Eren and annie relationship advice

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eren and annie relationship advice

Isayama has confirmed that Eren looks at his relationship with Mikasa like that of a mother to his son. And say, one day there will be a point that one day Eren. Why are Eren and Mikasa shown not to be in the Walls in some flashbacks? 9 · Why are there dinosaurs and prehistoric animals in the opening. Mikasa by ArminxPaige (Mikasa) with reads. eren, mikasa, titan. THIRD PERSON POV They Looks like the Relationship Advice worked!" Hanji shouted . +.

He believed he was a boy who could save the world. But he was shattered once he found out that Marcel, everyone's bigger brother, told him that he wasn't chosen for his abilites and skills. He started getting insecure about himself and jealous of Marcel. And then one day they Annie, Reiner, Bertholdth and Marcel finally were standing on the Paradis island. All alone, without anyone to guide them.

They couldn't even get to the walls without one of them dying. And it was their "big brother" Marcel who had the control of Jaws titan. He was eaten by Ymir's titan.

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He was trying to save Reinee from getting eaten and got himself eaten instead. Whoever he was before is gone. He didn't believe in himself anymore. He believed that he was the one who was supposed to die and not Marcel. So he wanted to take his place by being a big brother. Instead of retreating after losing a titan, he convinced Annie and Bertholdth to stay and fight. Then all three of them destroyed wall Maria to continue their mission.

eren and annie relationship advice

That was the day when, because of Reiner, Eren's mother died. Eren swore to avenge her by killing all the titans, including Reiner he didn't know that it was Reiner then After a few years Reiner and Eren have joined the th training corps. Reiner by then has completely forgotten who he was before and became a passionate and honest person who would do anything to help his comrades.

He was Marcel and not Reiner anymore. While Eren was just a bratty little kid whose only goal was to defeat all titans. Once Eren walked to Reiner for some advice since he couldn't balance himself while hanging in the air. Reiner and Bertholdth give him a bit of advice useless advice tbh and then they start talking about their own experiences about the titans and what they truly want by joining the military.

Once Eren tells Reiner he wants to murder every single titan, Reiner tells him that he can achieve his dream.

eren and annie relationship advice

Reiner has almost completely lost his own self and made his biggest mistake by telling Eren "In order to achieve our goals we have no choice but to push forward and fight for it with all we got". That made Eren push forward and not give up. Reiner and the other warrios killed Marco when he overhead them discussing about how they destroyed the wall. Reiner and the others took off Marco's gear and let him be eaten by a mindless titan.

Reiner completely lost who he was before.

eren and annie relationship advice

When he was watching Marco get eaten he didn't believe it was him who killed Marco. He was just crying and asking "Why's Marco being eaten? Reiner became a soldier. After Reiner almost got eaten by a titan and having a near death experience while saving his comrade, he regained consciousness.

He finally remembered who he was.

Attack On Titan

He was a warrior who came here for the foundation titan. He came here to take Eren with him. So Reiner just walks up to Eren and asks him to leave with with the warrior back to Marley so there would be no more suffering. He didn't want to stay there for any longer. He was just tired of everything and wanted everything to be over.

But of course Eren refused. That's when Eren was shattered. Eren was just staring at Reiner, not able to move. Eren, After talking about his dreams, his past, after Reiner picked him up while he was breaking down. He was the real enemy.

He was the one who caused all this misery. Eren didn't know how to feel. So he let rage take over him. When Reiner transformed and captured him, he was completely blinded by rage at first and tried his best to kill him.

He even started thinking rationally just so he could take him our, proving how much he really wants to see him dead. Reiner just wanted to capture him and get this over with. Reiner tried his best to not feel anything but just how to go home.

And of course Eren lost. Once Eren woke up he found himself sitting on a tree with Ymir, Reiner and Bertholdth. Once Eren woke up he almost immedeatly tried to transform, still blinded by rage.

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After a bit Reiner once again forgot all about him being a warrior, saying they all deserve some nice rest. This changes however once she meets Eren. When Eren fights her, she expects t0 just kick his ass and move on. However, shes very surprised to find that Eren compliments her and is amazed at how good she is. Never in her life, even with her father, has Annie been complimented about her skills. Shes taken back and even more impressed when Eren uses her moves against Jean. We actually see Annie smile for once, and its because of Eren.

Say what you want, but first impressions are everything, and Eren has given her a lasting first impression, being one of the only people to make her smile and compliment her. And then she offers to teach him the move personally. But this is just the beginning of their meeting, so lets keep going through and manga and anime. Its heavily implied that Annie and Eren spent a lot of time together during their training.

eren and annie relationship advice

More so then usual actually. The fact that Annies stance and movements are embedded into Erens muscle memory, even in Titan form, shows exactly how much time they spent together training. This, pluis the fact when Mikasa was looking for Eren during the battle of Trost, she went to Annie for his wearabouts.


Showing that she expects Annie to be aware of where Eren is because they were always tpgether training. Hes clueless about girls. But I think he did maybe have a LITTLE more feelings then her then just respect, as Mikasa explains that perhaps the reason Eren cant transform to fight him is because of some sort of feelings towards her.

eren and annie relationship advice

After all, Mikasa has been jealous of Annie before, and we see it during training. So shes testing Annie. Silly in a show like Attack on Titan, but remember theyre all still teenagers, so stuff like this can clearly happen. Also during Eren and Annies fight in the woods, Annie looks clearly upset at the facy Eren was so enraged by her, he transformed just to kill her.

But when Eren transforms she looks visibly shaken.