Dos and donts of dating a coworker relationship

dos and donts of dating a coworker relationship

You probably (definitely) shouldn't date your boss. of some variety, with women as the more likely gender to engage in a relationship with a coworker. Being in a relationship with a co-worker can be fraught with complications. The Do's and Don'ts of Dating a Coworker Survey, 51% of business professionals report participating in some type of workplace relationship.

Is this person really worth giving up this aspect of your career, should things fly south? When my ex and I started dating, it was a very strange circumstance. Not only were we working at the same startup, but our CEO was the one who pushed us together.

Do’s and Don’ts of Dating a Coworker | Tis But A Moment

I remember my first day on the job, the CEO asked me to join her for dinner. I obliged, and during that dinner — in front of another coworker, no less — she suggested that my now-ex might be a good match for me, romantically, and went so far as to ask whether I thought he was attractive.

A month or so later, he asked me on a date, and after some back and forth, I agreed. There was no reason to bite the bullet quickly. Establish ground rules early and often.

dos and donts of dating a coworker relationship

On that first date, we talked about a few things: How this was a very bad idea — dating a coworker in a startup could only end poorly. If this date was the only one we had, we would not interact differently at work.

If this date was not the only one we had, we would not interact differently at work. Our mixed reviews of the recent Star Trek movies — hey, it was After that, we decided that we would not be alone together in the office, and we would not have any displays of affection around coworkers.

How to be in a relationship with a co-worker

Rules changed and evolved over time to include: No talking about our relationship at work. Not having any sort of managerial relationship at work. We would not arrive nor leave together although when we moved in together later down the line, this rule was abolished. However, some were just plain stupid or unrealistic. How, in a startup of 15 people, can you avoid working on projects together? But for non-startup situations, you can probably find a way. Let the relationship and your job take over your life.

We were in an eat-sleep-and-breathe startup. Work-life balance did not exist.

10 Dos And Don'ts If You Decide To Date A Colleague (Which You Shouldn't)

That rule against any public affection meant that, even when we were at home, we were distant and even borderline cold to each other. Fortunately, this got better when we moved out of the company house. Unfortunately, each of our closest friends was involved with the startup, so outside social events were few and far between for us. This may have turned both of us into hermits as the years went on, and he stayed uncomfortable around my friends long after we left the company.

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The most amorous professions and industries? Retail 62 percent surveyed said they had a relationship with a co-workertech 60 percenthuman resources 57 percentand insurance 54 percent.

The least amorous industries are accounting, healthcare, energy, and finance or banking.

10 Dos And Don'ts If You Decide To Date A Colleague (Which You Shouldn't)

So, yes this can work out for you, but it's important to play it cool--and smart. Know the rules Check your company policies. I know that the last thing you want to think about is playing by the rules, but if your company has a "No Fraternization" policy, you could get fired on the spot.

When your HR Director shows up at your house on a Friday afternoon, and says, "You may want to have a glass of wine with what I'm about to tell you The whole scenario was so complex that it merited its own Visio flowchart but that's a story for another column.

dos and donts of dating a coworker relationship

Tread carefully when getting involved with a superior or someone who reports to you Mixing business with pleasure is especially risky when you mix levels of seniority.

Execs are privy to confidential information that they may be inclined to share when they are thinking with their hearts, rather than their heads.

If the relationship doesn't work out, sharing that information could jeopardize the company and your job.

dos and donts of dating a coworker relationship

Maintain your social life outside of work Do not make your office romance the center of your existence. Nurture your other relationships, even if it's easy and convenient to hang out with your office partner every night.

Maintain your work performance Whatever happens with your relationship, your career is going to continue to progress. No relationship is worth a decline in your boss's or co-worker's trust. It's very difficult to regain respect once you've lost it. Maintain complete professionalism at all work functions Remember that you represent your company brand at all professional functions, at all times. No matter what, take the high road Whatever happens, be professional.