Father in law and daughter relationship islam

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father in law and daughter relationship islam

“The relationship of mahram which permits a woman to show her It was reported in Saheeh Muslim that 'Aa'ishah Umm al-Mu'mineen (may Allaah be Their husband's fathers and their husband's sons are mahrams of the. If a father in law touches his daughter in law with lust, the nikah between . Tell him your rights in Islam, given to you by Allah, Allah is surely. According to Islam, a woman is not required to serve her husband's parents. these limitations, the relationship between parents and their daughter-in-law.

When someone does you a favor voluntarily and you do not show your appreciation, they are bound to feel hurt. The least to be expected is that they do not readily continue to do you favors. When the kindness is returned or at least appreciated, they are encouraged to continue this generous attitude. If, on the other hand, a person is made to feel that a voluntary favor is expected as a duty when no religious or moral authority imposes it, then an attitude of rebellion begins to make itself felt.

This may be the key to the whole problem about which you ask. What I detect from your letter is that your wife has been made to serve your parents with whom you live, and she was made to understand that it was her duty. I am not sure what her initial reaction was, but she might have accepted it, perhaps reluctantly, at first. She might have felt later that what was required of her was actually too much, or constituted a burden on her.

You did not give me any idea about your family situation, but it is not difficult to think of many situations when serving parents-in-law can be a real burden.

Suppose a woman has young children of her own and has to look after them. Nowadays, young children are too demanding and the burden they present is quite a heavy one. Our modern times are different.

Father in-Law Greeting Daughter in-Law by Hugging

In the past, a couple lived with their extended family and a woman received the help she needed with bringing up her young children from the other women in the family. If a woman has to serve her parents-in-law, she may find that she is required to work long hours without getting enough rest.

There is also the possibility of conflict between your wife and parents. This may come about from feeling that her service is not appreciated.

As time goes on, this leads to strained relations and, probably, an outburst of temper from either side. If he can resolve the matter, all well and good, otherwise there is nothing wrong with her speaking to his family in a wise and mature manner.

If they do not respond and the situation continues as it is, then be patient and seek reward from Allah. There is no obedience to any created being if it involves disobedience towards the Creator.

So she must not come out in front of the men who are not mahrams. She has the right to reject it. She must do everything possible to keep everyone happy.

A woman who keeps her husband happy, gets Jannah as the reward. So understand this and be supportive.

father in law and daughter relationship islam

Sometimes it may so happen that in the initial years of your married life, you might have to be very patient and on doing so, the later part of the married life becomes very beautiful. A Daughter-in-law must understand that differences are human nature; human beings are not all the same in terms of attitude, religious commitment, reasoning and behavior.

Fatawa - Is a wife obliged to serve her parents-in-law?

The forum does not change anything from questions, comments and statements received from our readers for circulation in confidentiality. In the terminology of Islamic Jurisprudence a mehram relative is generally one to whom marriage is absolutely and permanently prohibited; and a non-mehram is generally one to whom marriage is permissible.

Here is list of almost all the mehrams including father in law. List of Mehram of the woman: But husbands brother younger or older or brother-in-laws are not considered mehram in Shariah, and every restriction that applies to a non-mehram would be applicable to ones brother-in-law.

father in law and daughter relationship islam

Islam does not prohibit a believing woman from speaking to a non-mehram if she has a genuine need or business; but what Islam does strictly prohibit is that a believing woman indulges in casual and vain talk with a non-mehram member of the opposite sex. Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 7. What about Al-Hamu the non-mehram male in-laws of the wife like the brothers of her husband, or his nephews etc.