Homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship test

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homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship test

This Sunday on Showtime's Homeland, something I thought wouldn't happen anytime soon instead did, while something I dreaded was sure to. This week in the penultimate episode of Homeland Season 2, Carrie a killer game of hide-and-seek, Brody dealt with loss and Saul was put to the test. Tee – I have to agree with you on the Brody-Carrie relationship. Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison) and Damian Lewis (Brody) in 'Homeland. of Homeland Season One was how quickly it confirmed Brody's shady status. . who initially failed a polygraph test asking about the smuggled razor blade an Jessica (Morena Baccarin) kept her relationship with Brody's Marine.

The exact same thing happens again when Brody winds up driving with Roya out to some god-forsaken spot in the middle of nowhere. After promising Quinn to "stay the fuck back," Carrie insists on doing a ride-by, which reveals that Brody and Roya have been joined by the mystery terrorist who shot up the tailor's shop in Gettysburg.

This time, Carrie wants to move in, but Quinn insists on waiting.

homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship test

They've got the targets surrounded -- the smart move is to wait and see what they do next. But no sooner has Saul noticed that the clearing would be a great place to land a helicopter than a chopper lands, scooping up Brody, Roya and their anonymous friend.

Meanwhile, Dana has been busy bonding with Uncle Mike, who is apparently the type of home chef who wears a kitchen towel over his scrupulously toned shoulder. Dana musters the courage to ask him about his relationship with Jess -- was it hard for him to step back when Brody emerged from his spider hole after all those years? Now she's more determined than ever to disturb the peace of that poor girl whose mother she killed. Mike gives her a lift in his muscle car, which idles outside as Dana knocks on the door.

Somehow, the girl immediately knows what this means: I should have known.

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Dana receives this news as if it were the worst outcome imaginable when in fact, it is the luckiest, most convenient thing that could happen to her. She gets to claim the moral high ground and remain on the streets. Let's hope this is the very last we hear of Operation: Get Yourself Unnecessarily Arrested.

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Just before the end of the episode, we see Brody being escorted through what is presumably some kind of villain's hideout as a black car pulls up. Care to guess who's inside? That's right, it's Nazir himself. I had to rewind to figure out what he says to Brody: Will Roya ever have a bad hair day? Will Quinn and Carrie come to blows? Will Saul shave his beard in honor of Movember? Will Jess and Mike be able to keep their hands off of one another while Brody is having his finger nails extracted in an undisclosed location?

homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship test

Did I miss any good or bad moments in this episode? Let me know in the comments! At the reception, Brody and Mike Diego Klattenhoff are chatting with some other Marines who attended the service. One of the Marines, Wakefield Marc Menchacais drunk and turns belligerent. He angrily asks Brody why he came home alive, while Walker was killed.

homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship test

Brody says he was lucky. Wakefield then says all the men there wanted to have sex with Jessica while Brody was gone, but only one of them did. At that point, Mike attacks Wakefield.

homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship test

Brody then pulls Mike off Wakefield and, immediately sensing Mike is being defensive about his affair with Brody's wife, starts punching him without hesitation, saying, "you were my friend! That night, Carrie gets a call from Brody, who's at a bar and wants someone to talk to after his tumultuous day. Carrie arrives and they once again hit it off, having several rounds of drinks and enjoying getting to know each other.

homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship test

Both drunk, they walk out to the parking lot. Carrie admits to Brody that Hamid killed himself, and that the purpose of Brody's polygraph test will be to determine if he gave Hamid the razor blade.

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They start kissing, and end up having sex in Carrie's car. Raqim and Aileen are staying in a motel. Their room is suddenly sprayed with machine gun fire. Raqim is killed, while Aileen escapes.

Saul takes the polygraph again and passes this time. He enters the observation room with Carrie, as Brody's test is next. Brody takes the test and easily passes on every question, including the one asking whether he gave Afsal Hamid the razor blade.

Carrie is flustered, but has one more gambit - she tells the interviewer Larry James Urbaniak to ask Brody if he's ever been unfaithful to his wife.

Brody looks right into the camera which Carrie is observing, and says "no. Saul wraps up the test, and Brody is excused. Carrie is now in the difficult position of knowing Brody is able to beat the polygraph, but unable to reveal to Saul how she knows this.

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