Jody and yvette relationship marketing

Baby Boy Kind of Love | The Misadventures of Ms. Not-Right-Now

jody and yvette relationship marketing

And everyyyyonnee loves to use the sex scene in Baby Boy with Jody and Yvette and label it "relationship goals." Matter of fact, they use both scenes. Yeah. For a long time, Jody and Yvette's relationship in the movie “Baby Boy” hailed as the quintessential black love relationship in my eyes. Not the. Who had the better relationship? Yvette and Jo- nah lemme stop lying, Jody know he wrong for smacking her like that from Instagram tagged as Meme.

jody and yvette relationship marketing

And Yvette just saves the arguing for another day. When she starts to feel frustrated again, they simply repeat the process. Argue, have make-up sex, cook tacos. The stress-relieving properties of sex prove this can actually work for a while.

This method has worked so well for Jody, in fact, after he hits Yvette his apology consists of an oral sex session.

Toxic Relationships in Pop Culture: Pt 1

A frustrated Yvette eventually leaves Jody. Jody hitting her served as the last straw.

Baby Boy (BET Version)-Jody and Yvette fight full scene

And they stay broken up for a while but they both miss each other. The movie implies they do not communicate unless it has something to do with their son Jo-Jo. He moves out the house he lived in with his mother, moves in with Yvette, and proposes.

But my experience with a man like Jody ended in him leaving me for a woman who could better tolerate his cheating and lies. He never married me. I, apparently, wanted too much from him. Little spouts between lovers is not uncommon. Couples disagree, no relationship is just smooth sailing. What if those tough times are only foreshadowing an ugly demise?

In pop culture today we see a glorification of dysfunctional relationships. Toxic relationships have become habitual in modern culture. Movies, Television shows, and even social media have construed what it means to be in a healthy relationship. We are always subconsciously soaking up content, good or bad. The only person that can get you out of a toxic relationship is yourself, which is hard because half of the time we are unaware of the toxic energy in our lives.

Here we take a brief look at some of the toxic relationships we have been exposed to through the entertainment medium. This is only part one. A black film highly regarded as one of the best black films of the last decade.

  • Baby Boy Kind of Love

Baby Boy follows the life of Jody, a misguided black man who is plagued with issues from the hood and turbulent relationships with his babymamas. He was the only woman he ever truly loved. It was acceptable for him to cheat on her as long as he knew where home was. Yvette knew of his cheating but still stuck around in hopes that he would change.

She was the sole breadwinner of the house. He used her car, ate her food, and soaked up the free living arrangements. Rightfully so, she wanted to be his one and only.

Toxic Relationships in Pop Culture: Pt 1 – Freelancer Magazine

In one of the most notable scenes in the movie, Jody hits Yvette after she questions his whereabouts. This scene made me question a lot. Jody hears Melvin and his mother having sex with related sounds and exclamations. We then see them in various stages of having sex, with him apparently giving her oral sex not explicitly seen but he jokes that she's going to give him a cavity - or something like that.

jody and yvette relationship marketing

We then see her with her legs wrapped around his waist with her saying she loves to ride and then them jumping through a room in that same position we see the side of his bare butt. She then unzips his pants and smells down there just below the camera shotbut doesn't find any evidence causing her to state that he probably washed it off.

More sexual uses of the "f" word occur during their argument. She finally gets him to admit that he was at a strip club where he got a private dance but she suspects more happened. After they continue this argument, we then quickly cut to a scene of them having sex with her repeating, "I love you.

Various sexual comments are also made her stating she's about to comesexual sounds are heard and sexual movement is seen. We also see the side of her bare butt and then his bare butt as they get into the "spoons" position after they're done.