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Hell's Kitchen Season 7 aired June 1 to August 10, on Fox Network, Holli Ugalde was a Banquet Chef from San Bernardino, California. not given the position in London due to "visa issues", something Holli disputes. 'Hell's Kitchen': Jay and Holli sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. on a boat with her son and baby daddy, still raising questions about how close these two really are. And does this relationship have a snowball's chance in hell?. Holli Ugalde was a contestant on Season 7 of Hell's Kitchen. However, she never got the job because of supposed visa issues, so she accepted an undisclosed chefs of that season, and developed a romantic relationship with Jay.

Did you watch past seasons of the show? I was a huge fan and a big fan of Gordon. I needed to be on tv and this was a great outlet for that.

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The blue team, for the most part, worked very well together this season. What do you think was the secret to your success as a group? I think it was the level of knowledge. Myself, Jason, and Ben have been cooking for a long time. I think the level of knowledge was higher than in past seasons. Who stood out to you as your biggest competition? I would say probably Ben.

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He's a good cook. He's got great personality too. Holli was a threat because she made great tv as well. What is the extent of your relationship with Holli? Is it a showmance or is there something more going on?

It was all on camera. We were just good friends - that's it. How did you feel about the returning chefs on your team for the final challenge? I was pretty psyched. Everyone gets along with everyone for different reasons. Fran didn't get along with Gordon because of the skill level but I got along with her.

After the show, she returned to her previous role as a Personal Chef. He was eliminated in show 14 after a mix up with lamb and venison wellingtons, he was praised by Gordon for his strong leadership skills and encouraged him to never give up. After the show, he returned to teaching cookery. He was eliminated in show 11 for his poor performances and failure to persuade Gordon to allow him to stay.

After the show, he returned to teaching. She was eliminated in show 9 due to reaching her peak in the competition, although he praised her determination.

After Hell's Kitchen, she started a catering company called Catering Creation. She was the Hell's Kitchen season 7 winner due to her growth in confidence and ability during the process. After the show, she was not given the position in London due to "visa issues", something Holli disputes. She claims she isn't even sure they applied for it as she never completed any paperwork and instead accepted an undisclosed amount of cash.

She was eliminated in show 3 due to her lack of leadership skills and her poor performances. After the show, she returned to the restaurant she had previously worked at but as Head Chef.

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He was runner up in the season and was a consistently strong competitor, who lost out to Holli. After the show, he initially returned to his previous position at Gargoyles, appeared on a number of morning tv shows, teaches culinary courses, owns restaurants Abby Lane and Blue Inc and even appeared on a credit card. He was eliminated in show 12 due to his lack of leadership skills compared to other contestants but commended his performance.