Glee brittany and sam relationship advice

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glee brittany and sam relationship advice

The Kurt-Sam Relationship, most commonly known as Hevans or Kum, is the friendship When the Glee Club is given the assignment of performing duets, Kurt. on the show: Finn and Rachel, Kurt and Blaine, and Brittany and Santana. Sam and Mercedes were the first interracial relationship on "Glee" that truly tackled . Don't fuss, take her advice, agree to just disagree on things. Tonight's Glee featured the much-hyped and/or much-dreaded hook-up into the episode — we've received more tips and complaints and pleas for coverage Do you think it makes sense for Brittany to pursue a relationship with Sam? And yet, in this one episode, Brittany and Sam got more screentime.

glee brittany and sam relationship advice

Throughout seasons two and three of the series, the pair were a dedicated couple. Unfortunately, they were relegated to a lot of background scenes. Eventually, the duo broke up when Mike went to college. They remained that way throughout the series, though they did appear friendly. To be fair, a lot of Glee couples were relegated to the background during the series run. Brittany and Artie, however, did not have many storylines focused on them or even songs.

Instead, there was a weird story where Brittany thought she was pregnant because a stork was building a nest outside her window. They could finally have more interesting storylines. It was a second-chance for both of them, and the two fell for each other hard and fast. Their wedding in season two was definitely a highlight.

Over the years, the two remained the best parental units in Glee. Tough but loving, they wanted the best for their boys.

Artie-Sam Relationship | Glee TV Show Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Even though they lost one of their children, they were able to find joy again. After breaking up with Sam and Rachel respectively, Quinn and Finn found themselves as a couple again in the back half of season two. Finn seemed to have forgotten that Quinn lied and cheated on him previously in the first season, leading to her pregnancy.

Also they just did not seem happy as a couple during that time. Their relationship was fairly fraught from the beginning. Emma running away at the wedding and Will adopting a playboy attitude after dumping Teri definitely were low points, but the pair always remained drawn to each other. They fact that they always cared for each other, even when they were upset, showed how deep their feelings went.

Their relationship definitely provided some sweetness to the series. It also added some amazing musical sequences. Their happy ending made for the stuff of dreams: Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz are great friends and the chemistry translate well together onscreen.

There were some insecurities on both sides, but Artie was such a bad boyfriend. He ignored her to focus on playing video games and definitely was sexist toward her.

There are Brittana shippers of all orientations. A reflection of themselves, finally. It was unnecessary, and if the intent was to cushion the blow, they did it all wrong. Does that make me sound like an angry lesbian? Hands down one of the dumbest misplays I have seen in my five years of being a part of the Lesbian Blogging Community.

It acknowledged that lesbian fans are going to have a hard time with this story development and pre-emptively ridiculed them for caring enough to express their feelings. If, say, Santana and Quinn got together, would there be this much outrage? I feel the pain so many of us are sharing right now. When you break up with someone you love, the thought of them kissing and touching, sharing even the smallest part of what you shared together, seems like the wrongest thing that could ever be.

However, I can sort of see why some people would have had a problem with him being a guy and not another girl, unless Santana also started dating another girl at the same time Brittany started dating Sam.

Kurt-Sam Relationship

We waited so long for Brittana to happen, when it happened it was magical, and the Brittana we love would have been able to get through a little long-distance issue. I think that is definitely true for some and not for others. She never shied away from the fact that she liked guys and girls. I like that about Brit. She is unapologetic, and just wants to be happy. Ok, there, I said it. The heart wants what the heart wants, and if the thought of your favorite queer character with a guy makes you a little heartsick, then own that.

We ship so hard because we see pieces of ourselves in these characters. Where I think the outrage comes in is the unequal treatment that Brittana has always faced vs Finchel or Klaine. Some lesbian fans are simply sad to see their favorite lesbian couple moving on without each other. To single out some of your most ardent, passionate fans, and publicly shame them for caring strikes me as a hell of a Kitty move, and wrecks their credibility as an adorable little underdog.

glee brittany and sam relationship advice

This episode, as a whole, in one word: It would have been a great one, overall, if these two things happened: If there had been no mention of the lesbian internet community — our community.

I think that Ryan thought he was splashing us with water to keep us from going up in flames of anger, but I think he accidentally mixed it with some gasoline first. If we had gotten a Brittana scene where they talked about wanting to try to move on with other people or, more specifically, with a fellow club-memberand Santana had given her blessing.

glee brittany and sam relationship advice

I would have been very sad — devastated even — but if we survived Hurt Locker, we can survive anything. And so can they. Actually, I am going to say careless. When they arrive at their place, Kurt and Sam are the first to greet and hug each other. In addition to school advice, Kurt shares some historical sites that the two should see which Sam is impressed with. Later in the week, Sam and Blaine give the flatmates a piano as a thank you gift for letting them stay. When Sam refuses bread to lose weight, Kurt is concerned and suggests finding a new modeling agency.

Sam refuses, saying that the House of Bichette is the best agency in town. However, Kurt - with his Vogue. The group sings Just the Way You Are as a last ditch attempt to try to change his mind - in which the two share a quick duet together.

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However after months, Kurt gets more impatient with Sam, especially when it comes to the lack of privacy he has with Blaine.

Later, the two of them are back at the apartment sharing their own news - Blaine is going to move out and that Sam's new living arrangement just isn't right - and Kurt gets excited over the two of them sharing their own place.

They also help Mercedes move into her New York pad, and they both are at the Bushwick apartment for Monday dinner. When Blaine gets the call saying Kurt is in the hospital, Sam and Blaine rush over to the hospital. When looking at Kurt, who is severely bruised, Sam uses some ill-timed humour suggesting that Kurt should wake up, but retreats back when Mercedes speaks up.

Sam then changes his attitude, saying that he's going to kill whoever did this to him. At the Bushwick apartment, Sam announces to the group that he and Mercedes are back together. Although everyone is happy for two, the group questions whether they were ever a couple to begin with, and Kurt doing a re-cap of their situation, adding that they never saw a lot of chemistry. Sam quickly debunks that theory with a kiss between him and Mercedes, surprising everyone.

glee brittany and sam relationship advice

Just before dinner, Blaine proposes a toast to Kurt and Sam adding "cheers buddy. Sam reveals that he and Mercedes haven't had sex yet, and wants to get tested for STDs to make sure he has a "clean bill of health" for when the time comes. Kurt seems very surprised at Sam's revelation, but is supportive, and gives Sam a name of a free clinic so Sam can get his test. Kurt and the rest of the guys even offer to go to the clinic with Artie and get tested themselves. Later, at the Bushwick apartment, the four guys are hanging out again.

Kurt and Sam are even more surprised by Artie's admission that he has been sleeping with multiple girls at his school and having unprotected sex.