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See results from the Anime Couples (Slideshow) Quiz on Sporcle, the best trivia site on the Deadman Wonderland (Ganta and Shiro). %. Ganta and Shiro from Deadman wonderland are beautiful. Wonderland, Shiro, Light Novel, Anime Manga, Anime Style, Anime Couples, Wanderland. Shiro (シロ, Shiro) is a childhood friend of Ganta Igarashi and Hagire Rinichirō's adopted Shiro developed a second personality called the Wretched Egg.

I've been playing it on the road whenever I do my errands. I thought these aspects of anime were something that I was going to miss when reading Manga. I can honestly say that's true to an extent, but it doesn't matter too much when you're invested into the characters and the plot.

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The drawings were still awesome, and I can imagine if they ever make a season 2 hopefully a reboot??!? I can't say too much about the other characters because I was pretty deep into Ganta and Shiro. I was sad about Shiro's terrible past and how it connects with Ganta. They have such an interesting history, which is why I was emotionally invested into them being a couple. When the fight broke out and how Shiro showed her true colors her vulnerability, her desire for Ganta, her wish for Ganta to kill herI broke down pretty bad.

I can't say that her killing Ganta's friend out of jealousy or to have him at Deadman Wonderland at the beginning was right, but I can understand her feelings a lot from personal experiences. I was glad about the conclusion, and how they're together although Shiro is in jail. It doesn't matter though, as they are consciously aware of each others presence and their relationship.

Anyway that's my little talk about the series. I'm stuck with DW in my head for a while. She appeared to be surprised when Azami died and noted she was like a bird trapped in a cage showing that she held her in a slightly, friendly regard.

It is hinted in Chapter 54 that the Wretched Egg's feelings may not be as twisted as first appeared as she stated to Azami that "Aceman didn't come to save me It is still unknown what this meant to her as Azami was killed before the Wretched Egg could explain further. This comes full circle in Chapter 55, in which she confessed her love for Ganta, and then stated that her wish was for him to kill her all along, and even embed the red stone into Ganta's chest for that sole purpose.

She even admitted that she killed his classmates out of jealousy, though whether she was jealous of them for being close to Ganta, or jealous of Ganta himself for being able to live such a happy, carefree life after forgetting about her while she was being tortured isn't clear it's likely both.

When the lullaby plays, the Red Man attacks the class using her Branch of Sin. She kills every student in Ganta 's class besides him. When Ganta regains consciousness, she is carrying Mimi 's head. She walks towards him, grins, and plants a Red Crystal in his chest. Ganta faints again and the Wretched Egg goes back to Deadman Wonderland. Shiro is first seen sitting on the roof of Deadman Wonderland, singing the Woodpecker Song. She smells Ganta arriving at the prison and goes off to see him.

Shiro says she will help Ganta by killing him. In the manga, she and Ganta first reunite when Shiro jumped through Ganta's cell window, breaking the bars in the process.

She overheard Ganta saying he wanted to die, so she began to attack him with a piece of broken glass in an attempt to kill him, believing this would make him happy.

ganta and shiro relationship quizzes

Frantically, Ganta dodges out of fear and Shiro understands that Ganta was lying. She then claims that she and Ganta are friends, to which Ganta responds that he's never seen her before and is surprised that she knows his name. Ganta asks if he's really her friend, which Shiro agrees, then he asks why she tried to kill him and continues by saying that he would never kill his friends, thinking back at the Nagano school massacre. One of the prison guards comes in and tells Ganta he should be outside working.

Ganta looks behind him, but Shiro has disappeared. In the anime, these events happened when Ganta was already at work. Shiro uses a metal bar instead of a piece of glass.

While at work, Shiro appears from underground, surprising Ganta. She offers him a cookie, claiming it's better to eat with "friends". Some of the other prisoners notice Ganta from the papers of the Nagano school massacre and start taunting him for being a mass murderer, upsetting him.

Shiro steps in and pushes one of them, claiming that Ganta "would never kill his friends". The prisoners attempt to attack her, but she easily defeats them. However, one the prisoners hits Shiro on the back of her head with a shovel, knocking her to the ground. Ganta responds by violently attacking the prisoners, but he is easily knocked to the ground and beat up. However, a building is blown up from above them later revealed to be Tamaki 's doing in an attempt to test Ganta.

As the prisoners flee in the anime, they were all killedGanta, refusing to leave Shiro who is still "passed out", finally admits that he doesn't want to die yet and unleashes a blast from his Branch of Sin destroying the falling debris, saving them both.

After being told of the upcoming dog race and the stakes, Shiro becomes excited and the two of them join. During the race, Shiro appeared to be oblivious of the brutality and potential danger of the race and usually got in Ganta's way, upsetting him. Towards the end of the race, Ganta notices how tattered and beat up Shiro looks and realizes that she discreetly sacrificed her own safety to assure his.

In order to win the race, one person had to be in possession of a ball before time runs out, as Shiro passes the ball to Ganta, the platform she's standing on disappears and she falls under into a pit of spikes. Ganta realizes the victory isn't worth it and saves Shiro instead, much to her shock.

Ganta sacrifices the victory and the race ends with no winner. Shiro enjoys the runner-up prize with Ganta and leaves. Rather than appearing in pain despite the dented armor, she grins, and welcomes Ganta 'home.

Shiro returns and greets Ganta when he wakes up in the infirmary. She admits to eating his snacks and begins to regret it, thinking Ganta is mad at her. Deadman Arc The Wretched Egg surfaces.

When the three go to find G-blockShiro informs them that she knows the way, but refuses to tell them. The security bot, sent by Makina to capture Ganta and kill Yo, arrives, forcing Shiro to tell them and escort them to the G-block, located in a path in the air vents. The security bot follows them and destroys the surroundings.

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It goes to kill Ganta, but Shiro kicks it away and begins to vent towards Ganta, demanding that he take back what he said about all his friends. Shiro is captured by the bot and is about to be killed for not having an inmate number when Senji arrives and destroys the bot. Shiro goes flying and is injured while Senji and Ganta fight. Senji runs into Shiro and her revealing outfit causes him to become uncomfortable.

A special unit then arrives and takes Yo and Shiro away to empty rooms to wait as Ganta and Senji compete in the Carnival Corpse. Ganta recalls memories of Shiro and him when they were young this allows him to have the energy to beat Senji. Yo takes Shiro and uses her to escape to G-block, again, and find his sister, Minatsuki. Shiro stops hearing the music that is playing only to her and turns into Wretched Egg.

After turning, Shiro passes out and is picked up by a mysterious man, who is soon revealed to be the owner of Deadman Wonderland. The Wretched Egg kills the guards. They do so, and with that, the Chorus Block is shut down as well. With the MGS down, the Wretched Egg takes control of Shiro's body and kills all the guards and destroys the whole tower.

She falls down and faints afterward. The twins take Shiro back to the Director. The Director asks if she's hungry and offers her candy, to which Wretched Egg declines, stating she hates candy.

The Director then says he's ready to 'play' with her again, and they begin fighting. Afterward, with Wretched Egg as the obvious victor, asks the Director if he had written another verse for the Lullaby yet. He responds that there can never be another verse. Wretched Egg then proceeds to put on the 'Red Man' armor, further revealing her identity to the audience. She stays in Ganta's room, ordered by Ganta to wait until later to play.

When he returns, Shiro asks him to promise to take her on a Ferris wheel when they get out. She becomes ecstatic when he does. Shiro is left by Ganta and the others to go riot and escape.

She falls asleep and wakes up to find Toto and overhears Nagi calling to inform them about the data chip being a bomb. Toto tells Shiro to catch up with Ganta and the others and dispose of the chip. Shiro does so by finding Ganta and tossing it into fire. It explodes, but Ganta thinks it is the fire reacting to the chip. He yells at her, but Shiro calls him weak and that she needed to. This causes Ganta to hit her and it shocks her.

She runs away and finds her way back to the dead owner's room. She believes he is just sleeping and invites herself in. She finds the cookies, which she is unaware are spiked with alcohol and eats all of them. Toto finds her and addresses her as Wretched Egg. This annoys Shiro, but she soon discards it, resulting from her becoming drunk off the cookies.

As she stumbles around drunk, Shiro finds the captive Karako and Genkaku's layer. She is quickly bound as well, snapping her out of her drunk state.

Ganta arrives to save them, but is overpowered. Shiro tries to help Ganta, but finds herself immobile from injuries to her ankles. Ganta, which is reverse from usual, protects Shiro, taking all the punches dealt by the crazed Nagi.

The same markings appearing on her face and arm, opposite the cheek and arm of the markings appearing on Ganta. Naturally, Ganta didn't realize at the time that it wasn't Shiro standing next to him. It is worth mentioning that this scene occurs only in the anime, and not in the manga. Shiro snaps out of Wretched Egg in time for Ganta to catch her and show her to the moonlit Ferris wheel.

He assures his promise to her as other prisoners escape. She tells them about Ganta's current mood and requests they help her make him feel better. Chaplin Sukegawa shows up agreeing to help her.

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Chaplin takes them to a kitchen where they have Shiro practice cooking. Chaplin deems Shiro's first attempt a fail after they have Masu taste test it, which causes him to pass out. Chaplin and the others pass out defeated by Shiro's cooking and Shiro continues to practice.

Shiro later returns to Ganta's room and passes out. She wakes up and shares some breakfast rations with Ganta, which he says he can actually taste now. Shiro hangs out with Ganta during the welcome back party held for Toto Sakigami. Revolt Arc Shiro showing Ganta she can do the "trick" too.

Ganta Igarashi

Shiro appears trying to help Ganta. She gives a short speech to the Deadmen explaining Ganta's actions and his current predicament. She then leaves alongside Azami to save Ganta. Her and Azami find Ganta and rescue him. They run into Makina who assists them against common Forgeries. She ends up following Shishito Madoka with the others to find the control device for the Forgeries.

Madoka turns out to be an enemy and attacks Ganta and Shiro. When Madoka discovers Shiro's life means more to Ganta than his own, he decides to torture Shiro. Fortunately, Ganta and Shiro are able to defeat him in a combined attack. After Shiro is affected by Shishito's poison, Wretched Egg finally has enough pain, and therefore, willpower to overcome the Mother Goose System 's effects on her.

She permanently awakens after Ganta leaves to find Tsunenaga Tamakistating to the nearby Azami that she was going to give Ganta 'a little death. Even though it's a direct hit, Wretched Egg's healing factor effectively negates the attack completely.

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Curiously, instead of retaliating, Wretched Egg simply asks Azami if she was really Ganta's friend. Before Azami has a chance to respond, Hagire decapitates her, clearly disappointing Wretched Egg in some way.

She then picks up Azami's head, and proceeds to rampage throughout Deadman Wonderland, killing Rei Takashima and several Forgeries in the process, while Hagire went to deal with Tamaki. Wretched Egg later appears as Hagire was taunting Tamaki about being a mere pawn in a much larger scheme of Hagire's.

After Tamaki commits suicide, Wretched Egg begins decimating Makina 's army and leaves Makina herself paralyzed from the waist downuntil Ganta appeared. Wretched Egg then showed Azami's severed head to Ganta, goading him into attacking her.

ganta and shiro relationship quizzes

Although she narrowly dodges a shot from Ganta's Ganbare Gun, the shot knocked off her mask, revealing her true identity to Ganta for the first time, much to his horror. The fight ultimately ends in a stalemate, though the actual ending of the fight was left ambiguous. As Ganta thought he had killed her, she gets back on her feet and heals herself almost instantly, telling Ganta that she's bored and still waits for the continuation of the song.