Hashirama and madara relationship goals

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hashirama and madara relationship goals

In truth, Obito was saved from death and trained by Madara He enrolled in the Academy to help him achieve that goal, where he developed a to jōnin, though Obito had "forgotten", straining their already poor relationship. to be healed and replacing them with limbs cultivated from the cells of Hashirama Senju. Beautiful:) Hashirama and Madara have such a strong and deep relationship, next to Sasuke and Naruto. I can't decide whose bond is more tear jerking. Read Hashirama, you have to be kidding me from the story Hashirama's Daughter (Madara Uchiha love story) by andrewzackary Madara's POVI watched from afar as, Minutes later, tobirama arrived, covered her eyes + . Relationship goals.

Over the following years Hashirama and Madara continued to meet in combat. Hashirama could never bring himself to kill someone he still considered a friend, and Madara could never defeat Hashirama's superior abilities.

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In time, both Madara and Hashirama became leaders of their respective clans. Under Hashirama's leadership and extraordinary prowess, the Senju began to best the Uchiha Clan until at one point Hashirama had both Madara and Izuna at his mercy.

However, unable to find the resolve to kill his childhood friend, Hashirama tried to convince Madara to unite their two clans to make their childhood dreams a reality. A mortally wounded Izuna convinced Madara otherwise and they retreated, prompting Hashirama to send a cease-fire request. Although some Uchiha found the offer increasingly tempting, Madara was unwilling to accept after Tobirama killed his last remaining brother, Izuna. Tobirama attempted to kill Madara to finally end the fighting, but Hashirama stopped him, knowing that would only renew hostilities between the Senju and Uchiha.

At Madara's suggestion, Hashirama offered to kill himself in order to achieve a peaceful resolution. As he was about to end his own life, Madara stopped him, moved by the gesture, and assented to peace.

hashirama and madara relationship goals

The Senju, the Uchiha, and all their affiliated clans came together to found a village of peace, where children would never need to die in battle. Hashirama and Madara, rekindling their childhood friendship, called that village Konohagakure.

The other countries would soon follow Konohagakure's example and build their own hidden villages. Although Hashirama created much of the village's infrastructure with his Wood Release abilities, it was his wish that Madara become Hokagethe village's leader and protector.

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Madara felt that position would inevitably go to Tobirama, which would in turn end badly for the Uchiha. With his position in Konoha rapidly diminishing, Madara decided the village was a failed experiment and abandoned it, intent on someday returning to face Hashirama in battle yet again.

Still, Hashirama could not stand to betray his friend; when the two boys met again. Madara awakens his sharingan they warned each other that a trap had been set for the other, but as they fled, they looked back in shock to find their fathers and younger brothers standing across from each other, fully ready for combat.

hashirama and madara relationship goals

After Hashirama and Madara intervened to protect their respective younger brothers, Hashirama was devastated to see Madara end their friendship and declare them mortal enemies. As the years passed, Hashirama was forced to battle his once-friend many times before they eventually became the leaders of their clans.

Madara later confronted Hashirama Fighting at the battlefield again with his new found ocular prowess, but nonetheless, after a day-long battle, he was finally defeated.

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Noting that he could not trust them any more, Madara told Hashirama that the only way to regain this trust was to either kill himself or his brother. When Hashirama resolved to kill himself, Madara stopped him, noting his courage and accepted the truce. The Senju and Uchiha clans formed many other alliances with other clans and began to create the Hidden Leaf Village.

hashirama and madara relationship goals

Hashirama and Madara's relationship began to become more and more like it had been when they were young. While looking at the construction of the village from the mountain point they had sparred on as children, Hashirama expresses his desire for Madara to become the village's first Hokage. Madara denies, saying that the Uchiha still lacked everyone's trust. He points out that Hashirama will most likely be the first and then his younger brother the second.

Later, Madara overhears a conversation between Tobirama and Hashirama.

hashirama and madara relationship goals

Angered by Tobirama's distrust towards him, Madara leaves. Eventually, Madara defects from the village and attacks it several times. Finally, a battle between him and Hashirama takes place.

hashirama and madara relationship goals

During the battle, Hashirama showed reluctance to kill his former friend, but eventually severely wounded him, ending the battle in what appeared to be Madara's death. When leaving to the battlefield to once more battle against his former friend with the rest of the Hokage, Hashirama stops at the same mountain that him and Madara had sparred on several decades before.

He admits that while he is disappointed, he is quite excited to see his rival once again. Excited at the prospect of fighting his rival again, Madara eagerly awaits his arrival.