Haji mastan and dawood ibrahim relationship questions

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A couple of years later, when Dawood Ibrahim heard that Bombay's reigning Gold King, Haji Mastan Mirza, had got some Pathans to beat up. Dawood Ibrahim, then his trusted lieutenant, became his chosen successor. Haji Mastan, who ruled over the dock areas and Crawford Market, was on good. All you need to know about the rise of Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar from a hooligan in Dongri to What is Dawood's Connection with Bollywood? of the Underworld, Haji Mastan, after the latter bashed up two of Dawood's group.

Mastan started dealing in silver. Silver was considered more valuable in the places where he bought gold. It was a perfect arrangement. Now he started selling pure silver in exchange for pure gold. His silver was even branded Mastaan Ki Chaandi. His reputation for honesty and the purity of his product made it hot property in the smuggling world. Mastan, the honest don Finally, Mastan began to realize the dreams he had as a young boy. He had a fleet of imported cars.

He lived in Malabar Hills, in a palatial house. He was married and had three children. Their style was something the people loved. Their lifestyles and personalities made them the envy of several young disaffected youth. It was now cool to be a gangster, to have people fear and admire you. As Mastan and his partners grew their empire, the next generation started making its presence felt.

The cycle was repeating itself. Poor youth, mostly uneducated, began to take to petty crime. Only this time, they had their role models in Mastan and the others.

But the new generation was different, they had no problems with violence and dealing in death. Names like Arun Gawli, the Pathan brothers, and others started making themselves known. Of the new generation, one young man was gaining a reputation. One that would make him world famous one day. Dawood Ibrahim was on his way to becoming the next don of Bombay. Something more needed to be done.

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Their prolific growth in Bombay and Gujarat had got even the Prime Minister worried. Once the Emergency was in force, the dons had to go underground as the Government went on overdrive to stop the mafia. The names of Mastan, Yusuf Patel, and others were actually mentioned in the Indian Parliament and it was enough to cause action. At that time, Mastan realized that the Indian government would never back off unless he left the underworld and turned legit. Inafter the Emergency, he and Karim Lala appealed to the Prime Minister to show compassion towards them.

The Morarji Desai government accepted their plea and released them from jail. Mastan was ready for the next phase of his life. As the younger brood took over the Bombay underworld, senior statesman Mastan was seen as a mentor and senior statesman.

haji mastan and dawood ibrahim relationship questions

He once brokered peace and avoided a full scale war between Dawood and arch rivals, the Pathan brothers. Of course, the smart Mastan did so for a profit. In exchange for his wisdom, he got Dawood and co.

That spot would soon be home to the multi-storied Mastan Apartments. Mastan by now had everything: Mastan maintained good relations with the other gang leaders. When inter-gang rivalry in Mumbai began increasing, he called all top gang leaders together and split Mumbai between the gangs so that they could operate without coming into conflict.

Later in life, Mastan did not take a direct role in running his gang, instead he depended on lieutenants like Karim Lala and Varadarajan Mudaliar to carry out his smuggling operations and intimidate rivals and debtors. Mastan was especially close to fellow gangster Varadarajan as they both hailed from Tamil Nadu.

When Varadarajan died in Tamil Nadu, Mastan hired a private chartered plane to bring his body to Mumbai for final rites.

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During the Indian Emergencyhe was imprisoned. Whilst in prison, he was influenced by the ideals of politician Jaiprakash Narayan and also began learning Hindi.

After his release from prisonMastan entered politics and formed a political party in and renamed it as Dalit Muslim Surakhsha Maha Sangh in Mastan died of cardiac arrest on 25th June So when Ayubi graduated from Mr Bombay to Mr Maharashtra to Mr India, he managed to remain consistently in the news with pictures of his awe-inspiring torso.

Legend has it that when he strolled on the Marine Drive promenade in south Bombay, women were beguiled by his very broad shoulders. The other, Sher Khan Pathan aka Sher Singh, was well-known for his loud, bone-chilling voice, which inspired great fear in people. Dawood at the time was barely out of his teens and had just acquired a moustache. He had developed all the traits of a typical Dongri lad; the lingo, the chicanery, the know-it-all attitude, yet he was regarded as a greenhorn in the underworld, as he did not have the kind of money that Baashu or Haji Mastan did, and everyone thought of him simply as a wannabe don.

Carnac Bunder area lies at the periphery of Bombay's three big markets Mohatta Market, Manish Market, and Crawford Market, a legacy of the colonial era.

haji mastan and dawood ibrahim relationship questions

The entire area was at the time a hub for all the wholesale and retail markets for all agricultural produce. The place was a madhouse as all the traders and long distance trucks offloaded their goods here.

It was always teeming with handcarts, porters carrying gunny bags or trunks on their shoulder, cabs moving in and out of the market with goods laden either in their boot or on their overhead carrier space. There was an air of urgency with the hectic activity ongoing everywhere. The amateur robbers had seen a lot of movies and wanted to make a reproduction of their meticulous planning and preparation.

So, two men were stationed theatrically at the Carnac Bunder Bridge while two men were standing near Musafirkhana, to efficiently seal off both the entry and exit points of the cab. The men were armed with iron rods, sticks, and choppers. The remaining lads were supposed to intercept the cab. These men were carrying choppers, knives, and country-made revolver called katta.

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Somehow, by sheer coincidence or simply bad planning, the major players like Ayubi, Abu Bakr, Hanif, and others were either stationed on the bridge or left behind and by default Dawood got pushed to the forefront. Perhaps it was destiny or his own bravado, but he ended up leading the team of seven men who, willy-nilly, were in charge of intercepting the cab.

haji mastan and dawood ibrahim relationship questions

The moment the cab came out of the narrow lane of Dana Bunder and moved out towards the road that connected with Carnac Bunder towards the market, they would spring into action. D'Mello Road, the informant pointed out the vehicle, implying that this was the car carrying the cash.

Surprisingly, the taxi had two Marwari-looking men seated in the passenger seat and an escort in the front seat next to the driver. As it slowly made its way from the bridge towards the route that led to Mohammed Ali Road, the seven men positioned to attack ran towards the cab at once, their arsenal ready and drawn.

No instructions were given and there was no coordination at all between the team members. The whole gang of seven men had swung into action in the most haphazard manner. The first strike was made by Sher Khan, who took the handcart and rammed it against the cab, bringing it to a screeching halt. Even before the Marwaris or the driver could comprehend anything, Sher Pathan the body builder opened the driver's door and threatened the driver, instructing him not to move.

The sight of seven men surrounding them was a menacing one for the Marwari businessmen. The weapons froze their blood. Dawood was the first one to speak. He asked them not to make noise or do anything foolhardy that could endanger their lives. The final act belonged to Dawood, who opened the door of the passenger's seat, looked at the Marwari seth with fire in his eyes and asked, 'Maal kaha hai [where is the money]?

Both stared at each other, speechless. The time they were wasting in indecisive fear made Dawood impatient. He slapped one of them, hard enough to make his spectacles fall to his lap, and said, 'Mere paas zyada waqt nahi hai tumhare saath baat karne ko [I don't have much time to talk to you]! The seth, with a trembling hand, pointed towards the boot of the car.

Dawood waved to Ejaz, who went and lifted the hood. There, he found a small black box, locked and sealed. Now that Dawood had both the bags, he did not waste any time. He immediately signalled to his boys to move and all of them disappeared on foot from the scene of the robbery, leaving behind two seths and a cab driver, shaken and stunned in their seats.