Jason and molly ending relationship

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jason and molly ending relationship

During the finale episode, he proposed to Melissa Rycroft. he ultimately made the right choice since Jason and Molly have now been married if the public expected me to just pretend like I'm in a good happy relationship. As viewers will remember, Jason Mesnick's Bachelor finale was a lot of heat for ending his relationship with Melissa and going back to Molly. ABC airs a happy ending for reality TV star Jason Mesnick and his maybe-bride- to-be Molly -- though the outcome is proving controversial with.

You've been through a ton of heartbreak," Melissa said. A Second Chance After the drama unfolded with Melissa, Mesnick still had to face Molly, whom he hadn't seen or spoken to since the show's finale. He admitted he was still in love with her and she was initially speechless.

There's a piece of me that's confused. But she said that she also needed a better understanding of why she had been dumped in the first place. But the two appeared to seal their new relationship with a kiss. Mesnick's bait-and-switch treatment of Melissa attracted public scorn before the day was done.

He said that before Monday night's show, she knew it was over. Mesnick also said that he and Molly were still together but "just dating.

He appeared on "The Bachelorette" during the season as a contestant vying for the attentions of bachelorette DeAnna Pappas. He made it the final two. If you don't anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. He realized his mistake and corrected it.

jason and molly ending relationship

I see him as a stand-up kind of guy. He and Molly are in love and deserve what ever type of wedding they want. This is beside the fact that Melissa has already married the guy she was with before she went on the bachelor. How greedy and insensitive can they both be? Most of us just want to fall in love, have the prettiest ring and wedding we can afford, because we love one another.

Wasnt that enough without spending so much money of frivolous things. Really, it was a vulgar, distasteful waste of money.

'Bachelor' Changes Mind, Picks Runner-Up

March 4, at 9: It's not an opportunity for people to show how charitable they are. And Cheryl — why don't you discontinue you internet service and donate the money to others if it makes you feel better. Either way, you are not another's judge, just as I am not yours. So Cheers to being able to pay the bills and cheers to the charity of which your donate regularly.

Besides, even if the newlywed couple declined the extravagant wedding, the money from ABC wouldn't have gone to charity, it was budgeted for this purpose. Do you have any idea what kind of red-tape and loop holes a corporation would have to go through to go from budget expenditures specifically line item'ed to produce profits to charity? So, even if a sudden heartbreaking catastrophe such as Haiti should happen, a business, large or small, would not simply be able to adjust budgets.

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Good luck with your future tirades making much logical sense. March 4, at 8: And the network gets its money from advertising.

And the advertisers are paid by the manufacturers of the products they advertise, who are in turn paid by the American consumer. So how about we sit around and beat ourselves up over the head for not giving up our TVs and our consumer products and putting the money towards Haiti? I'd like to think they are happy and in love. Don't really care about any money they come into.

Don't we all wish for this? Financial security is everyone's dream Really takes a huge load off. I think cheryl you are very bitter and very jealous. You need to find yourself happiness.

jason and molly ending relationship

Leave these people and others alone. A wedding, to a woman, is a BIG event that some woman plan for since they were If they choose to spend millions and billions of dollars then let them be. I am sure if we looked closely at your life there is a specific reason you are where you are financially. Let them have a beautiful wedding. Yes, donations to charity do wonders and should be considered by all that can afford it; however, who are you to judge?

Get a grip — they are reality show leftovers who wanted an extra 15 minutes of fame. I totally agree with you. March 4, at 7: I guess that's why they get the big bucks! However, for those who are bashing Molly and Jason for theirs, did anyone stop to consider that ABC is footing the bill for everything? They are going to get mega ratings and big bucks from televising this wedding.

Paying the tab would be part of the compensation for Molly and Jason making that part of their lives public. The PR and publicity alone would've likey cost ABC a good bit more than what they may be shelling out for this event. Even if the couple had shelled out this kind of money, this is a specia day every couple wants to remember and the way they celebrate should be the way they want it to be, not the way some of the rest of us think it should be.

Most of America could care less Are you their accountant, do you review their financial statements? How do you know that they do not donate money to Haiti or causes of their choosing. Are you aware that Jason started a non-profit? They seem to be very concious of others. It seems like you are the type of person who judges people and raises their nose to things you probably wish you had.

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Who are you to suggest how anyone should spend their money? Did you buy a frilly coffee today? What do you have on your feet and what kind of handbag to you carry? I hope Molly and Jason are happy and if they wanted to spend the television network's money on an extravagent wedding, then that was their choice.

The net work would have spent that money somewhere else if not there. And agree with Ron about the money spent and the number of people that the spending helped. March 4, at 6: That said, I totally agree with Ron and others, that any money spent on the wedding will provide an income to those who created and provided the products and services. Also, whatever is spent on the wedding from ABC's budget is waaaaaaaaaaaay less than what they would be spending on a regular show that would pay high salaries to actors.

Yes people are struggling but this couple isn't responsible for that and ABC can pay for a wedding if they want.

We all have a right to do what we want with our money and nobody has a right to tell you what you should be doing or shouldn't be doing. It is wonderful to be generous and I hope we all are in our own ways but to be bitter and jealous just shows the person you are. I don't care what I have and you don't or what you have and I don't.

Don't compare people to others.

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You aren't entitled because someone else has something and you don't. They paid for the wedding so they could televise and sell the spots to advertisers. I'm sure ABC corporate has a fund to pay for certain organizations which they collect from their disvisions and then use as a tax write-off against income.

‘Bachelor’ breaks two hearts in season finale

Caterers, florists, dress makers, tux-rental stores, all the camera men, producers, directors, makeup artists — you know "regular" people.

People that work and depend on others buying their services. Cheryl, it's called supply and demand. You pay people for their services, they in turn buy groceries, gas, movie tickets, whatever, and hopefully have enough to give to the church and charities of their choice.

What if none of these people got paid, more unemployment, more need. March 4, at 5: I agree with you! Maybe Cheryl is a fatty and probably needs the walk! Maybe I should donate my money for her lap band!!! You are an extremely negative and jealous person. There will always be people who can afford expensive weddings and those who cannot.

I suppose we should all suffer because there are people who cannot afford things. Why work if you cannot enjoy whatever profits come from it? Think about all of the people involved in planning and executing the wedding. I wish Jason and Molly a long marriage. The money they make off advertisers pays for all of it. Give it to charity? Lighten up people, they are happy, that's all that matters. Nobody is obligated to help anyone out. You do what you want, its your life nobody elses.

Live life like you want it. If you want to donate money to people then go right ahead and do it. If you dont want to you dont want to. It does not make you greedy.

They are not horrible people because they want to get married and celebrate their love. Cheryl, Go up to hills of East Tennessee where there are families living without electricity OR running water.