Godric and eric relationship with god

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godric and eric relationship with god

HBO / True Blood / Eric Northman & Godric When we finally saw his human beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, God, handsome, good looking any. The only highlights are the (brief) return of Godric and Sookie and Eric finally and Bill's burgeoning relationship return as Sookie and Eric share an intimate hug Jesus, Lafayette and Tara are all skeptical of meek Marnie's. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

In Godric and Eric were living in Paris, France, and were good friends with a vampire serial killer named Guerra. Godric became the Vampire sheriff of Area 9 in Dallas, Texas at least years beforethough in truth, it could have been much earlier. Godric eventually established a nest in Dallas which included Stan Baker and Isabel Beaumontwho became his most trusted underlings and with whom he shared both his home and wealth.

In they tracked a werewolf down to a house in AugsburgGermany. The werewolf attacked and killed an American soldier before turning on Eric, but Godric stabbed her in the arm with a bayonet, pinning her to the wall.

Eric demanded to know who her master was, but the werewolf said she'd only tell them if he let her drink some of his blood. Godric was deeply offended by the idea, as vampire blood is sacred.

Eric, however, didn't care. He bit himself and allowed the werewolf to feed from his wrist. She then revealed that her master was a vampire. The werewolf took advantage of his distraction by pushing Eric to the ground and attempting to stake him. Godric intervened and snapped the werewolf's neck.

godric and eric relationship with god

Godric lectured his progeny about maintaining control of his emotions, before promising to hunt the blasphemous vampire down. Shortly after this confrontation, Eric and Godric parted ways. They would not meet again for many decades. Season 2 "A human with me at the end, and human tears. Two thousand years and I can still be surprised.

In the chaos, Stan showed up with reinforcements to start a conflict with the "anti-vampire" church, but Godric stopped him. Preaching a message of peaceful co-existence with humans, Godric defused the situation and returned to his nest with the vampires of the area. Believing that his year existence was a long enough life, Godric chose to meet the sun of his own free will. An emotional Eric tried to stop him, however Godric had evolved to the point where he could no longer exist in a manner that required violence and bloodshed.

He glanced at the corpse and I saw he gritted his teeth. Instead of going on with this subject, he changed it. I couldn't take my eyes from her when she was crying. It was a very depressing picture and the scent of her tears… I was ashamed because I wanted to dropped on my knees and lick her face. Now, she was standing in front of me, all brave and proud again.

When she exclaimed that she would kill Gabe by herself if she only had enough strength… That statement moved something in me — she was a warrior and I have always had a soft spot for them. I recognize a string of emotions in my belly, so similar to the one I felt the night I met my Eric — fascination. I hadn't experienced that with Nora, and that's the reason I have been wondering for all this time if changing her was a good idea. True — I helped her with this disgusting man, but the light that was emitting from her form, deep from her soul, was like a healing balm for my own psyche.

A few minutes ago I was completely resigned and indifferent. Her screams of help woke something in me — anger I haven't feel for many years.

I felt fiercely protective toward her and when I heard her screams for help, I was instantly on the edge of bloodlust. The brave statement excited me — and not only my mind.

godric and eric relationship with god

I haven't lusted for a female for a quite some time, but her lovely curves, big brown eyes, red lips and heavenly smell, made me wonder how we would fit together. I drank only bottled blood for the last years and only when it was absolutely necessary. Now, I was curious if her taste is as sweet as her scent. She had other vampire blood in her system and I felt a strange urge to erase it completely and make her fragrance mix with my own. There were no fang marks on her neck and I dwell on the fact that maybe she prefers to be bitten lower, in the more intimate places.

Thinking of that made me angry again, so I brush that annoying feeling aside. To sum up — the last ten minutes were more emotional than the last ten years for me. The little woman was watching me with a question in her eyes — did she ask about something and I was so deep in my own thoughts that I hadn't heard her? That would be a first. She clearly knows mine. That question made her blush a little. Looking at the circumstances we were in, I believed that manners should be the last thing to worry about.

She shrugged simply at that. She took a deep breath. You know, to find you and, if possible, to get you out of here. How was this girl supposed to help me out? She bit down on her lower lip. She looked absolutely innocent and harmless. I was a little worried — is she listening to my thoughts right now? Like sensing my way of thinking she added in a hurry.

That's why it's so peaceful around you. For the first time in the last two millennia I hear someone calling my kind peaceful. I almost smile hearing that - she had a point. Sighing very quietly I sat on the floor in indian style. I asked her with a wave of a hand to do the same. She took a place opposite me, fixing her dress to stay decent. I realized that there are many missing buttons up front.

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Without thinking I took off my shirt and handed it to her. I wish for you to be as comfortable as possible. She looked surprisingly good in it. Do you belong to him? She blushed again clearly uncomfortable. I was about to apologize for that question, which she clearly found personal, when she answered me.

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I waited patiently for the next part. I almost changed the subject when suddenly she added. Is the girl being glamored? Some humans are able to say that something unusual is happening around them, mainly seeing that something is 'off' with the vampire that glamored them.

If she is being hurt by one of my kind… "What do you mean? Truth be told Godric — I don't know you. The reason was simply selfish — I wanted to learn something about her. Seeing her expression I immediately realized that she doesn't.

For example… I can't pinpoint when I found him attractive.

godric and eric relationship with god

Now, when he isn't around me I remember that the first time I saw him I thought he look pretty old… and I don't like a sideburns. Does it make any sense? I had my suspicious already but I allowed her to tell me some more.

I actually snorted at that. The first time I went to Fangtasia I wanted to shake hands with vampires. As they say, knowledge is power. Because of your naivety you could offend someone one day and get into trouble.

Eric Northman

How old is this Bill? Dear God, that's a baby vamp! Eric could end him with one hand. I would have to use one finger. I fisted my hands listening to her story — their first meeting, circumstances under which she was fed his blood, how he was the reason for her being in danger from a serial killer, her Gran's death, the fact that he hid his own progeny from her. The last days, the mysterious creature attacking her after stupid Bill Compton allowed her to walk alone in the woods. The fact that he almost killed her by giving her some blood — didn't the idiot know that when poison is involved our blood may be even more harmful?

Finally, the fact that he had to feel her distress last night and didn't appear to help. I haven't met this vampire in person, but I already had a very low opinion of him. I told her about my assumptions of Bill Compton — I described how our blood works, how we can manipulate dreams and some feelings.

I was glad when she told me she can't be glamored — that only strengthened my opinion. At first she was sad hearing all these revelations, but I saw in her eyes that she suspected him as well. There were too many coincidences to not see that something is shady. When she realized what trouble Bill Compton might have created for her, how he could manipulate her through blood … Her sadness was replaced by anger pretty fast. I suggested she face him in my nest, where she will be protected.

Accusing Compton about this face to face would be too risky. Finally we changed the subject. Somehow surprised I told her about my moral dilemma, her presence making me completely comfortable and ready to share. I explained to her my suicidal plans and hearing that, she reacted with an untamed anger.

No one ever dared to talk to me in such a tone. Unless they create some support group in heaven, you are gonna be useless. I raised an eyebrow and pointed at Gabe.