Kingdom hearts 358 2 days axel and roxas relationship

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kingdom hearts 358 2 days axel and roxas relationship

Axel tried to befriend Roxas and took him for ice cream on the day that he joined the organization. Roxas Status of Relationship AkuRoku became even more popular in Kingdom Hearts /2 Days as their friendship was explored more. For Kingdom Hearts /2 Days on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "roxas and axel's relationship (may contain spoilers)". For Kingdom Hearts /2 Days on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Axel and Roxas "relationship" if you know what I mean.".

This caused him to get a bit crazy because Axel had just lost the thing that he valued most or at least it felt like it. The reason roxas doesn't return the same obbession of feelings to Axel is because Roxas never has experienced the ability to feel nothing, and also because Roxas never quite understood what feelings were until he actually lived a normal life.

kingdom hearts 358 2 days axel and roxas relationship

Up untill that point he was really quite clueless. Though I have to say I sense that Axel loosing his friend Xion as well actually might have contributed to his obession. Because Axel had the pain of loosing 2 people, even if he forgot the person itself the memories of it still exist sleeping and can very well have made him feel even more lonely and hurt.

But because Axel only remembers loosing Roxas he directed his pain of loss for two people all on one person because for all he knew Roxas is the only person he lost his bond with. To make it worse Axel had at that point lost all his friends. He gave up his friendship with Saix for Roxas and Xion thinking it be alright as long as he has them. But then he lost Roxas, so desperately he tries to reclaim Xion but he comes to the realization that Xion won't come back and roxas won't either.

So it will never be the same again Axel is left without any friends or the ability to feel anything. He basically gets jipped big time and goes a little overboard because of it.

So yeah I think their feelings are only as friends. Axel seems to treasure friendship above everything including his own heart. Kinda why he was still going along with Saix''s plans even though he didn't think he need to reclaim his heart anymore.

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kingdom hearts 358 2 days axel and roxas relationship

It does mean everything for writers and character designers, though. Every aspect of a character is relevant in his writing, movement, how he speaks his lines, even the thought process behind the lines that you can see if you pay any attention. Appearance Edit A hooded Xion. Xion's Organization coat is similar to the one Roxas wears, with slightly pointed shoulders and closer-fitting sleeves.

She also wears the more feminine, heeled boots that Larxene wears and the basic black gloves. Physically, Xion strongly resembles Kairi in her appearance from Kingdom Heartshaving her blue eyes and virtually the same haircut, though Xion's hair is black and her bangs part on a different side.

She is slightly shorter than Roxas. As a result of her being crafted from Sora's memories, Xion's appearance is somewhat unstable, as she is known to transform into Roxas in his Black Cloak and both Riku and Sora in their original appearances from the first game. Her appearance is also slightly different depending on who is looking at her, and their relation to her. Xemnas, on the other hand, sees her true form—a perfect copy of Sora.

An interesting note is that once Axel considers Xion a friend, from that point forward, he only sees her as the girl that she is instead of a hooded puppet. Tomoco Kanemaki is responsible for Xion having black hair.

When Xion begins to absorb Sora's memories from each of the devices that was placed in Wonderland, Halloween Town, and Agrabah, she gains armor that causes her to resemble a mechanized version of Sora as he appeared in Kingdom Hearts.

Her armor changes based on the amount of memories that she has taken in, though some features stay the same.

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Her initial armor has the form of a pink and white helmet that has spikes on the top, sides, and back. Her body armor is a black, white, and pink jacket with black and pink gloves. The bottom half of the armor consists of mainly black and gold, with golden and white shoes.

If one pays attention, her silhouette matches that of Sora. During her first form in the Bizarre Room in Wonderland, she uses a pair of green, white, and pink wings, and carries a golden and pink blade.

In her second form in Halloween Town, she uses a large, long blade inspired by Halloween Town itself, and uses the Ragnarok limit.

While in her Agrabah form, she appears to have four arms, as well as having additional golden shoulder pads and purple and white blades, for the Ars Arcanum attack. Finally, her final form in Twilight Town is a large, upscaled version of the original, with two pink lances in the shape of the Nobody symbol. When going on a mission with Roxas, Xion begins to open up to him and later Axel. She does seem to express emotions due to her nature of existence, and is always happy to be with her friends.

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However, she is somewhat emotionally fragile, becoming deeply enraged with the right provocation. After finding out the origins of her existence, she also becomes deeply confused and lost. She is observant and perceptive. She has a strong sense of justice and generosity, seen in the way she willingly gave up herself to join with Sora. Xion seems to take an interest in seashells.

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While Roxas was in a coma when Sora was put to sleep, Xion placed a seashell on his bedside table every day he was asleep. In her nightmare on Destiny IslandsRoxas is in the dream and picks up a shell while whispering her name. After Xion was absorbed into Roxas, all that was left of her was a single seashell.