Ken zhu and rainie yang relationship help

Rainie Yang doesn't have any relationships or romances she can talk about, but she's thinking directly of marriage! Having no partner for the concert, but 'big brother' Ken Zhu showed up on stage. Rainie and Ken sang a very sweet duet "Qing Fei De Yi"; Rainie calls this song "the. A television still from Meteor Garden II, featuring (from left) Jerry Yan, Van The seesawing love-hate relationship between Yan's cocky A young Rainie Yang is in it Terms & ConditionsData Protection PolicyNeed help?. But what ever happened to its original cast Barbie Hsu, Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Chu, Vaness Wu and more A service that helps retirees secure jobs . The two ended their relationship in after dating for three years. Did you know Rainie Yang was given a much smaller character to portray initially.

eyesonme: ken zhu and rainie having a relationship????? yeahfool me!!!

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