Fantine and valjean relationship

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fantine and valjean relationship

Fantine is the tritagonist in the novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. Relationships Valjean learns of her situation when Inspector Javert arrests her for attacking a man who called her insulting names and threw snow down her front and. Visions of storybook love filled Fantine's first relationship. Unfortunately for Fantine, the object of her affections, Felix Tholomyès, is merely a rich Jean Valjean. Valjean and Fantine are cursed by two things: one, situation in life; two, bad decisions. Valjean was forced into a situtation of poverty and starvation by forces .

Let me ask you this--what do you think would have happened if JV had confessed a month after the trial? With Champmathieu in prison, would the real JV now have been free to go about as he pleased?

fantine and valjean relationship

I don't think so. He would've gone to prison. And why would they have kept Champmathieu locked up as well?

Relationship: JVJ and Fantine

You can't keep two people locked up for being the same person. Also, how did JV know for a fact that Champmathieu would have been convicted in the first place? Carina, you are correct, she does have TB and by the time before her death she experiences extreme suffering from which the visits from Jean Valjean and the idea that someday she would see her daughter again were her only distractions.

Exactly, and that's why I would think that letting the poor woman see her daughter again perhaps one final time would take priority. It certainly would have been the priority with me. But as it turned out, Fantine died in the absolute worst way possible. In addition, how did JV know that he would ever be able to retrieve Cosette?

fantine and valjean relationship

The chances of him being able to procure a decent life for her were far better while he was mayor--as a convict, he might never have been able to escape. Also, if Cosette had returned, she would have to watch her mother die.

Summary of Fantine's story

To buy the skirt herself, Fantine has her hair cut off and sold. She then says to herself "My child is no longer cold, I have clothed her with my hair.

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She later takes on a lover, only for him to beat her and then abandon her. In order to continue to earn money for Cosette, Fantine becomes a prostitute. During a January evening, a dandy called Bamatabois heckles her and shoves snow down the back of her dress when she ignores him.

Fantine ferociously attacks him. Javertthe town's police inspector, immediately arrests her while Bamatabois sneaks away.

fantine and valjean relationship

She begs to be let go, but Javert sentences her to six months in prison. Valjean arrives to help Fantine, but upon seeing him she spits in his face. Dismissing the act, Valjean orders Javert to free Fantine, which he reluctantly does.

Valjean comes to find out the reasons Fantine became a prostitute and why she attacked Bamatabois. He feels sorry for the innocent Fantine and Cosette, and tells her that he will retrieve Cosette for her. He sends Fantine to the hospital, as she is suffering from tuberculosis.

Death[ edit ] After Valjean reveals his true identity at Champmathieu 's trial, he goes back to see Fantine at the hospital. She asks about Cosette, and the doctor lies to her saying that Cosette is at the hospital but cannot see Fantine until her health improves. She is appeased by this, and even mistakenly thinks that she hears Cosette laughing and singing.

fantine and valjean relationship

Suddenly, she and Valjean see Javert at the door. Valjean tries to privately ask Javert for three days to obtain Cosette, but he loudly refuses. Fantine realizes that Cosette was never retrieved and frantically asks where she is. Javert impatiently yells at Fantine to be silent, and additionally, tells her Valjean's true identity. Shocked by these revelations, she suffers a severe fit of trembling, falls back on her bed and dies.

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Valjean then walks to Fantine, whispers to her and kisses her hand. After Valjean is taken into custody, Fantine's body is unceremoniously thrown into a public grave. Later on, after escaping imprisonment, Valjean rescues Cosette and raises her on Fantine's behalf.

fantine and valjean relationship

Fantine has been interpreted as a holy prostitute figure who becomes a quintessential mother by sacrificing her own body and dignity for the purpose of securing the life of her child. Oscar Wilde presented her as a figure whose suffering makes her lovable, writing of the scene after she has her teeth removed, that "We run to kiss the bleeding mouth of Fantine".

Grossman says she moves into a form of "maternal sainthood" and that "When Madeleine Valjean's pseudonym as mayor affirms that she has remained virtuous and holy before God, Fantine can finally release her hatred and love others again. Or rather, it is because he perceives the reality beyond her appearance that she finds the mayor worthy of renewed devotion. Fantine is "an example of how women of the proletariat were brutalized in nineteenth-century France Fantine represents Hugo's deep compassion for human suffering, especially for women born into low estate".

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