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IMPORTANCE OF INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIP IN STEVEN Erin Brockovich movie's story began with a desperate woman who was looking for a job. She was a Then she asked permission from Ed Masry (her boss in the firm) to find This movie got various responses from audience, market, and movies industry. Erin brockovich and ed masry relationship quizzes . eat their own beef or fish from polluted waterways, but allows them to sell the produce on the open market. Erin's marriage was her third trip to the alter. She was first . As in the film, attorney Ed Masry rewarded Erin Brockovich with a $2 million bonus. The more.

The way certain of these meetings are treated in the film reminds me extraordinarily of the docudrama Alice - A fight for life by John Willis, who shows great skill in his method for bringing the aforementioned testimonies to the viewer Through the stories of the victims, with whom it is not difficult to identify, we are able to step into their conceptions of the health problem they are suffering.

The processes of naturalization and individuation of the risks that are reflected in these testimonies are striking. The refusal to believe in the environmental origin of their ailments, due to a lack of collective experience of the disease and the absence of links between the experience of the plant workers and that of the population living in the area, favours individual susceptibility and resistance when it comes to building an awareness of risk.

The victims' tendency to blame themselves is especially well represented in the case of Mandy Robinson Meredith Zinnera young woman who had suffered five abortions that she thought had been caused by the use of marihuana and contraceptives. While the producer highlights the victims' testimonies to build evidence of the disease, it is also important to note the catalyzing effect Brockovich exerts over them to give shape to health concerns and legitimize their claims.

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The film shows this process of change as a result of scientific evidence and the explanations provided by Erin to those affected, explanations that will later allow them to restructure their problem as a case of damages derived from environmental pollution. As it has been argued, this knowledge and skill base gained by the community has a multiplying effect and becomes an engine for the permanent change of the group members encouraging their empowerment and the feel they have taken power from those who held power over them3.

The film also allows us to build an image of the North American justice system and the ability of great corporations to avoid lawsuits, which forces victims to rely on the system of arbitration that, given the fact that it is resolved by experts, is perceived as offering fewer guarantees than a trial with a popular jury.

The strategies used by companies to conceal environmental and occupational risks are based on the conspiratorial model: The fact that the role of the plant workers is hardly noticeable in the film is also worth mentioning.

Even though the company also withheld information from the workers, throughout history workplaces have always been the first place where the harmful nature of certain production processes and their waste are recognized, these processes and their waste affecting the surrounding population in a second wave.

Although the film elaborates on the traditional ellipsis used by cinema to approach the world of work, which contributes to the opacity of industrial risks, the importance of the link between the workers' experience and that of the surrounding population should be noted to build knowledge about the environmental risks Conclusion The interpretation of the film provided in this article is largely based on the impact of the main character, and the real Erin Brockovich, on several community groups and people affected by work-related problems and problems regarding environmental pollution.

It is not unusual to refer to a non-expert that has headed battles of this type, combining scientific evidence and local knowledge, as the Erin Brockovich of a particular place. The last example I have come across is a work of journalism devoted to the struggle of the population of Casale Monferrato against an asbestos factory belonging to the company Eternit, a factory that has made this Italian city to become an international reference point.

This struggle has involved members of the unions, affected workers and victims of environmental pollution, associations of people affected, groups of neighbours, doctors, journalists, lawyers, judges, etc. The expression has also been used to refer to the lack of mobilization of core groups in face of health-related problems linked to environmental pollution In particular, I would like to thank those who took part in this meeting for their enriching suggestions.

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Did Erin Brockovich really memorize all plaintiffs and their cases? In order to cope with her illness, she said that she has learned mostly everything in her life through memorization.

This is how she remembered all of the Hinkley residents' cases. In addition to dyslexia, Erin also claims that she has struggled through anorexia and that she has panic disorder. At a National Press Club Luncheon, Erin answered this by saying, "I don't know that I had in my mindset, I'm going to come in here and show my cleavage to get these documents. I really don't think I was operating at that level. My dress code is not designed to offend anybody.

It's just simply the way I dress, and if my cleavage was showing and the guy let me in the door, I mean, I was happy to get in and I never really paid any more attention to it. So, however you dress, it's your own personal style. I don't mean to offend anybody.

That's just who I am, and I don't deliberately utilize it as a tool to get what I'm looking for. Instead of an office meeting room, it happened in a court of law. Respected writer Michael Fumento rightwho is a journalist and also an attorney specializing in science and health issues, has spearheaded these concerns.

His articles regarding the film's misrepresentations appeared in various publications, including The Wall Street Journal. Fumento's concerns are primarily with the chemical Chromium Fumento argues that there is no significant evidence to prove that Chromium-6 was the cause of the variety of the ailments suffered by the people of Hinkley, California.

Erin Brockovich then responded to his article by trying to support the claims of the lawyers, saying that Chromium-6 kills. You can read both Fumento's article and Brockovich's response here. In all of my research for this page, I have not seen well-documented evidence supporting Brockovich's claims, nor have I found any significant evidence saying that Chromium-6 is completely harmless either.

It is in fact recognized as a carcinogen. Chromium-6, also known as hexavalent chromium, is a known carcinogen, as classified by the U. It is also referred to as industrial chromium because it is used in various industrial processes, including the hardening of steel and in the production of many steel alloys ETC.

In the case of Hinkley, Calif. If it is inhaled regularly over a long period of time, it can cause lung cancer and cancer of the septum Time. For example, studies have shown that the risk of developing respiratory cancer is twenty times greater for chromate plant workers than for the general population ETC. But what about the ingestion not inhalation of Chromium-6 as in the case of Hinkley? Inan Environmental Protection Agency EPA report on Chromium-6 stated, "No data were located in the available literature that suggested that it is carcinogenic by the oral route of exposure.

Chromium-3 is considered essential in man and animals for efficient lipid, glucose, and protein metabolism GreatDreams. Schwarcz also pointed out, "no single toxin causes the wide array of conditions that afflict Hinkley residents. This is a likely possibility www.

Chromium-6 breakdown in the stomach may not even apply in cases where contaminated water could blend with mucus and lie in the back of the throat for some time, possibly causing cancer of the throat, as in the case of plaintiff Carol Smith, whose husband has had 17 tumors removed from his throat Salon.

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The final question becomes just how much Chromium-6 was in the Hinkley drinking water? Masry's firm's findings often appeared greater than those of the water authority and other sources.

Maybe his firm was rounding up while others were rounding down. Years have gone by, and it is possible that the correct amount that had been present may never be known for certain. This was the largest settlement ever awarded in a direct-action lawsuit in the history of the United States.