness about you at present and a total disinterest in the middle man.

Instead you want to go straight to the top, or those directly involved. However, even though you feel you are on a worthy crusade, you must try to rein yourself in a little. Listen to what people have to say, their side of the story, before jumping to conclusions. You feel so incensed and angry at present that you may step on toes and make the matter worse.

You could easily stir up further trouble with a gung-ho attitude. Following on from above, you could now be in a position where you need to gain the support or backing of others.

You might need their help, or possibly see where those around you could help but are not. A job may not be getting done, a situation is being let get out of control or run down, a cause is being neglected or an incident overlooked. You have a keen eye and strong observational skills, but you also are a powerful communicator who is articulate and eloquent in speech.

You may need to rally the people to action by presenting a very convincing and stirring speech or public talk. It might come down to just lifting the phone and calling everyone on your contact list. You could also use your equally superior writing skills to launch a social media campaign. However, you are best at face to face interaction where you make an instant impression with your honest, direct and straightforward approach. You have a good speaking voice that draws and holds the attention of all so why not put it to good use.

You may feel strongly about the situation but do not expect others to come up to your exacting standards. Everyone must find their own way. Also, you may want their backing, support or presence right now, but as willing as they are to help, they may be busy right now.

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You will have to be patient. Coming across as obsessional or fanatical will turn people off. Acting Rebelliously You might also feel that you have to fight a battle alone, that no one is on your side. This Card brings out your rebellious nature. It could be you against the world at large and you must ask why this is?

Are you sure that the battle is worth it or are you just drawn by the chance for a good fight? Is it a justified battle? Why is no one on your side?

You might be in the wrong. Be careful of letting an overly dominant ego get a foothold. You may feel invincible and that you can take on the world right now, that no one is going to get the better of you, but this may simply be a dented pride getting in the way. You could do something very stupid or challenge the wrong person. You might end up cutting off your own nose to spite your own face. Maybe it is time to come down off your high horse and apologise where necessary.

However, if you truly believe that you are in the right, it could be a case that no one else wants to get involved, or is afraid of the consequences of standing beside you. If this is so then there is nothing to do but stand up for yourself and demand justice. Your battle may alienate you from others and make you unpopular. You will probably have to face a lot of opposition so you better prepare for much confrontation and disagreement.

This could be a lonely path you walk but you may not be able to live with yourself if you fail to act. You could be going into battle because of your strong principles, morals or ethics. You may be trying to right a wrong or highlight a serious issue. You have to act conscientiously and do the right thing. Being Dramatic The Knight of Swords often suggests drama and disruption. Everything seems very serious right now or maybe it is how you perceive it to be. You might be obsessing unnecessarily, thinking intensely or overly concerned about a certain issue.

You could be making mountains out of mole hills. There is also the tendency to exaggerate under this influence and will feel irritable and impatient. Paranoia might be involved making you touchy and extra sensitive. You are likely to overreact or over respond to the slightest stimuli or annoyance. You might see veiled threats everywhere and take all comments too personally. The world could be out to get you or against you. This Card often reflects a personality who is constantly in the middle of a drama or chaos.

They seem to attract or woo it, and no matter where they go, they always have a crazy story to tell about what happened to them. Nothing is ever straight forward, ordinary, or simple in their life as they walk from one wilder situation to another.

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You certainly are riled up and quite sharp-tongued at present. Something has really stirred you.

knight of swords and ace wands relationship

No one around will be able to escape or pretend not to hear you as you vent your feelings about a particular subject or issue. You may feel very strongly, incensed or just passionate about the issue.

You will definitely want to express your opinion and could easily think you have the most valid point to argue over. There is a risk of becoming quite fixated or fanatical at this point. It may be all you have to talk about as you repeat yourself over and over again, or approach it from every possible angle.

This could result in you acting dismissively with others as you irritatingly wave aside their argument, or fail to allow them the courtesy of communicating their views without constantly interrupting with interjections. You can easily become quite condescending in your dealings, rigid in your stance, and constantly on your Soap Box.

Under this influence you just barrel on, forcefully driving your point home whether they want to hear it or not. You might have little time or interest in stopping to listen to anyone else. Others will find it impossible to get you to budge on the issue or situation, as you are determined not to change your mind or give in.

knight of swords and ace wands relationship

Highly opinionated and fired up with a bloody, single-minded attitude, you might think you know it all. You may also think you know what you are doing, where you are going and certainly do not need the uncalled for input of others.

Here you may be wrong. You are giving this issue a lot mental energy and could be too close to the situation to view it objectively. You might need to step back before you do or say anything you may regret further down the line. If surrounding Cards support this interpretation it can suggest that you are not looking where you are going. You could easily be riding to your ruin, and because you are travelling at such speed, it may be quite difficult to halt you in your tracks.

Like your horse, you too could have the bit between your teeth and might find it hard to apply the brakes. You have built up some momentum for good or bad, and those around you could see you as a runaway train. You might have it all wrong, accusing the wrong person or chasing a nightmare instead of a dream. Your quarry may have got away, your ship sailed, and now you are simply wasting good energy. You might also be too eager to sign documents or contracts without scrutinising them thoroughly.

You may not have stopped to think what you are about. There is a chance you are not in full control here or that someone else is pushing all your buttons. You have become single-mindedly focussed on a certain quest and can see nothing else.

You may refuse to listen to advice or warnings from those around you as you saddle up your horse and prepare to ride it to hell. One exception to this occurs when the Knight is followed later in the spread with the King, preferably of the same suit to indicate the same person and not a newcomermeaning that a new lover grows into someone who is committed and stable. In questions of love, The Knight of Swords represents a fling.

This partnership, however short, is usually a lot of fun! I have noticed that many students misjudge the significance of the horse in this card. But the horse is rearing, and that is expressive of the symbolism of this card in particular and the suit of Wands in general.

knight of swords and ace wands relationship

Although there can be a variety of reasons for a horse to rear, one common healthy example of rearing is to playfully challenge another horse, symbolic of close combat considering wands as cudgels or quarterstaffs. Also, rearing can be associated with getting ready to bolt or change directions. In this case, the significance is that this horse and rider are starting to move—not already in full gallop like the Knight of Swords, but on the verge of beginning their run.

The idea of beginnings are important to the suit of Wands, associated with the element of fire. The salamanders on his tunic are an esoteric symbol of fire. And the desert background with pyramids indicates a hot, dry climate. The budding wand and the delicate leaf motif on the bridle are symbolic of spring. In the tarot, the Wands are associated with the heat that germinates new growth in the spring. Not the exhausting heat of summer summer is associated with the cool and verdant abundance of water and the suit of Cupsbut the warmth that melts away winter and brings blossoms and baby animals.

Look for such symbolism in the deck you use to determine which suit is aligned with which element.

knight of swords and ace wands relationship

If the querent is asking about love, the Knight of Wands can represent someone new and exciting, passionate and charismatic, someone who loves adventure and is eager to experiment. If this is a good match for the personality of the querent, then it has the potential to be a lasting relationship. But because this knight loves to keep it fresh, he has a tendency not to be able to settle down. This horseman is the most thrilling and passionate, but he might be too hot to handle.

The King of Swords as Feelings in a Love Reading

The Aces represent new beginnings. Wands as fire offers meanings such as an exciting new adventure, embarking on a journey, initiating a project, taking the first action. Because one of the traditional meanings of Wands is business and enterprise, this is a great card for a new job, business promotion, or entrepreneurial endeavor. In questions of romance, the suit of Wands most often focuses on passion and physical chemistry. Watch the suits that come up in a love reading—in addition to the suit of Wands just mentioned, Cups show love and affection as well as wining and dining; and Pentacles represent security, stability, and commitment.

Although Swords can represent conflict, they also indicate long philosophical talks and a meeting of the minds. They can also show an ability to have healthy, productive arguments.

knight of swords and ace wands relationship

The more negative cards in the suit swerve these meanings accordingly. I was reading for a woman once who asked in general terms about relationships. We drew the Ace of Wands and I excitedly told her about the new lover she was getting. Ever since then I remember to ask if the person is currently in a relationship before doing the interpretation!

In the Ace of Wands we can see Priapus fully engorged! Reversed can only mean one thing—sexual dysfunction. This is important to be able to discuss with clients because their partner might be hesitant to bring it up.

However, due to the destructive nature of the Tower—I want to retain the negativity so I have a card that honestly tells me when something bad will happen—I tend to reserve it for break-ups, unexpected disruptions, or sudden revelations of disturbing news. Despite his bad rap, the Devil is good for two things: Most tarot readers note the similarity in design layout between the Devil and the Lovers.

In both cards a winged being rises above a couple, male on the right, female on the left. Some of the imagery of the Garden of Eden is retained, the tails of the chained couple alluding to the trees they stand next to in the Lovers card.