Jet li and jackie chan relationship

Absolutely privacy, the “Gossip Girls” in Jackie Chan’s life

jet li and jackie chan relationship

Jet Li and Ex-wife Huang Qiuyan's Year Relationship. The Blind Ninja - Jet Li in Bridget Fonda, Jet Li, Martial Artists, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Kung. Open. If they both had a crowd reaction who would receive the most love? It seems that they have a lot in common in that they both produced action. On the list of "shoulda-been-Expendables," Jackie Chan ranks pretty Arnold Schwarzenegger (Around The World In 80 Days) and Jet Li.

But between them jet li would kick Jackie's ass. Jet Li cant compete with him I've never seen Jet Li do any of Jackie's moves, even if Jackie is a clown as u people mentioned in this site. Jackie is way higher then Jet. Say a difference between the sky and the ground. See superstars of differing tastes and appeals helps some non asian americans get off the kick, "most asians are all alike, look alike, act alike Now, if only Stephen Chiau Sing Qi could make his entrance soon Jet Li has this cute persona and I really, really like him.

But that would simply rephrase my question to "why is martial-arts the ONLY skill that can popularize asians? Perhaps this question of "image" goes beyond the movie industry? There are plenty of genuinely skillful asians out there, in all wakes of life and disciplines.

But perhaps it is in their insistance to remain faceless and anonymous, that makes them true to their art or craft, not making it transparent nor tawdry. Perhaps seeking popularity from one's craft cheapens it, i. That would perhaps make it a poor gauge for the Asian American image? Bruce Lee once said that the "ultimate style" of martial-arts was one "without style".

jet li and jackie chan relationship

In a similar vein, then perhaps the "ultimate image" is one "without image", neh? If that's so, let's forget about Jet or Jackie The New Wushu is for preformance, not the traditional one. On the other hand, look at Jackie Chan.

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Come back to a flip for no reason. What the heck is that. In Conclusion Jet Li is the best. A bit philosophical in nature too, but it could also be an over-generalization as well, since asians can be and in many cases ARE even more-so more superficial than westerners. All cultures have both ends of this spectrum in all facets of culture, particulary in the Arts.

IMHO, one of the main issues with the Asian image, is breaking away from the "martial arts" stigma. Don't know what I mean?

BRUCE LEE AND JET LI | Facts and Details

This film was both a commercial and critical success and became the highest-grossing motion picture in Chinese film history at the time. InLi lent his likeness, voice and provided motion capture work for the video game Jet Li: Li took on a more serious role in the film, Unleashed a. Danny the Dogwhere he portrayed an adult with the mentality of a child who has been raised like an animal. Although his martial arts skills were used extensively, it was a somber film with more depth than had been previously seen in Li's films, and co-starred dramatic actors Bob Hoskins and Morgan Freeman.

Inthe martial arts film epic Fearlesswas released worldwide. Although he will continue to make martial arts films, Fearless is his last wushu epic. Fok Yun Gapas well as Huo Yuanjia himself. Fearless was released on 26 January in Hong Kong, followed by a 22 September release in the United States where it reached second place in its first weekend. I stepped into the martial arts movie market when I was only I think I have proved my ability in this field and it won't make sense for me to continue for another five or 10 years.

Huo Yuanjia is a conclusion to my life as a martial arts star.

jet li and jackie chan relationship

However, he plans to continue his film career in other genres. Specifically, he plans to continue acting in epic action and martial arts films dealing more with religious and philosophical issues. He has a very good control of the strength of every fist and kick.

In the past, he used too much strength, those that get hit would be in great pain. He's the archetype of power. Li and fellow martial arts veteran Jackie Chan finally appeared together onscreen for the first time in The Forbidden Kingdomwhich began filming in May and was released to critical and commercial success on 18 April It was the third time he had teamed up with Statham. Inhe reprised his role briefly in the sequel The Expendables 2 and returned for the third film The Expendables 3 in He has two daughters with her, Jane born and Jada born Although it was widely reported at the time that he had died during the disaster, [32] he only suffered a minor foot injury, caused by a piece of floating furniture while he was guiding his 4-year-old daughter Jane and the nanny holding his 1-year-old daughter Jada to safety of higher ground amid dangerously rising ocean water.

The four of them were by the pool and slightly above the beach when the wave came ashore, barely escaping to the upper floors of a hotel building. He collects rare Tibetan beads. He says he is never bored in his free time.

If someone learns martial arts solely to pick fights on the street, to lean on it as a keystone weapon in conflicts, to use it to bully and intimidate others — then that person, in my opinion, cannot be considered a true martial artist.

Li thinks that the greatest weapon is a smile and the largest power is love. He believes Wushu now lacks individuality and competitors move like machines, whereas according to his views Wushu should not be considered a race where the fastest athlete wins.

He would like to see Wushu as a form of art, where artists have a distinctive style. Li blames the new competition rules that, according to him, place limitations on martial artists. Like I've said many times before, it is important to differentiate between movies and reality.

The hero in movies may be able to knock the gun off his opponent and save the day, but in real life — probably that is not the case.

jet li and jackie chan relationship