Kirito and sugu relationship with god

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kirito and sugu relationship with god

Noone is there to help him but his sister, Sugu. She helps him through it as much as she can, tightening their relationship. Eventually, things. But the thing is that Suguha liking Kirito doesn't really make sense . She like Kazuto wanted to recover their relationship as brother and sister. How does Kirigaya Suguha's asking him to teach her how to play ALfheim ' cause there was all that drama with Suguha/Lyfa and Kazuto/Kirito. That led me to start thinking more about how their relationship got started in real life. for killing players that thought they could cross into God's domain.

Like all of the other players in ALO, her ears are quite long and pointy. She wears a grassy-colored outfit and shiny silver armor. Background Kirigaya Suguha was raised with Kazuto as siblings, since her parents took Kazuto in after his parents died in a traffic accident. Kazuto is Suguha's maternal first cousin, as his mother and Suguha's were sisters. They were taught kendo by their grandfather, who was a former policeman and a kendo champion. Kazuto gave up after two years and embraced the world of technology, leaving her behind.

Kazuto found out he was not her real brother around this time and the distance between them became further and further apart, until they were practically strangers before the SAO Incident. She continued with kendo and became a national quarter-finalist.

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Suguha practicing Kendo as a child. She won the Sylph tournament, earning the title as the strongest Sylph before the events of the Fairy Dance Arc. Suguha has become very good at ALO, because of the many years she has practiced kendo and the skills learned there were very effective for fights in ALO. In an obscure part of her childhood, she fell into the pond in her home's backyard trying to catch a water strider.

She was saved by Kazuto a few seconds after falling in, but she was afraid of water until her cousin and his friends taught her how to swim. She is much more social and converses easily with others. Even when Kazuto began to push her away after finding out they were not really siblings, she still treated him with good spirit and tried to get back in his life.

She can be very aggressive towards those that annoy her or cross her and can easily lose her temper. This is demonstrated in one case when Recon attempted to kiss her after confessing his love to her and she punched him.

Despite her positive outlook and slightly aggressive behavior, Suguha can be somewhat fragile and delicate due to her young age, especially when her cousin, Kazuto is involved. After seeing Kazuto in a comatose state due to being locked in SAO, she broke down crying for the first time in years. In addition to this, once she found out that Kirito and Kazuto were the same person, she locked herself in her room away from her cousin and went into a slight depression.

Most of the time she is quick to rebound from these moments and return to being the same upbeat girl. Chronology Aincrad Arc Kirigaya Suguha's cameo in the first episode.

Starting in volume 2, Silica, Lisbeth, Yui, and Sachi, were all side characters introduced to give readers the same feelings that the author, Reki Kawahara, felt when he played MMOs. As with most MMO players, he was never part of one of the top groups, and had great respect for players that could clear the hardest content or had the best items. This sense of awe that was instilled in him in games is the same feeling that he wanted to portray by showing some weaker characters and their struggles and then having a hero show up and really show them how badass someone end-game could be.

Kawahara notes at the end of the volume 2: I have previously also played some online games. But no matter in what game, I have never been part of a high-ranking group. But still, the suspicion held towards FullDive technology still ran rampant worldwide. It had taken Nagata three months to convince his parents.

He had read every scrap of information, every article, and every manual there was to read on the subject of VR. He had to try it out. For once in his life he was willing to throw caution to the wind and discover the revolutionary advancements technology had made for steady gamers like himself. When they finally said yes, he didn't hesitate to blow all the money he'd been saving to buy the necessary facilities.

That very day he had logged in and spent six hours acclimating himself to his Sylph avatar, Recon.

Suguha’s Floaty Things

The task had been heinously difficult at first; learning to match his body response with the digital data that was flowing between his brain and the server. But he wasn't stupid, and he figured it out with a little bit of experience. Before the week was out, he had found his knack for it.

He was waiting for her again, this time sitting on a bench in the mall. Absently waving his feet back and forth they were too short to touch the floorhe let his thoughts wander aimlessly. He really couldn't think of a viable reason that Suguha would want to play video games.

She didn't seem like that kind of girl. No, she was far too focused on her career as a kendoist, wasn't she? It would probably startle him every time. He jumped off the bench to face his classmate, flustered.

One of my favorite stores sells some good value hardware. Oh, and by the way, just Nagata is fine. Her cheeks were still rosy from her earlier exercise, but it suited her rather well. But letting one beautiful girl share it with him wouldn't be so bad. Shopping bags in hand, shinai bag over shoulder, and book bag on her back, Suguha looked weighed down like a pack horse.

Nagata nervously stole another glance at her laden form, feeling rather guilty that he hadn't offered to help earlier. But like his mom always said: Suguha came to a sudden stop, a hard look suddenly springing into her eyes.

I need your help, but nothing beyond that; which means, you should treat me the same as ever, especially at school. I don't really… want anyone to know about this. You said you were a Sylph, right?

Be waiting for me at the capital! Nagata stood there alone amidst the crowd, watching her go. Even though Suguha made it obvious she didn't see him as a friend, it had still been him she had asked to show her the virtual world. He wasn't going to let her down. The Sylph swordswoman, Lyfa: While appearances were randomly generated, similar traits ran within races. Lyfa, like many other Sylphs, was 'big boned,' as some would call it.

Suguha's character had dazzling green eyes, long blonde hair, and peachy skin. Garbed in white leather and green silk, her outfit lingered somewhere between functional and medieval. Her countenance made her look much older than she was in real life despite her pointed, fairy ears. Nagata was actually quite surprised with how quickly she adapted to the system. Her movements became smooth within minutes, her grasp of Sylvian covetable, and her katana skills fearsome.

Only a month had passed and Lyfa had mastered voluntary flight and become one of the top warriors amongst the Sylphs. Her translatable skill came — of course — from kendo, but Nagata soon realized that Suguha was quite clever too.

She was considerably adept with magic and race politics, mastering spells and making connections with top players right away. Yet, despite this, Lyfa continued to hang around Recon. While she would take leisurely flights alone, in Sylvian, she was rarely without Recon in her company. Recon would have to be blind to not notice this behavior, and he soon came to a possible conclusion: Suguha liked to be herself, and she liked it when others were the same.

She didn't appreciate people who put on airs; people she couldn't trust whether they were acting or genuine. In MMOs, everyone wore the mask of their character, and that was something Lyfa could not rationalize. So she kept close to the one person she knew. Realizing this, Recon became even more determined to stick close to Lyfa as well. If that meant getting stronger so he could keep up with her, he would. This meant monopolizing his greatest strength: He spent hours training his magic skill and memorizing spells and discovering a certain aptitude he had for dark magic.

If I can learn some really powerful magic, maybe one day I'll be the one to protect her, and then I'll be the one to impress her. She will finally be able to see me as a real friend. Knowing that Suguha didn't appreciate being bothered by him at school, Nagata kept his interactions with her limited to a once-a-week basis, switching up the days so it didn't seem too systematic.

For the most part, she tolerated it; after all, it had been nearly a year since they started playing ALO together. Today he settled for a casual walk in the hall, coming up alongside her as she switched classes even though his class was nowhere nearby. He almost slipped up and called her by the name far more familiar to him. He offered her a — hopefully — friendly smile before saying, "Do you want to meet at that tea shop you like in Sylvian before hunting this afternoon?

I won't be logging in. I'm going to visit him. You've never mentioned him before. I'll be going to visit him after practice, so I won't be logging in today.

kirito and sugu relationship with god

I'm sorry to hear that about your brother. Will he be okay? What's wrong with him… may I ask? Seconds passed as the hallway grew less populated, the bell moments from marking the commencement of the next class.

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Nagata was unsure of what to say. While locked in indecision, three chiming notes drifted through the halls, indicating that both students would be tardy. With a forced smile, Nagata said, "Tell him I said happy birthday! Confused, and somewhat terrified at the idea of a crying girl, Nagata quickly strode to the class he was late to. But he hadn't imagined the way her lips silently repeated that name: It took Nagata a week to work up the courage to bring up Suguha's mysterious brother again, and only then was it attempted while in ALO.

After the sensitive encounter before, he hadn't been sure if it was a good idea. He did not want his inquiry to bring tears, because he knew he wouldn't be able to handle that. But his curiosity was burning to the point where he needed to know. Why had she kept her brother such a secret?

Why was he in the hospital? And what caused so much pain to cloud those normally, joy-filled eyes? Besides, it was polite to ask if he was getting better, was it not? Despite the fact that they were flying — and that generally required all of Recon's focus — he asked the question he had kept bottled up for days: But it was quickly recovered.

Of course, he knew of the thousands of comatose patients, their minds trapped in another world while their families waited in anxiety every day, wondering if they'll ever come back.

But this was the first time he had met someone with a personal connection to that tragedy. Seeing the pain in Lyfa's green eyes as she tried to smile it away made the situation more real than ever before; up until now, it had just been a bad story; something that didn't happen in real life.

By now, his body is nothing more than skin and bones. When I hold his hand, it's so small and thin. My mom's been teasingly calling him our 'sleeping beauty. It'll be hard, but I'm gonna be there for him. She was still smiling, and the ache was still there in her eyes, but that intense look was the same one she wore in a heated battle: Offering a small grin of his own, he said, "I know you will. I'm sure he couldn't ask for a better sister to be by his side.

It sounded so stupid! Lyfa's cheeks blushed rose. Adverting her gaze she mumbled, "You really think so?

kirito and sugu relationship with god

She put distance between them, not because of what he said, but because she didn't want him to see her cry. He was fine with that. The Lyfa-chan in his head was always smiling; Suguha wanted him to keep it that way.

You're still so much stronger than me, he thought. And he finally understood why she had approached him that day last year. Torn by the grief of losing her brother, she had set out to understand him further. She wanted to experience the kind of world he lived in — survived in — every hour of every day. Suguha wanted to see what had drawn him in, caged him, and could possibly kill him. Instead of living in fear of FullDive, she decided to understand it, and accept that not all of it was evil.

She lived day-to-day like her brother was, not dwelling on what could have been, but looking forward to the prospects the future had to offer.

Does anybody else HATE Suguha?

When he heard the news that SAO had been cleared, the first person that came to mind was Kirigaya Suguha. As expected, she missed a few days of school and didn't log into ALO for a few more after that. And Nagata was happy for her, but he was itching for information. He wanted to know the details. But it soon became apparent; details of that other world were not casually shared. People had died, people had changed, and the victims would never be the same.

Right now was a healing time for the bodies, minds, and souls of the SAO players. Some would be scarred for life, never to pick up a gaming device again. Some would suffer from posttraumatic stress. And some would be unable to return to their livelihoods. And those were the lucky ones. Nearly four thousand had died, never to return to either world; among them was Kayaba Akihiko, the game's infamous creator.

All the same, people celebrated the return of the players, calling it a blessing — a miracle. On television, family members cried as they embraced their emancipated loved ones, as if reclaiming them back from the dead. Politicians made new resolutions to assist the victims with their recovery. Articles were published, but still, very little information on the actual events was divulged. Nagato turned to his alter ego, Recon's, information gathering techniques.

He trawled through vast tracts of the internet, to gaming circles, where friends talked about friends that had been in SAO. He contacted a few of his gaming buddies IRL, asking them to keep their ears open for any bits of info. He even watched a few of the bogus interviews mainly of low-level players on TV.

In the end, this is what he found: The front liners or clearing group had only reached floor seventy-five as of that November, two years after the original SAO incident.

Rumors from the people who were actually present in that boss room said that a single player was the reason for the game's early victory. Leader of the strongest guild, Knights of the Blood, was really Kayaba Akihiko in disguise. He had been playing since the beginning, but obviously, with GM powers.

The mysterious 'Black Swordsman' — talented dual blade wielder and strongest solo player — was responsible for his defeat. These rumors were the most reoccurring, but they definitely seemed far-fetched. Kayaba playing as the leader of clearing guild? They didn't even finish the game! And dual wielding… something that was notoriously difficult in real life was accomplished in VR?

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But now Nagata was satisfied enough not to pester Suguha with questions she probably didn't want to answer. And that was good enough for him. She knew who it was just by the way he called her name; he wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. He stopped in front of her, leaning over with his hands on his knees, gasping for breath. She gave off a small huff, irritated by his physical inability.

It was the same expression she made as Lyfa when he couldn't keep up with her while flying in ALO. I'm heading home for the day. We've already taken entrance exams, and both you and I have already been accepted to the high schools we want to go to. You should skip too. Spending time in a class you don't need isn't studious, it's wasteful.

And back to the main point: When she wanted them to, her words could cut like her silver, katana sword. He wasn't sure why, but he seemed to get flustered around Suguha a lot more easily as of late.

A while ago he had finally considered himself her friend, even if she didn't return the sentiment, but sometimes he felt like there was something more… Mmmm… nevermind. Really well in fact. It's only been two months, but he's been really active. Besides physical therapy he's been going to the gym to work out too. Last month he bought a bicycle and he's been riding that a lot, just to get around and whatnot. He should know better than to think he could beat the national-quarterfinalist Kirigaya-sama!

A beat, "Oh nothing," Suguha waved her hands dismissively, "I should really get home. See you later Nagata-kun! It was truly miraculous that she had survived the Salamanders' onslaught. Just more proof of her talent in swordsmanship and her skills in flight. But when the crowds finally thinned enough that he could see her he noticed that she wasn't alone.

A black clad figure was sprawled on the ground near the base of the central tower, Lyfa standing over him, saying something teasingly. A second later the boy curled up his legs, rolled off his back, and sprung to his feet with apparent ease, stretching casually afterwards.

It was the demeanor of someone highly experienced in FullDive. As Recon drew closer he recognized the trends that would label the stranger as a Spriggan: Dark attire aside, it was extremely suspicious. The boy didn't look like he was wearing anything but the starter gear, yet here he was, casually wandering around in other territories where he could instantly be killed. That wasn't courage; that was stupidity. So of course, he was flabbergasted to find that this boy had saved the great and mighty Lyfa-chan.

First, she had called him her friend. Nagata didn't think she had felt that way about him yet. And second, why was the usually cautious Lyfa suddenly telling everything to a guy she had only just met? This was suspicious indeed. Consorting with the enemy is not a good idea with Sigurd around.

And then she proceeded to ditch out on Recon and her party without a hint of a guilty conscience. She dragged away the sputtering Kirito, saying she's promised him a drink.

Leaving Recon standing there without a clue as to what was going on with his friend, now that was mean! He realized he was breaking the once-a-week rule, but this was an emergency. He'd been completely ignored all night, and then Suguha had suddenly logged off without warning.

Okay, so he wasn't her net-nanny, but still. Something was going on. Nagata could be creepy when he wanted to; his stalker-ish nature rubbing off from his ALO character's reconnaissance aptitude. So when he waited for her behind one of the school buildings for a few hours, it didn't seem all that strange to him. Suguha, of course, didn't appreciate it. His glasses flashed in the sunlight, reflecting the light into Suguha's eyes and only ticking her off even further.

Besides, I won't be joining you for a while. I've got some important business to attend to. That's at least a whole night of flying. Why would you do that? You can't trust a shady guy like that! I'm just helping him out because he helped me. It's called 'returning the favor.