Griet and pieter relationship quiz

griet and pieter relationship quiz

For Teachers · Literature Lesson Plans · Literature Quizzes with a Pearl Earring , class distinctions play a very large role in human relationships. Griet, the year-old girl at the center of Chevalier's story, which was inspired by the Griet had never demonstrated any romantic interest with Pieter, and clearly had hoped for. In a lot of ways, the book is as much about Vermeer's relationship with his wife as it his about his relationship with Griet. Griet is young and think she understands. At 16, Griet is taken to Vermeer's house and her main task is to clean his studio without moving anything. Griet and Vermeer develop and odd relationship and.

So he asks her to change it in the other room, that way he could see her face when painting. Vermeer enters the room uninvited and we see the face of vulnerability in Griet, almost as she was naked. Scarlett Johansson as Griet The film tries to pick up what is more essential and important in the painting: The mystery — who is the girl? What makes her worth of be painted by a Master?

griet and pieter relationship quiz

The pearl is a point of reflection of the light and it is also the detail that does not make the girl a maid anymore. His goal is to paint someone that gives light to the painting and at the same time is illuminated by it, and in those terms, Griet fits perfectly.

He also tries to portray something that society enlightens, proof of that is the name of the painting: The girl is at the same level as the pearl. Although the maid may thought Vermeer was emotionally attached to her, he simply wants to user her to finish the painting.

griet and pieter relationship quiz

His main patron is van Ruijven. With the arrival of Griet, his paintings were progressing faster and she, thus the creation of the Girl with a Pearl Earring, inspired his art mind.

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His beautiful painting of Greit would prove to have a full effect on Greit's future. Maria Thins Maria Thins is more or less the master and owner of the house that the Vermeers and Griet reside in.

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Maria Thins is the mother of Catharina, mother-in-law of Vermeer and grandmother of a grand total of 11 grandchildren. Maria discovers Griet's special art relationship with Vermeer, yet, encourages it.

griet and pieter relationship quiz

Her reason being that if Vermeer paints faster with Griet around, income would only be better. It is Maria Thins who takes the pearl earrings from Catharina's jewelry box and gives them to Griet to wear. This is significant due to the fact of severe distances between owner and servant during that time period. Years after Griet leaves the house, Maria Thins still maintaines a acquaintance with Griet. Catharina and the Vermeer household Catharina is the vain wife of Vermeer and daughter of Maria Thins.

Catharina's jealousy of the relationship blossoming between Vermeer and Griet becomes the reason Griet runs from the house.

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Catharina bores Vermeer his eleven children, the five eldest being the ones who associate with Griet. Maertge, Cornelia, Lisbeth, Aleydis and Johannes are the five oldest children's names. Cornelia is most responsible of the children for Griets leaving; giving Griet nothing but trouble.

griet and pieter relationship quiz

Tanneke Tanneke is the head servant in the house of Vermeer. Tanneke and Griet form an odd friendship; both acknowledge each others place in society.

Both are envious of each other. Both depend on each other.

griet and pieter relationship quiz

Tanneke, being the older servant, pushes most of her to Griet, but, still maintains a feeling of sister-ish love towards her.