Harry styles and taylor swift relationship status quiz

Taylor Swift's love life: a history

harry styles and taylor swift relationship status quiz

Now that Harry Styles is embarking on his own musical endeavors apart from One Direction, of course his relationship with Taylor Swift is. Taylor Swift and Harry Styles spend a romantic afternoon in NYC's Central Park. write songs about her former boyfriends, is rumoured to have written Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift Relationship Timeline we can't wait to hear the song she writes about the situation. Of course, fans went absolutely nuts when she started dating Harry Styles, 22, that October, but even though.

harry styles and taylor swift relationship status quiz

What's the next thing that's gonna deter this? How long do we have before this turns into just an awful mess and we break up? Is it a month? Is it three days? Styles wasn't the first younger man Swift has dated. In the summer ofthe singer began dating Conor Kennedy, then 18, the son of Robert F.

They were spotted around the Kennedy family home in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, throughout the summer kissing and spending time with his family.

Conor's grandmother Ethel Kennedy called her "sensational inside and out. Swift told Rolling Stone, "You can't kidnap a grown man! Swift briefly dated actor Jake Gyllenhaal in Though the couple tried hard to keep their relationship a secret, they were caught together several times by the paparazzi before the relationship appeared to fizzle around Christmas that year.

Speaking to USA Today inTaylor explained that the song was inspired by an ex who "made me feel like I wasn't as good or as relevant as these hipster bands he listened to. They split soon after his 19th birthday party because, according to an Us Weekly source, "he liked her more than she liked him.

Their year age difference did not stop Swift and John Mayer from briefly dating in They even recorded the duet "Half of My Heart" for his album. But post-breakup, Swift released the song "Dear John," believed to be about the serial dater, who was most recently linked with Katy Perry. Mayer, 38, told Rolling Stone in June that he was "humiliated" by the song and "I never did anything to deserve that.

Harry Styles tells Rolling Stone: Dating Taylor Swift wasn’t ‘normal’

It was a really lousy thing for her to do. Jonas, now 27, ended the relationship a few months later with a phone call.

harry styles and taylor swift relationship status quiz

Swift told Ellen DeGerneres, "I'm not even going to remember the boy who broke up with me over the phone in 25 seconds when I was So this is a song full of words that I would say to him, that he deserves to hear.

Singer-songwriter John Mayer is better known for his string of high-profile ex-girlfriends, including: He was 32 when he reportedly dated the year-old Swift. November - February This is a relationship that was far outlasted by the controversy and public dissection after it ended, with Mayer admitting he was "humiliated" by a song Swift wrote and was thought to be about him.

She denied claims of his inspiration as "presumptuous". Famously, Dear John, a near-seven-minute-long ballad accusing a former lover of moving goalposts, playing games and messing with "a girl too young to be messed with". Usually people write this venting last email to someone and they say everything that they want to say to that person, and then they usually don't send it.

I guess by putting this song on the album I am pushing send.

Taylor Swift's Complete Dating History - From John Mayer To Her Boyfriend Now Joe Alwyn

October - December Swift and Gyllenhaal's relationship was very public, albeit short-lived. They spent Thanksgiving together in Brooklyn, reportedly at the home of Gyllenhaal's actress sister Maggie, before travelling to Swift's hometown of Nashville.

It's not clear why they broke up. A considerable chunk of her album Red. Swift explained the process of writing All Too Well, saying: It started out being a minute song, which you can't put on an album.

I had to filter it down to a story that could work in the form of a song. Tousle-haired descendant of famous Kennedy family and, at the time of their relationship, a schoolboy. The pair split at the end of summer, when Kennedy had to return to his studies and Swift had an album to finish. Some said that the distance and commitments were to blame, while other reports claimed Swift was "obsessed" with Conor's famous family and "came on too strong".

The most famous member of British boy band One Direction. November - January The pop world near-exploded when Swift, then at the peak of her Red-era fame, and Styles — at the summit of his One Direction acclaim — were photographed together in New York.

harry styles and taylor swift relationship status quiz