Earthquake in pakistan india and afghanistan relationship

Powerful earthquake strikes Afghanistan, Pakistan, killing more than

earthquake in pakistan india and afghanistan relationship

A magnitude earthquake struck south Asia on Saturday 8 Oct , totally devastating parts of northern Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. The epicentre of the. affected Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan with the epicenter located The earthquake killed more than 73, people, injured more than cooperative research and professional relationships with American researchers through academic. Afghanistan has been struck by a magnitude earthquake close to its border with Pakistan, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).

The province is often struck by earthquakes, but casualty figures are usually low.

  • 5.0 magnitude earthquake jolts Afghanistan, Pakistan, tremors felt in Jammu and Kashmir
  • Strong Earthquake in Afghanistan Kills Girl in Pakistan
  • Scores killed as earthquake shakes Afghanistan, Pakistan, India

In northwest Pakistan, rescue official Latifir Rehman said 21 people were killed and wounded across the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Another official, Fiaz Khan, said at least eight people were killed and 70 injured in the Bajur tribal region.

earthquake in pakistan india and afghanistan relationship

This video of landslides triggered by the quake was captured in Hunza — a mountainous valley in Pakistan. Landslides triggered by magnitude 7.

South Asia: Earthquake - Oct 2005

A patient is brought to a hospital after severe earthquake was felt in Mingora, the main town of Pakistan Swat valley. Earthquake tremors now in Islamabad pic.

earthquake in pakistan india and afghanistan relationship

Other homes collapsed in northern Pakistan. This video, posted to Facebook, from the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan shows a bridge shaking.

Breaking: Magnitude 7.5 (8.1) Earthquake in Afghanistan/Pakistan Border 26 Oct 2015

Dust rising from the mountains in Skardu due to landslide triggered by earthquake Skardu Baltistan Earthquake pic. People in Delhi left office buildings and went out into the streets after buildings shook.

Researchers have previously suggested that earthquakes in the Hindu Kush can be caused by the break off of strips of such slabs, stretching and tearing free, on geological time scales, as they fall deep into the mantle.

5.0 magnitude earthquake jolts Afghanistan, Pakistan, tremors felt in Jammu and Kashmir

Whatever the geological triggers for the quake, grieving communities will now be gathering themselves together and guarding against the inevitable aftershocks. With increased understanding of the risks that Earth poses along this seismic belt, it is important to be aware and prepare for future large earthquakes.

If buildings are not to be destroyed time and again, it is important to adopt and adhere to construction and planning codes. A key step in promoting legal enforcement is educating the community about the risks, as well as how to respond as safely as possible during an earthquake.

magnitude earthquake jolts Afghanistan, Pakistan, tremors felt in J&K - Earthquake Today News

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