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Gene faces many conflicts in A Separate Peace. 1 educator answer; In A Separate Peace, what do you think of Gene's and Finny's relationship? that the accident was the direct result of Gene's choice to jounce the limb so Finny would fall. In this lesson, we will learn more about the conflicts in this novel. However, it doesn't take long before Gene begins feeling jealous of how easily things As a result of Gene's actions, Finny's leg is permanently maimed. Thus, the inability of people to resolve their conflicts results, not only in their Before the fall, Finny decides to visit the beach and forces Gene to come with him .

This proves how much the two boys care about each other; Finny shows a never before seen vulnerable side while Gene sacrifices his grades to please his friend. During the s, the time period that the novel takes place in, World War II is a reoccurring issue that reappears various times.

Most everyone wishes that the war will end soon to end the pain end suffering, but many sacrifices must be made along the way in order to become victorious. In physical wars, soldiers will lose their lives, and their families will grieve. In A Separate Peace, Gene suffers losses as well, relating to the loss of life in a war. After returning to Devon, Gene does not want to accept the fact that he crippled his best friend for life, and avoids certain situations that will jolt him into reality.

Seeing how much the room changed will only prove to Gene that everything has changed, and nothing will ever be the same. He is not ready to admit his guilty feelings. This relates to veterans in real wars because they are hesitant to return home in fear of not being able to adapt back to their old lifestyle.

They are afraid to embrace this new change and refuse to acknowledge the difference by telling themselves that everything is the same and that nothing at all has changed. Gene believes he is competing with his best friend, Finny, in academic and athletic abilities. Finny always is eager to convince Gene to halt his studies and break rules, like jumping off trees, instead. He immediately regrets his decision to make his friend fall and shatter his leg.

In a surgery to fix his leg, Finny dies when a piece of bone marrow floats through his bloodstream to his heart, leaving Gene with no more competition. Some critics have identified Finny as Gene's "Doppelganger," another self, wild and uncontrollable, that Gene loves but feels he must destroy.

Gene is the good boy, the theory explains, the student who wants to obey, but is prevented by dark forces beyond his control, represented by Finny. Throughout the novel, Gene's preference for an orderly life is disrupted by Finny's whims, impulsive and dangerous. As much as Gene enjoys these occasional thrills, he feels threatened — both academically and personally — by Finny's freedom.

At one point, Gene even becomes convinced that Finny's outings and forbidden jaunts are a deliberate attempt to sabotage Gene's plans to become the valedictorian.

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Since Gene's academic ambitions are so close to his heart, so crucial a part of his self-image, the suspicion horrifies and angers him. Given this tension, Gene's instinctive jouncing of the limb might represent a kind of self-defense: Gene's action, then, takes away Finny's power to disrupt Gene's orderly progress towards conventional adulthood.

After the fall, Gene does not have to fear the consequences of Finny's unthinking action. The irony, of course, is that Gene's own unthinking action will have terrible consequences of its own. As one a scholar and the other an athlete, Gene and Finny have been complementary selves — their abilities completing each other in friendship.

After the fall, Finny determines to make the union of selves real in Gene, by training him to excel in sports as well as academics.

Both have had their share of leadership on the farm, yet both have had their share of conflict as well. Snowball, Animal The Monoamine Oxidase A Gene words - 5 pages ] There is a clear correlation between physiological and chemical changes of the brain associated with males whom have the low activity MAOA gene.

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It is about the increasing competition between Gene and Finny and the hostility it brings. The hostility finally burst The Friendship Between Gene And Finny In Asp words - 6 pageshaving the same class with someone or being someone's roommate.

The Allegory of War in "A Separate Peace"

No matter how friendships develop, a good friendship is priceless. In A Separate Peace, as we evaluate the different friendships, we find that life changing relationships can be born out of conflict.

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Some friendships are sparked by our individual differences. Gene and Finny were polar opposites and yet all of these differences did not hinder them from developing a meaningful friendship Separate Peace: Relationship Between Phineas And Gene words - 2 pages just about every other student at Devon, Finny does not see himself as competing against his classmates in everything he does.