Fox and scully relationship quizzes

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fox and scully relationship quizzes

Scully and her dad had a close relationship, and Moby-Dick brought them closer. Where did Mulder and Scully travel to on their first case?. What were the names of Mulder and Scully's sisters? 3. What four After Scully shoots Mulder, where does she take him to recover? (Anasazi). . Which two members of the X-Files have had a relationship off screen? What was the. The two couldn't have been less alike. From the moment they met, Scully and Mulder exuded opposite personas: He pored over UFO abduction.

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The Mulder & Scully Relationship - Season 11 - THE X-FILES

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Advertising and targeted advertising cookies: If you wish to disable cookies, you may do so through your individual browser options. How many different addresses does the alien have and in which states are they? Who goes to visit Mrs. Mulder in hospital apart from Mulder and Scully? How many people get shot in the cafeteria? How can the clones be killed? What prevents Mulder from killing the Cancer Man? Where does Scully says she will take Mulder after they visit his mother in hospital?

How many tanks does Mulder discover in a warehouse? Name of the doctor who looks at the bacteria for Scully? What address does Danny give to Mulder? What was unusual about the bacteria sample that Scully sent to be examined? On what floor was the cryogenics lab? What does Mulder say the bureau has him doing after the closure of the X-Files? In what four locations are their observatories? What is the name of the group who all claim to have been abducted? What is the alias of the man known as Ishimaru?

How does Mulder lose his mobile phone? What is the name of the place where Scully discovers a pit full of bodies? What code does Scully tell Mulder to punch in to get out of the rail car? How much does Mulder pay for the video of the alien autopsy? Where did Mulder say the man who he got the video of came from? What was the colour of the briefcase that Mulder took from the Japanese diplomat? Who does Mulder take the satellite photographs to?

What evidence do Mulder and Scully find at all the crime scenes? What is the flavour of the pie Mulder steps in? How is Mulder meant to die? What does Mulder have a talent for in this episode? How long had Skinner been married? How many people were on the list?

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What is the relationship between Howard and Sara Lynn Graves? What three things did Boggs say were near the place where the two kids were? What language did Scully study at college? What does Unruhe mean? The Field Where I Died As Mulder undergoes hypnosis to recall his past lives, who else does he see? What did Sophie the Gorilla sign to Mulder just before she vanished?

What does WAO stand for? Who killed Melissa Scully? Which other FBI agent has a crush on Scully? How did the X-Files get their name? On what date did Mulder and Scully first meet?

What was the name of the man who Gillian Anderson dumped her husband for? Where did Gillian Anderson and her husband get married? Where did Mulder first meet Deep Throat? What did David Duchovny give up to become an actor? Who does Mulder say can be bought by two Washington Redskins tickets? What date did Mulder undergo Hypnotic regression to find out what happened to his sister? What is the name of the actor who plays Cancer Man? Who owned the condo that Gillian Anderson rented when she first moved to Vancouver?

What was the real name of the Pusher? In what states do Mulder and Scully live? Name the episode this line appears in: What episode does a boy called Chester Bonapart appear in? Where did Gillian Anderson used to live when she was younger? In what episode does Scully get kidnapped for the first time? In what episode did Gillian Anderson out a live cricket in her mouth? David Duchovny is a vegetarian?

In what state does Mrs. Where was Mulder born? What is Gillian Anderson allergic to? Out of the first three seasons, which episodes does Alex Krycek appear in? What is the first episode that Skinner appears in? Why does Mulder hate fire? What does AICP stand for? What links the Lone Gunmen to the crew of the X-Files? Why was Mulder ageing faster than Scully? What two assassinations has the Cancer Man been linked to?

Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man Who killed the alien? What was the name of the girl Roche kidnapped before Mulder killed him? What did Leonard Betts need to survive?

What was the name of the female EMT who rode with Leonard before he died? What was the name of the owner of the trailer park? Why was Scully angry with Mulder? Where did Mulder spend his vacation time?

What was the name of the doctor who treated Scully for cancer? What was the name of the woman suffering from the same cancer as Scully? What extinct disease were the bees carrying? Who stole the body of Jane Brody? In what episode did Gillian Anderson meet former boyfriend Rod Rowland? Which episodes of the first five seasons do not feature Gillian Anderson?

In what episode did Scully discover she had cancer? Who did the woman claim to be the father of her baby? What happened when the doctors tried to warm up Dr. What language can Krycek speak apart from American? What was the name of the man who killed Dr. On what date was William Mulder buried? What drink does Mulder ask for when they are investigating the first girls death?

Where is Scully when she sees the spirit of the third girl? What is the name of the man who can see the spirits of the victims? Where does Scully find Mulder when she goes looking for him at his motel?

When Mulder goes to see his mother, what is the thing he wants to know? In what state is the motel Mulder is staying at located? Where was the alien corpse found?

What piece of information does Scully keep from Mulder during his episode? On what date did David Duchovny get married? How many years had Gillian Anderson been married before she left her husband? What does Tempus Fugit stand for? What Canadian province does Smith take Mulder to after fleeing from the Alien?

fox and scully relationship quizzes

What does SEP stand for? What was the name of Mrs. What was Mulder trying to watch on the television in the motel room? Where did the Peacock brothers get their car? What does Mulder call Scully when she goes to leave his motel room? How was Deputy Barney killed? Who asked Scully to perform the autopsy and to what organisation did he belong?

At what airport did the plane at the beginning of the episode land? Mulder takes the evidence off the body to have it analysed. Who does he take it to?

fox and scully relationship quizzes

How did Nurse Waite die? How was the killer selecting his victims? What nom de plume did Cancer Man use for his writing? Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man. How did Mulder say Samantha broke her collarbone? Where does Mrs Mulder keep her vacuum cleaner and what make is it? How did Mulder know where to find Roche after he kidnapped a little girl from school? Who goes with Scully to try and find out what was wrong with Dr.

Whereabouts in Russia do Mulder and Krycek go? Which airline carried the courier who carried the diplomatic pouch? What type of medicine did Dr. What group of people did Scully have to testify in front of? How many people died in the air crash? What universities did David Duchovny attend?

Who is BJ Morrow having an affair with?

Where do BJ and Tillman meet? Name the man whose remains BJ discovered? What is the name of the woman who Cokely attacked resulting in his capture? Who is the Department of Defense informant? Who does Scully believe is the mole in the FBI? What do the Lone Gunmen tell Mulder is in the vile that he took to them to be analysed? Who lets Mulder escape from the Department of Defense? What three things does Mulder discover at the Department of Defense?

Name the doctor who Scully goes to see? Who does Scully contact to help her to find out who in the FBI a phone number belongs to? What deal does Cancer Man offer Mulder?

Who does Samantha claim is her father? As well as the FBI, who else does Blevins work for? How did Mulder know Blevins was the mole? When Skinner goes to see Scully, who else is in her hospital room? Who does Mulder meet for the first time in this episode? What are Frohike, Langly and Byers first names? When and where is this episode set?

What is the name of the woman who enlists the help of the Lone Gunmen? Name the two agents Mulder and Scully share a car with? What is he acronym for the machine used by Jeff?

Who does Scully identify with? What song does Scully sing to Mulder? When the agents talk about a past team seminar, what did they put on top of the pyramid?

Which popstar does The Great Mutato enjoy listening to? Name the scientist involved in genetic research? Name the song Mulder and Scully dance to? What does The Great Mutato enjoy on his sandwiches? Berkowitz hear about Mulder?

Where do Scully and her mother spend Christmas? Since her abduction, what is Scully unable to do? Scully receives a phone call of a woman who sounds remarkably like who? Who does Emily look like?

What does Scully give to Emily? Name the doctor treating Emily? Where was Robert Modell being held?

fox and scully relationship quizzes

What is the relationship between Modell and Linda Bowman? How does Linda get out of the hospital and away from Mulder? Who is the killer? What was the relationship between Melissa Turner and Dave the Butcher?

What song who Polly continuously listen to? What does Scully keep doing to Mulder throughout this episode? How does Melissa try and kill herself? What is the name of the hacker? Name the computer genius killed in the Metro Diner? Who is the e-mail from? When Mulder is in the computer, what convinces him that the Scully he sees is not real? When Mulder plays the CD in the car stereo, what song plays?

What is the disease called when a person hates the light? What ingredients are on the pizza? What one thing is characteristic of all vampires? When Mulder is attacked by Ronnie, what does he throw all over the floor? What chemical does Scully find in the pizza? What happens to the coroner? What does Mulder do when Scully enters his office? What did Scully have for breakfast? In what country do the first group of people die? Who does Covarrubias meet in Russia?

Who has been treating Patient X Patient X Where are the second group of people killed Patient X What is Mulder doing when Scully walks into his office at the beginning of the episode? What does Well-Manicured Man offer Krycek in order to get the vaccine?