Kazuma and ayano relationship questions

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kazuma and ayano relationship questions

when would the second season come out? there were lots of questions that the relationship between the cousins a lot, are they really not related though? hmm well yeah Kazuma And Ayano are a good couple distant cousins is not so bad. Kazuma and Ayano had settled into a habit of expelling evil spirits and to advance the budding relationship between himself and Ayano. Ayano: Get THE HELL away from me, you perverted kazuma!!! to fall in love with each other, even though it doesn't improve their relationship with each other ?.

He had kissed me then, and I was simply glad that there wasn't Elixir involved this time around. After that, we were dating and even though that 'I love you' from Kazuma has been a long time materializing, it only seems worth the wait now.

It didn't before, I think. Before we celebrated our own Valentine's Day on Halloween because he found out Dracula scared me to death and I found out that he avoided carved pumpkins like the plague. Sticking a red heart on an orange pumpkin, that was what the day was like.

Before I got Easter eggs made of cake! Before I found that he could forget our dating anniversary, but give me a couple of emeralds on a random dinner date and jokingly say that he wished they were pretty little seashells. Before he had woke me up on dawn on the day of my birthday, to see the sunrise in the sky from a place where the world seemed beautiful. Before I had him blow candles on top of a cupcake I baked for his birthday on top of the Ferris wheel to make that day just a little special for him.

And as payback — he couldn't be the only one who kept doing cute little things, you know. But of course, the wait didn't seem worthwhile before I actually found out what his love was like. Tender and inspired, with a vague elusive quality about it, like a half-remembered song. I could hum the melody, but the lyrics keep slipping away. It's no use trying to pin him down — it would be like trying to stuff a spring breeze into a closet or confine the winter gale into a bottle.

It can't be done, and I wouldn't want to try. Who the hell in their right mind would? Like his element, the wind, his mind and body must both be free, and jealousy isn't really his cup of tea. Besides, jealousy wouldn't be needed anyway. I am his, he is mine. So what if he would be going away for a couple of months or even a year to finish of Armagest, all by himself?

I would go if I could, if I hadn't the responsibility of my clan, but it's alright.

kazuma and ayano relationship questions

He would come back. He would, or I would just have to track him down and drag him back wouldn't I? I was just thinking.

I guess I haven't because she is all smiles as she reminds me that I haven't answered her question yet. What are we like? I frown a bit. A tad strange, and a little bit magic. Abnormal through and through.

I don't know how to explain what we are like. That was right, I guess, we were different.

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From each other, from others, anyone and everyone. And it worked pretty well. Even if we stayed apart for a length of time I don't think there will be any sort of huge wide crack in our relationship. I'm not scared of him going away anymore. It was inevitable from the start, and really, I think it will just make us stronger for each other. This day makes me gladder than any else that I haven't been replaced by a ghost.

That Lapis is dead. Bernhardt killed her himself, because Tsui-Ling's essence seemed to be taking over, according to Kirika. It's plain luck none of us saw her behaving like Tsui-Ling. I guess we're as happy as can possibly be. I finally look up as I impale my fork into that cake I no longer have any appetite for, and from the other side Nanase is looking at me bemusedly. I think Yukari should accuse you of being lovebirds. Her only reply was a big "Awwwwww.

And anyway, we both do deserve it. I'm trying first person and present tense for the first time ever, so go easy on me, will ya? It won't take more than a few minutes of your time but it would make her day! Well then be good be strong, take control get mad at me girly. Ayano getting more appalled by the second gets up and pushes Kazuma as hard as she can then grips him by his collar. At this action a blush takes her at the sight of Kazuma's bare chest and stomach Cupping his cheeks the Kannagi kisses Kazuma while she latter demands him to open his mouth.

kazuma and ayano relationship questions

As the two kiss Ayano moans just a little but passionately kisses Kazuma the same way he does her making him smile. Ayano breaking the kiss wastes no time as she begins to kiss Kazuma's collarbone, shoulders and neck. While Kazuma lays back, his hands behind his head as he enjoys Ayano's' actions.

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Making pleasure take Kazuma's body for a change, shown from his smile. I missed your smile. Leaning towards Ayano, she gets a little more sexually scared of Kazuma for reasons she herself doesn't know. As Kazuma kisses my neck he begins to slither his free disgusting hands up my back, then unhooks my bra. The reason why I'm letting him do this to me is even unknown to me which gives us lead way to continue. Kazuma then looks Ayano in the eyes as he throws her bra off the bed with his discarded shirt.

While the two continue in their frenzy of kisses Ayano asks.

Do Ayano and Kazuma (Kaze no Stigma) ever get together?

As the two tongues kiss each other Ayano is again the one to moan repeatedly While Kazuma now undoes the first couple of buttons on her shirt, letting her wonderful creamy cleavage show. And most of Ayano's large breast now exposed from Kazuma removing her bra. Ayano feeling air hit her chest, she quickly stops kissing Kazuma glaring daggers at him while she tries to make him stop unbuttoning her shirt.

Finally stopping his ambition to unbutton Ayano's shirt Kazuma smiles at his own inside joke and starts to button Ayano's shirt back up. He then puts Ayano's hands around his neck romantically, while he cups her cheek and pecks her lips repeatedly.

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Making his princess smile and laugh at his sweet acts. Then from nothing Kazuma grabs her shirt near the first button and tears the shirt buttons off. Kazuma then smiles his sly teasing smile at Ayano as he uses his basically supersonic wind speed to swap positions, Ayano now underneath him with one of her naked breast exposed doesn't notice in the least.

Too taken aback by Kazuma's speed she lies there. Kazuma though noticing this before Ayano does, he covers her breast with her shirt. Still holding his sweet smile for Ayano Kazuma states. I'm the one that should be mad, you have boobs like these and you hid them from me for so long. And being naked is a part of sex and we're only half naked. Can I see them? Ayano beginning to comply slowly removes her hands with Kazuma, as she exposes her breast to him.

In her ears the fire spirits screamed for her to run, but when her mind tried to call her body forth into action it refused to move. Ayano could hear the fire spirits rage.

What fool thought that fire could be tamed? They would show the insolent ones the impossibility of such a feat! Her mind was drowned in their righteous indignation. They demanded that she summon Enraiha, and she found herself asking them why they bothered to ask; of course they could! Joy flooded her mind from the spirits to her, and she knew that her lips had curled into their smile. Her hands clapped together, and the sword appeared before her in a rush of glorious flame.

Her spirit-driven fingers captured the hilt, and her ears were rewarded with a crackling protest from the barrier that held her. She cleared her mind and summoned their energy to her soul in order to overload the barrier. The red light that clouded her vision began to flicker and bubble as if it were boiling.

Seconds later, the spell scrawled on the black earth burst into flames and melted under the scorching heat.

kazuma and ayano relationship questions

The moment the barrier came down the darkness retreated, and the world flashed into focus around her again. Her ruby eyes immediately found Lapis. The laugher of many spirits chorused in her mind. Ayano smirked and began to summon her energy again as her sword's golden flames flashed to crimson.

Over the roar of the flames Ayano could barely hear Kazuma's shout of warning when the scared look on Lapis' face melted into a triumphant smirk. However, Ayano had no time to comprehend the expression before pain suddenly ripped through her sword arm.