Hoopz and shaq relationship

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hoopz and shaq relationship

Looks like Boston Celtic, Shaq is taking his relationship with Vh1 reality star Nikki "Hoopz" Alexander to another level. Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander chats about her new love, and finding for her public and candid relationship with NBA vet, Shaquille O'Neal. Hoopz FINALLY spills the tea on what happened between her and Shaq — what she admits will make your jaw drop!.

Shaq was divorced at that point and was ready for a new relationship. They almost met their match — practical jokes, being daredevils, and just having fun and being uplifting personalities. After the two split, she wound up staying in Tennessee. Alexander made him dive into a quarry. She took him fishing and to a Waffle House. She forced him to listen to her favorite musicians — Brad Paisley and Taylor Swift.

It was culture shock. Hoopz turned out to be incomparably witty, and compassionate. When he decided to dress up like a woman and run around Boston on Halloween, she dressed up as his pimp.

Shaq paused for a moment, trying to explain it. Well, they do have a live-in chef and other fancy services, but their lifestyle is surprisingly modest in some ways.

They like to go to the Coach Grill down the street. They watch a lot of television. The first person to the car wins. And while she prefers to stay in sleepy Sudbury, Alexander does make it into Boston. She goes to every Celtics home game and can be seen at the TD Garden shouting for Shaq to get off the bench. She tweets about her local experiences TheRealHoopz. From the sound of it, all that will be fodder for the new reality show. In the meantime, the big question facing them was what they wanted to do on this cold night.

So I feel like to keep hate in your heart, completely disown this person because you are with another, I don't know. To me, that's just a little inhuman.

Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander Confirms Breakup With Shaq

You have to forgive and just try and move on. The more that you hold on to, it affects everything. The way you think, the way you view things. I think that is one of the hardest things with being in relationship.

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Because when you are with that person, they consume your mind and everything. So you're not viewing the world through your eyes, you're viewing it through what they think their decisions and their reactions would be. You get kind of confused, so you have to stay true to yourself. I think being in relationship is a risk all its own. And you have to be strong enough to take that risk. Tell us about your new love! His name is Ovince St.

I wasn't looking for anything. I was just happy I was going to be focused on me. Doesn't it always happen that way? The minute you're like no, I'm just going to focus on me, career, and that's it. And then, oh hi! You meet someone and then one thing leads to another. I took a chance on love again, even after the past, which is really hard. But he is so patient and I love him to death for that.

To be able to just be there and to still be okay with me letting all that go. And still loving me. He has a big career on his hands too, [he is a UFC fighter], but we're juggling the time between our relationship and our careers between each other. Do you think he is the one? We're not intuitive for no reason. You have to follow that. But I don't know. I don't want to say just yet, I'm very superstitious.

I know what I know but maybe that's another season. From the looks of things, we can say that you are always winning! You won both Flavor of Love and you also received a huge quarter million dollar payout after winning 'I Love Money. No, I bought this big house in Tennessee first.

I chose to move. And I think that is one of the main reasons- family is always in my head. Big family, my sisters are always with me, we're always together. It was just me and I ended up in Tennessee initially through an ex-boyfriend. Guys take you everywhere. It was a little bit before me and Shaquille broke up that I thought: And to me, I just knew that nothing lasts forever, but family.

Relationships in this day and age, it's sad to say, but you just never know. And that scares me. So you always have to have that foundation and that backbone on your own. I can't depend on whether me and someone else are going to make it last forever and this, that or the other. And if he walks out and we're together, then where the heck does that leave me if I stop focusing on what I need to do?

I knew I needed to start a business so that I had a brick and water, and something that just created a value on its own. Even though I don't have kids, I can pass the money down to my sisters and they can learn the business.

hoopz and shaq relationship

Learn this, help me run this store, help me run this business so we can just keep going. I never opened a business before. But we as a people, we have to find those steps.

It's not going to be handed to you. You've got to do the research.

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It's been over seven years since you've done reality TV, what influenced your decision to return? I wouldn't do it if it was anything different. We were the forerunners of reality television. We started the love shows [with Flavor of Love], and we started the challenge shows. I like to forefront new movements. And I'm not taking away from any of the family shows on TV.

hoopz and shaq relationship

I think they are all great. I think I just wanted to bring a different element of real.