Flora and helia break up stories relationship

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flora and helia break up stories relationship

Flora and Helia break up after he tells her he kissed Admeral. Rated: Fiction K You ruined every other relationship I will ever have. How am I. Does the Winx and The Specialist have to go against her to find Flora? Since Riven and Musa have broken up and are dating other people, Musa gets jealous of Riven hanging with other girls because her feelings for . This is a story about Flora and Helia! What will become of their relationship hate, love or confusion. Founder: Belle Tris Grey - Stories: 26 - Followers: 1 - Staff: 4 - id: When Helia breaks up with Flora for Krystal, she's hurt and runs away to Miami to start a . Now Flora is worried that Helia is losing interest in their relationship and is.

He was muscular in body and fair in skin. His brown hair was short and he wore a blue shirt with a white pants. He saw Flora position and quickly rushed over to her. Codatorta felt her pulse and forehead before pulling out his phone. This is Doctor Codatorta of the Magix Hospital. I need an ambulance for Princess Road. The medical personals pulled Flora whom was on a stretcher now out of the vehicle and rushed into the building.

Griselda and Codatorta ran behind them worried. Reaching into the ER section of the hospital Codatorta stopped in front of the first available room and held onto Griselda. Don't worry she is in the best hands, mine. He rushed into the room while Griselda became even more nervous.

This was the first time she was on this end of the Emergency Room. She was a nurse and was always the one inside helping the doctors. Collapsing into the nearest chair, the elderly female thought back to when she helped delivered Flora seventeen years and a few months ago. She was so happy and proud to receive her first and only grandchild.

flora and helia break up stories relationship

Then her mind flashed to when Flora was growing up with her daughter and son in law before they passed away two years ago. She remembered cuddling and comforting her through the pain. The surgery went successfully and Flora was in a room sleeping. Griselda entered the room with her beau behind her. She was overjoyed that Flora came out alive but was also worried.

Her body will take time to recover though. Talk about a rotten day. First her boyfriend of three years broke up with her then her appendix busted. The two adults turned to see the brunette slowly opening her eyes. It turns out it was trying to tell me something about myself. It's been a day since Flora entered the hospital and news travelled fast around her school.

Even though he and Flo broke up, he still cared deeply about her. She just had stomach surgery. She placed the item back down. I just feel…" "I know how you feel.

It was just an unlucky faith of events.

flora and helia break up stories relationship

It's not your fault. Helia took out a pink envelope with a get well card in it and threw it in the trash. I am the last person she wants to see anyway.

Clearly nothing interesting was on so she gave up and shut off the television set. On point her friends Aisha and Stella entered the room with balloons. I know I look like crap.

Aisha sighed as she sat on the other side of the bed. The entire school was talking about it this morning. Is he going to come see me? He is a drummer for Flora's band as well as her former schoolmate.

Roy left almost a year ago.

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Flora held back the tears before sitting up. Flora removed her hand.

She still loved Helia even though they just broke up. Roy felt a way talking about Helia. The door opened to reveal Flora's Grandmother. Grams took a seat beside the in pain brunette. He broke up with me to be with this cheerleader on the school team name Diaspro. Even though we are over I at least though he would care about me as a friend. Looks like our friendship died along with our relationship.

Looking through the transparent bin she saw a pink envelope with her name on it. Romance is sure of. So small, yet they have so much meaning. Flora meets new eccentric friends and digs up old feelings. Flora had never been who she said she was, she had always been half witch.

When Baltor put her up to spying from the inside, she never thought that she would end up feeling like she was a part of something.

What would of happened if they hadn't moved? What would of happened if they had chosen a different house? And what would of happened if there never was a leak? Maybe they might have all survived. But then Helia comes into her life.

Romance, you have been warned!

Flora and Helia

Meanwhile, at Red Fountain, the guys plan to eavsdrop. What happens when Helia's grandmother finds out about her ex husband's new girlfriend? Now Flora is worried that Helia is losing interest in their relationship and is developing feelings for the Princess. So torn up about it Flora has completely given up on relationships till Helia reveals something he has hiding from almost everyone.

Winx Club - Bloom and Sky's love story [from Season 1 to Season 7]

Now she will know he loves her back. But will love be shattered by someone who knows her too well? Someone who will not hide their feelings? Only she can save her friends, her love, and her own feelings. Rated T just in case.

flora and helia break up stories relationship

The final instalment of The Blood Wars Trilogy is here. A Hunger Games crossover.