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The botched plan to eliminate underworld don Dawood Ibrahim has daughter Mahrukh was to marry Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad's he deputed two of his trusted men Vicky Malhotra and Farid Tanasha. The US cable noted: “The publicly acknowledged link between a police hit man and Ibrahim. As the country's most wanted don Dawood Ibrahim's illegal to issue a visa to former Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad kicked up a storm as it With good relations with Pakistan's militant groups, Dawood lives in He was once the most trusted aide of Dawood, Chhota Rajan is now his deadliest enemy. Javed Miandad, born on June 12, , is one of the greatest cricketers to have played for Pakistan. In his first international outing, he was trusted with a few overs. His first international . Dawood Ibrahim relationship.

In Karachi, Miandad continues leading Pakistan's cricket while his "samdhi" leads the game's darker side. With good relations with Pakistan's militant groups, Dawood lives in Karachi and has his own business too but continues to be Dawood's confidant. He's still wanted by India as an accused in the blasts.

Chhota Rajan Friend turned foe, Chhota Rajan runs his cartel from high seas He was once the most trusted aide of Dawood, Chhota Rajan is now his deadliest enemy. Said to be close to Indian intelligence agencies, Rajan keeps shifting base from Malaysia to other neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia.

Operates through satellite phone and often runs his cartel from charted ships and yachts sailing the high seas. Runs betting and drug cartels.

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His wife Sujata looks after Rajan's benami real estate business in India. Known to be aggressive, he runs Dawood's terror- extortion racket. He directly reports to Dawood and handles the gang's network across India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Thailand. Was the key conspirator in launching deadly attack on Dawood's arch rival Chhota Rajan in Bangkok in early Leads one of the biggest cricket betting cartel in South Asia.

He is also credited with bringing Javed Miandad close to Dawood. Lives in Mumbai and looks after the real estate business. As a well planned ploy, Kaskar maintains distance from the gang's activities, such as shootouts, to legitimate the business in India which thrives on hawala money.

Consider me a cricketer, not Dawood Ibrahim's relative: Javed Miandad to India - Indian Express

Involved in pushing drugs from Pakistan to Europe and the Americas, Batki constantly shifts from Dubai to Karachi and other Gulf countries.

Salim Chiplun Works under Shakeel. Chiplun lives in Karachi and looks after earnings from crime syndicates run by gangsters operating in India. This was told to me by former Pakistan swing bowler, Sikandar Bakht, who also claimed that this was one of the main reasons why Khan had a falling out with Majid.

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On the other hand, Miandad in his autobiography writes that he was hurt to see Imran become part of the rebellion. This suggests that till then Khan and Miandad were on good terms. Miandad does not blame Khan for the rebellion, though. He puts all the blame on the captaincy ambitions of Majid and Zaheer Abbas. Khan in his autobiography praises Miandad as a master batsman and a great team player, but criticises him as a captain, suggesting that his time at the helm was tainted by immaturity, bad man-management and impulsiveness.

Khan also suggests that the whole Karachi vs Lahore issue was cooked up by the press as there was no such divide in the team. It is also quite clear that Khan valued Miandad as his deputy.

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This was first picked up by famous Australian commentator, Ritchie Benaud, during a Test match in England in in which the Pakistan team had to stop England from achieving a small winning total in about 20 overs. Benaud was fascinated to see that the field on the off side was being marshalled by Miandad and the one on the on side by Khan. There was some misunderstanding and thus hurt involved as well. In his book, Miandad does accuse Khan of engineering the second rebellion that Miandad faced as captain in after Khan had retired.

There were certainly sporadic episodes of professional and personal bitterness between the two cricketing giants, but one is now certain that the tensions between the two were not the kind that the media and the respective Karachi and Lahore lobbies had painted them to be.

To MQM, anyone who loves Karachi and cares about it is a hero, no matter what his or her political affiliation.