Kerrigan and raynor relationship counseling

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kerrigan and raynor relationship counseling

Major and recurring characters from the military science fiction series StarCraft are listed below, . Joining with Artanis and Kerrigan later on, Raynor watches as Kerrigan ascends to become a Xel'naga and . and fugitive, and moreover the fact that Raynor is still trying to sort himself out in relation to Sarah Kerrigan. Sarah Kerrigan and Raynor selfie romantic Relationship Goals Pictures, Couple Relationship, Cute Relationships, Relationship Quotes, Cute Life Advice. Mengsk's subsequent betrayal of Kerrigan to the Zerg by ordering all The first - and pretty much only - mention of their relationship during the.

After the events of the Campaign, it is revealed that Tychus was only released from his prison by Arcturus Mengsk, under the conditions that he had to assassinate Sarah Kerrigan: After Kerrigan is de-infested by the Xel'naga artifact's energy pulse, when Tychus revealed this to Raynor, Raynor blocked Tychus' shot intended for Kerrigan and he shot his friend dead.

kerrigan and raynor relationship counseling

The player can choose to help him break his former friends out of New Folsom Prison, or use a Dominion agent to end the project. Ariel Hanson[ edit ] Dr. Ariel Hanson is a scientist who becomes associated with Raynor's Raiders after her home colony on the planet Agria is invaded by Zerg in Wings of Liberty, where she is voiced by Ali Hillis.

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A selfless and altruistic individual, she mainly wishes for life to return to normal. She is considered to be the moral opposite of Tychus Findlay, acting as a metaphorical angel on Raynor's shoulder, [40] and represents a positive moral influence on Raynor.

Originally designed as a male character, Hanson was changed in development to female to act as a love interest for Raynor, albeit limited by Raynor's status as a mercenary and fugitive, and moreover the fact that Raynor is still trying to sort himself out in relation to Sarah Kerrigan. If the player chooses to purify the colony themselves, she will end up infested while desperately researching a cure, forcing Raynor to kill her.

The main antagonist of the series, he is voiced by James Harper and is the primary subject of the novel I, Mengsk. Mengsk is extremely intelligent and is capable as both a strategist and tactician. While Mengsk does not empathize with people well, he is highly skilled at oratory and propaganda and possesses a remarkable ability for manipulating other people. Born on Korhal IV, the scion of a powerful founding family of the Terran Confederacy, Mengsk was a colonel in the Confederate Marine Corps and a veteran of the Guild Wars, who became a successful prospector after war's end.

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Though trying to distance himself from the actions of his father, a prominent Korhal senator and vocal dissident against the Confederacy, Mengsk became a revolutionary himself when his father, mother, and younger sister were murdered by Confederate assassins. His activities soon spurred the Confederacy to launch a nuclear attack against Korhal, wiping out its population; Mengsk swore vengeance, and formed a revolutionary group he called the Sons of Korhal.

Years of open conflict successfully weakened Confederate control over the fringe worlds, during which he recruited followers such as Sarah Kerrigan, Jim Raynor and Edmund Duke. Raynor and Kerrigan grew uneasy with Mengsk's increasingly extreme methods, namely luring Zerg to attack Confederate targets, leading to Mengsk abandoning Kerrigan to the Zerg on the Confederate capital of Tarsonis another reason for the latter was Kerrigan had been the assassin that murdered his father.

With the destruction of Tarsonis by the Zerg, Mengsk crowned himself emperor and styled himself as a benevolent dictator.

Faced with execution and the destruction of the Dominion as alternatives, Mengsk allies with Kerrigan and Raynor to defeat the UED, but Kerrigan eventually betrays their alliance and delivers a crippling blow to Mengsk's forces.

Nevertheless, Mengsk rebuilds and the Dominion remains the dominant Terran power. In Frontline, many of the stories in the anthology paint Mengsk and the Dominion overall as tyrannical and corrupt, no different from the Confederacy. In Wings of Liberty, Mengsk and his son Valerian find the Dominion opposed by several rebel and paramilitary groups, including those loyal to Raynor.

Arcturus suffers compound setbacks during the game, initially due to the mass invasion of Dominion space by Zerg forces [44] which catches the Dominion military and Mengsk unprepared, [45] and later from Raynor's Raiders who capture and broadcast proof of Mengsk's war crimes during the events of StarCraft. During the events of Heart of the Swarm, Mengsk tries to have Kerrigan killed on several occasions, including issuing an obituary about Raynor. Kerrigan however, successfully reunites the Zerg Swarm and storms the Dominion capital of Augustgrad on the planet Korhal [12] with help from Raynor's Raiders.

A scion of one of the influential Old Families of Confederacy with a long career in the military, [48] Duke is a methodical and experienced tactician [49] but also as an egotistical and xenophobic man. Raynor tries to get through to her, and eventually, does find her. The thing is, despite the way she looks and the things she has done, Raynor still loves her. He loves her with all his heart and Kerrigan even loves him back. Which makes the last scene of the most recent game so heart breaking.

Kerrigan finally, with the help of Raynor, gets her revenge on Mengsk. And just when you think Raynor and Kerrigan can finally settle down with one another, he looks at her and he knows she has to go. At least not now, not the way the world is now. And he knows he has to let her go. And they both know they have to keep fighting so they CAN be together. A whole race of the universe will have to be wiped out first so these two can finally be with one another.

That, my friends, is literally Epic. Kerrigan being overran, Raynor finding Kerrigan, Raynor letting her go. You know the only thing I have to bring up is this simple but powerful exchange: Be still my heart. Han the hansome rouge and Leia the warrior princess…these two had no business being together at all. But fate, or random events and choices, however you look at the world, brought them together.

And, well, the rest is history. We all know this story, so just watch this and know that I am right on this one: The slowest building relationship out of all of these, these two had to wait and wait and wait until they could not only admit their feelings, but until they would ALLOW themselves to feel these feelings.

But as there was starting to be some light at the end of the tunnel, these two relaxed a little bit and started to grow into one another.

Of course, for whatever reason, Raynor is able to hook up with Moebius via Tychus - which is entirely unrelated to Mengsk at all except for the fact that it is run by Mengsk's son. Although it keeps him from fulfilling certain non-hygienic bodily functions. This is the only mission thus far where he really gets fired up, because he finally gets to take the field.

When controllable on foot, he's considerably less jolly. He probably misses his titan of destruction. Tychus is all over this. Subverted as he is imprisoned in a marine suit, and he would be freed if he kills Kerrigan.

Is on the receiving end of a lot of punishment, and surprisingly functions as a source of comic relief in-between being a badass. Tychus' marine power armor is welded onto him so he can't take it off. It's also revealed that it's hooked into his life-support system the suit itself is life support; so 'life support system' might just mean his vitals. It can be remotely triggered to shut down all of his organs.

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He works with Jim Raynor. He doesn't care about Raynor's freedom values, though. Notably, for someone so emotionless about Raynor's Raiders, he sure loves that Odin with a fiery passion. Perhaps because, as a weapon of destruction, the Odin is one of Tychus's personal favorites and thus he features in the Rebellion Missions solely so he can have fun with the Odin while also following the instructions of Raynor's Raiders.

kerrigan and raynor relationship counseling

Raynor was once a normal, upstanding citizen and military man, until Confederate corruption made him disillusioned with them, at which point he went off with Tychus and became a criminal. Although it was implied the Cofederate corruption was ultimately this for both Tychus and Raynor. Tychus was just disillusioned earlier. Trapped inside seven-foot-tall Power Armor that lets him rip tables out of the floor and carry a minigun.

Dark and Troubled Past: All that's known about his early life is that he was born on Mar Sara and ran away from home when he was twelve. The next time he appears, he's a sergeant in the military and is already corrupt and self-serving.

Near the end of Wings, when he's uncertain if he can go through with his mission. But he then got worse.

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Played with, people constantly warn Raynor Tychus can't be trusted, but he never betrays him. Until the ending, anyway. Even then, it may not be a straight examplegiven his past actions of helping Raynor out of trouble. See Suicide by Cop. The entire introduction of his character. He claims he's a "model citizen now" on introduction, and was just released. Quite the accurate title, considering he is controlled by Mengsk and has an otherwise mobile prison suit just to prove it.

His Weapon of Choice while on foot. He's also seen operating a dual-gatling defense turret in the main menu background while on Char. Tychus may act a bit slow and talks it too, but he is not Dumb Muscle. For instance an early cutscene implies he successfully hacked the Hyperion databank to get access to their logs. Good Is Not Soft: Tychus shows this consistently throughout the campaign and his backstory.

Good Scars, Evil Scars: Who knows how he got his, since he looks like he was mauled by a cougar. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Though he's pretty gruff, he really isn't a bad guy. In the ending, it's strongly shown that he didn't want to shoot Kerrigan, but he had to, or else Mengsk would shut down his suit and kill him.

Kick the Son of a Bitch: Knight In Sour Armor: What Tychus became due to witnessing corruption in the Terran Confederacy. Leaning on the Fourth Wall: After getting his Power Armorhis response to getting fielded as a Marine is "Hell, it's about time!

When commandeering the Odin, Tychus has the communicator stuck on transmit, so he can't hear your orders and will run heedlessly into enemy bases without you to tell him no.

kerrigan and raynor relationship counseling

Fortunately the Odin is pretty beefy, so he's not going to get himself killed as long as you back him up, and he breaks in-between bases so you can repair his unit and get an escort ready to help him out at the next one. I'm going to have a little fun hehe. When Tychus gets his new Power Armor the first thing he does is clench his fist. At least when it comes to being on the battlefield and he acts like a little kid with a new toy with the Odin.

While commanding the Odin.

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Get out of the way or die a quick and painful death. The only reason he was released was on the condition that he infiltrate Raynor's unit until he got close enough to Kerrigan to kill her. He makes this patently clear to Raynor on several occasions. While he claims that he's only after the money, his actual goal is to kill Kerrigan at Mengsk's behest, thereby securing his freedom.