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Jennifer "JJ" Jareau is a fictional character from the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds, portrayed by A. J. Cook. Contents. 1 Character background; 2 Storylines. Promotion to Pentagon and brief return; Return to the BAU; Relationships and . JJ later told Hotch she had found a temporary replacement for the duration of. Jun 4, Eventually JJ/Hotch who will earn the rating. seeing the musicians smiling broadly at the couple as they continued to strum their guitars, . while we give this some time to settle, see if we might try counseling or something?. Oct 14, Author: floatingamoeba Character/Pairing: JJ/Hotch Fandom: Criminal Minds Theme: #6 Seize The Day The first time Hotch kissed her, JJ “You want my advice? . She stretches up to press another hot kiss to his lips.

And according to Katherine's brother both she and Sean were telling family and friends the same thing and that they intended to go to the authorities to expose the retreat for being nothing more than a glorified spa aimed at draining money from couples who were not only having marital troubles but were also very wealthy.

Now she never told him who but he did say both his sister and brother-in-law were afraid yet still determined to come forward" "And not long after they both end up dead" added JJ as she scanned through the information on Sean and Katherine Higgins.

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When none of them spoke up she gave them the answer. David Rossi a dollar" Garcia replied before picking up her own tablet and continuing. So he decided to do a little snooping on this couples retreat which by the way is called 'Love's Haven' lame I know, but anyway when he started looking it he noticed that while there were many and there were many satisfied customers there were quite a few not so satisfied customers. He tried contacting some of them who refused to talk to him except to say the place was a rip off but it was who he didn't speak to that peaked his interest.

Four years ago, Steven and Mary Clark, a litigation team from Dallas Texas were murdered during a home invasion. Now to any outsider their deaths looked and sounded just what they claimed to be, but to those closest to them they always thought it had something to do with 'Love's Haven' because not long after they returned from their time there the couple filed suit against owners Mark and Allison Shaw for fraud. Friends who the detective spoke with said the couple, while determined to see the suit through were afraid Shaw was capable of some nasty things and according said friends even threatened the couple not long before their deaths" To say the team's interest was piqued would be an understatement.

They were now all listening very clearly and Garcia was sure she could see their profiler wheels turning in their heads.

Reid was the first break the silence "what do we know about Mark and Allison Shaw? Now when they say others they really mean only those who meet their standards.

Entry into their week long retreats is very exclusive with a screening process and list of criteria the couples have to meet not to mention there is a waiting list about 3 months long. No wonder they didn't want anyone accusing them of fraud, they're making a fortune. Their ideal candidate it looks like must earn twice that.

She was too busy being shocked at how much it costs for a couple to get help they could probably get almost for free if they had the right insurance. It never ceased to amaze her, the lengths at which some rich people will go to be happy. The age requirement is 25 to 35 and they can't have been married more than twice. They want rich young married couples who at theses ages don't really know the values of marriage" "They want impressionable people" finished Hotch "Exactly, those other couples were right.

This is a scam" "Not to mention good looking ones" Prentiss mumbled as she looked the brochure Garcia had downloaded to their tablets. It earned her a few odd looks from many of the team but she quickly defended her opinion "have you looked at their brochure?

All their guests have the same look, young, beautiful, most are blonde and some of the couples literally look like Barbie and Ken" "To go with what Rossi and Hotch just said about them wanting impressionable newly married couples, the fact that they all have to be somewhat rich shows the unsub is playing to their sense of vanity and to a certain extent their sense of acceptance" Reid became as he skimmed through the brochure on is tablet "married couples often looked to their elder counterparts for advice on what to do and what not to do in a marriage and the Shaw's are playing on that.

When young couples get married they want to prove to those around them that they were right in their decision to take such a big step. Having money and getting married at a young age means there is a level of society that is watching and scrutinizing their every move. They need validation and that's exactly what this couples retreat gives them or at least it's what they think it's giving them. Other than the words of an accused murderer, four dead former guests and a grieving and obviously upset brother we don't have any proof.

He had actually thought of this when Garcia first brought this unusual case to his attention. Given the exclusiveness and private nature of not only the retreat but its owners and guests there was only one way they were going to be able to get any information.

Nodding to Garcia to put the plan they had formulated into action he turned to Morgan "I thought of that and it's why we are going to take a different approach and send two people in undercover" Just as Hotch said the word "undercover" Garcia dropped two rather thick packets on the table, one in front of JJ and the other in front of Morgan Morgan immediately picked up the packet, opened it and began going through the paperwork inside.

She felt raw, open, exposed, and her first instinct was to protect herself and, ultimately, her heart. And that meant she needed to keep the world, and everyone in it, at arm's length.

She needed to keep herself separate, but she could let JJ in enough to allow her to help, to try and slowly rebuild the easy familiarity that they used to share. She nodded, wavering slightly where she stood as the movement brought on a mild wave of vertigo. Jeans, a shirt, and maybe some clean socks and underwear? She crossed to the bags in three quick strides and crouched down in front of them. She quickly found the requested items, and she felt her heart break a little more as she looked up from her crouched position beside their suitcases to see familiar walls erected in Emily's dark, emotionless eyes.

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Emily's breath caught in her throat at the pain and uncertainty she could see clouding JJ's normally clear blue eyes. I'll be right back," she murmured without so much as a glance in JJ's direction as she made her way slowly toward the safety of the small en suite bathroom.

She knew JJ was sitting on the couch behind her, more than likely shooting wounded looks her way, but she could not gather up the courage to turn around and face the understandably sullen blonde. She was absolutely mortified by her behavior from the day before. Horrified that she had not only let apparently all her walls down around the blonde but also shared her dreams of marriage and children with her as well.

Her life was well and truly fucked up at the moment. He was her partner, he was supposed to have her back no matter what. Emily glowered at him menacingly. Or felt her up. Not happening Prentiss and you know it. Besides, you'd already told her all about the kiddos and you two being married when I'd offered to stay with you, and she shot me down so fast my head was spinning. She wanted to stay with you Emily, that right there should tell you something.

You need to pull your head out of your ass and grow a pair, partner. She obviously knows that you at least are attracted to her — and she didn't run away. Hell, she got next to no sleep making sure that you didn't slip into a coma and how do you thank her?

You ignore her completely. I may be confused on the big ol' lesbian dating guide, but I know straight women don't like to be ignored after they've gone out of their way to help you out. What if she doesn't feel the same way? Because if she does, you're shooting yourself in the foot here by ignoring her.

No 'good morning', no 'thank you for sitting with me all night', nothing. I was expecting her to retreat back behind her walls and everything, but this is ridiculous, even for her. I personally think it's a good sign that she got on the plane with you guys and didn't just pull out that black AmEx we know she has and buy herself a plane ticket home on a commercial flight.

She could always count on Penelope to have her back, no matter how hare-brained or hopeless the endeavor. Garcia could hear the pain and longing in her friend's voice, and she felt her heart break a little for her. Those looks, those long, lingering looks, said just as much as words ever could. Get some sleep my blue-eyed girl, you sound like you're exhausted. I'll be waiting for you guys when you get back to the ol' homestead. She immediately noticed that the group was lacking the usual estrogen component and was instantly curious as to what had happened to her girls.

She nodded hello to both Hotch and Rossi, smiled sweetly at Reid which got the expected blush of embarrassment from the quirky genius, and when she caught sight of Derek she gave him her best 'come hither' look before turning on her heel and heading back to her office. She knew he would follow. He leaned back against the door and appraised the pink haired hacker carefully, knowing from the look that she had shot him when they all walked in that she wanted information.

Not wasting any time on pleasantries, she got right to the point. Hotch muttered something about not allowing a marriage spat tear the team apart before he told JJ to take Prentiss home and then to get some sleep. A high school athlete, Jareau graduated valedictorian [3] from East Allegheny High Schoolwhere she was the captain of the varsity soccer team her senior year and earned an athletic scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh.

She also attended Georgetownpresumably for graduate studies. She once told Rossi that she had not known what to do with her life until she listened to his reading, which was held in the campus bookstore during her senior year in college. The next fall, she applied to the FBI Academy.

However, she does accompany the team on raids, and is proficient with firearms. This is made particularly clear when JJ resolves a hostage situation inside the BAU by killing the hostage-taker, Jason Clark Battle, with a single shot Battle is a serial perpetrator of hero homicide, who lured Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia onto a date, and then shot her, in an attempt to keep his crimes from being discovered.

During season six, JJ is given a promotion to the Pentagon; however, she returns in season seven as a full-time profiler, having received the necessary training. In season 9 ""she is then kidnapped, and it is revealed that her year as the DOD Liaison at the Pentagon was a cover story. It turns out she was on a task force in Afghanistan, in search for Bin Laden. The team saves her, and in season 10, it is revealed she has PTSD, and hasn't been dealing with her ordeal being tortured when she was kidnapped, as well as 2 main events that happened when she was in Afghanistan, one of which includes her having a miscarriage, after a convoy was attacked.

She tries to work through it with the help of Reid, who calls her on it when she disappears into the morgue one day, for almost a half-hour, after seeing herself on the table, in place of the victim.

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Promotion to Pentagon and brief return[ edit ] It is revealed in "JJ", that JJ had twice rejected a promotion to The Pentagon and hid the offers from her superiors. However, she is finally forced to transfer by "the brass".

The episode ends with Emily presumed dead after being stabbed with a broken chair leg in the stomach. It is later revealed that Emily is alive and in Paris with JJ's help, providing her passports from three different countries and a bank account in each "to keep her comfortable". In the season six finale, JJ returns in order to tell David Rossi that she is "coming back". In " ", it was revealed that JJ's transfer was a backstop and that she was actually put on a task force in the Middle East with Mateo Cruz who later became the section chief of the BAU following Strauss's death.

During this time, she witnessed a mission she had pushed for fail and discovered one of the task force's informants dead. In Februarywhile overseas, she discovered that she was pregnant. However, in Aprilfollowing the events of "Lauren", during an attack on the task force, she was wounded and miscarried the baby. She didn't initially tell Will of the pregnancy, and it remained a secret between her and Cruz.

She eventually admits she had a miscarriage due to the attack on her convoy, and asks him to keep it between them. Return to the BAU[ edit ] The season seven premiere reveals that JJ has returned to the Behavioral Analysis Unit, having received the training to become a full-time profiler, instead of the Media Liaison, a position which has been split between Hotch and Garcia.