Dorothy and ozma relationship help

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dorothy and ozma relationship help

Fan-Preferred Couple: Dorothy/Ozma is by far the most supported ship. It helps that there's a fair amount of Ho Yay and Les Yay in the main cast, and that Ozma . After that, is it really any surprise that she ends up in a relationship with the. Queen Ozma and her companion and champion, Princess Dorothy, formerly of business, but couldn't escape the subtext of the relationship. Throughout the Oz books, we see that Ozma has several indicators of and some people claim that she is in a relationship with Dorothy in.

dorothy and ozma relationship help

Jellia Jamb from the second book, who provides a Funny Moment by mistranslating Jack and the Scarecrow's dialogue since they're both too dimwitted to figure out they're speaking the same language, milking the situation for all its worth.

Tik-Tokone of the earliest examples of robots in fiction. He even inspired Asimov's famous Three Laws concept. Since continuity and backstory are inconsistent and contradictory, many fans have attempted to make it more coherent.

Sometimes an attempt is good enough to be considered as good as canon by fans. The hair colours of characters varied Depending on the Artistthus fans and as a result, most adaptations have to figure out their own colours.

Dorothy releasing princess Ozma in Disney's Return to Oz

Fans of the books usually pin Dorothy down as a blonde because, the first illustrations aside, most early art depicted her as so, it fits herand it distances her from the MGM film versionwhile fans of Oz who are more into The Wizard of Oz depict her as a brunette. Ozma is described as a strawberry blonde but, due to most official art depicting her with dark hair, most fans draw her as having either medium-to-dark coloured brown or black hair. Due to Values Dissonance their heavily fluffy friendship comes off as lesbian rather than platonic.

The issue is that fans differ on just where on the spectrum she fits. Some see her a trans girl metaphor due to being forcibly Raised as the Opposite Genderwhile others see her as a trans boy due to how comfortable she seemed as Tip and how she didn't want to become a girl. There are also fans who see her as nonbinary.

Even amongst those that don't see her as trans, her being a Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak or even a Tomboy Princess who likes wearing trousers is a widespread train of thought due to her years living as a boy combined with her acceptance of becoming Ozma again.

dorothy and ozma relationship help

Fanworks usually age up Dorothy just bit. Eventually she gets bored of being prepubescent and decides to age up to Naturally, Ozma ages up with her.

Lurline is the Fairy Queen however most fans, and many fan adaptations such as Wickedmake her into a goddess. After the first six books, it's pretty easy to just take your pick of whatever you don't want to consider canon. Baum didn't seem to worry too much about what was canon either. They get along well, have a lot of sweet interactionsand outside of the classic characters from the first book, Dorothy's known her the longest.

Some authors have tried to avert the romantic implications by giving them male love interests, but it never stuck. Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The Oz books are more popular overseas than in America. The Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman, insofar as both are both are actually men. In The Tin Woodman of Oz, we are told that they are satisfied to sit near each other for hours on end without saying anything.

It helps that there's a fair amount of Ho Yay and Les Yay in the main cast, and that Ozma spent her first nine to twelve years or so as the incorrect gender. Dorothy and Ozma are rather close.

In fact, when half of their interactions consist of kissing each other on the cheek, it's safe to say they're a bit more than 'rather close. There's not any other real way to spin this after that. A third-rate Nebraska con man lands in a magical fairyland. He knows nothing of the land or its customs. He is very much a squishy, not very physically stout, Muggle.

dorothy and ozma relationship help

Yet, within weeks, using a combination of BS and carny tricks, he has bluffed the four most powerful magic users into standing down in an Enforced Cold Warmade himself an undisputed God-Emperorand kidnapped the true heir to the throne and sent her to Mombi, who raised her bespelled as the opposite gender! Baum played this aspect down in later books, but modern adaptations certainly have fun running with it. There are dozens of Oz books and numerous adaptations going back to the s.

Land of Oz has been known for over a century as very popular, children's books classic. Yet, most of what people know from the series comes from MGM film rather than the actual books. It's even been argued that the series has become a "modern day fairytale" that people don't even associate as a book series.

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Frank Baum envisioned Oz to be this. Even with Wicked Witches around, Dorothy never had to pay for anything. It gets more explicit in his later books when Ozma assumes the throne and everyone in Oz is granted functional Immortality. For the record, the Oz books don't have any bent toward then-contemporary politics or try to insist on proper way in which to run a county Ozma's reign could be best described as a benevolent dictatorshipbut exist primarily as whimsical escapism.

Chopfyt, the final husband of Nick Chopper's and Captain Fyter's former sweetheart. He was made from the flesh parts of Nick Chopper and Captain Fyter glued together with the Wicked Witch of the East's flesh glue, along with a tin arm.

The Oz books have several instances of this, as does the movie Return to Oz. It's possible to make a complete list of this: Princess Ozma had Bungle's brains changed to make her more agreeable. May count as Canon Discontinuity as Bungle has her old brains and attitude back in later books. The Tin Woodsman's actual origin. And what happened to his original body parts see below and above.

The Fountain of Oblivion. Don't be surprised when you're half-way through Tik Tok Of Oz or The Scarecrow of Oz and wondering when the title character who is featured on the front cover is going to show up. Betsy for Dorothy in Tik-Tok of Oz.

Thus, Ozma spent her entire childhood with Mombi in the form of the boy Tip, and had no memory of ever having been a girl.

Ozma: L. Frank Baum’s Trans-Positive OZ Heroine

In The Marvelous Land of OzGlinda the Good Sorceress discovered what had happened and forced Mombi to turn Tip back into Ozma; ever since then, the Princess has possessed the Throne of Oz although many realms within Oz remained unaware of her authority. Frank Baum indicated that Ozma has the appearance of a fourteen-year-old, and is therefore older than Dorothy Gale. By that point in time, Baum had also established that the inhabitants of Oz ceased to age, suggesting that Ozma would always appear to be a beautiful young girl.

Baum was not inclined to worry about strict continuity in his series, however, and so there were discrepancies in the origins and very nature of Ozma. In her initial appearances, she was portrayed as no more than a human princess, born shortly before the Wizard 's arrival in Oz.

dorothy and ozma relationship help

Later in the series, Baum revealed that Ozma is actually a fairydescending from "a long line of fairy queens" as stated in The Scarecrow of Oz.

And in Baum's final book, Ozma herself explains that she was in fact a member of the Fairy Queen Lurline 's band when Lurline enchanted Oz and turned it into a fairyland. This does not gel with the version of Ozma's story which says she is an ageless fairy who has ruled Oz for centuries.

Ozma frequently encounters difficulties while ruling her kingdom. In The Lost Princess of Ozfor instance, the Fairy Princess is kidnapped, although her dearest friend Dorothy Gale comes to her rescue with a search party. Both Dorothy and Ozma are captured by the wicked Queen Coo-ee-oh in Glinda of Ozwhile trying to stop a war between two races, but Glinda the Good Witch manages to save them with the help of the Three Adepts at Sorcery.

In order to circumvent trouble, Ozma prohibits anyone other than the Wizard of Oz and Glinda from practicing magic in Oz unless they have a permit. Frank Baum portrayed Ozma as an exceedingly benevolent and compassionate ruler, who never resorts to violence and who does not believe in destroying even her worst enemies.

In Ozma of Ozshe even left Oz in order to rescue the Royal Family of Ev from the clutches of the Nome Kingdemonstrating that her kindness and concern extends far beyond her own kingdom.

When the Nome King tried to conquer and destroy Oz in revenge, Ozma insisted on maintaining a pacifist disposition, which led to the Scarecrow 's suggestion that Ozma's enemies be made to forget about their wicked intentions by drinking from the Fountain of Oblivion. Furthermore, Ozma discontinued the use of money in Oz, and took systematic measures to ensure that all the citizens of Oz receive the land's resources in equal measure, without having to work harder than necessary.

According to the timeline of The Road to OzOzma's birthday falls on the 21st day of the month of August. Relationship with Dorothy[ edit ] When Ozma met Dorothy, Oz's greatest heroine, she immediately liked her and they became best friends. In The Lost Princess of Oz the first page mentions that Ozma loves Dorothy very much and by page two says that Dorothy is the only one privileged to enter Ozma's rooms without an invitation.

Ozma created Dorothy a Princess of Oz early at the end of Ozma of Ozand Dorothy often represents her when her adventures take her away from the Emerald City. In the Canonical Baum Oz books: Dorothy and Ozma are each other's closest relationship excluding the first two as Ozma is not in the first, and Dorothy is not in the secondthis is true even in Ozma of Oz where they met for the first time as can be seen in the goodbye scene.

Shirley Templehaving reportedly been considered for the role of Dorothy Gale in the movie musical The Wizard of Oz but passed over in favor of Judy Garlandeventually portrayed Princess Ozma in a television production of The Marvelous Land of Oz, in which she also portrayed Tip.

In the direct-to-video animated short Dorothy meets Ozma of Ozan abridged but faithful adaptation of the book Ozma of OzOzma's lovely voice is provided by either Nancy Chance or Sandra J. Butcher the credits do not specify. Ridley's version fit Baum's original description of Ozma. Her Earth appearance is an unnamed girl in a Dr. Worley's hospital who tips off Dorothy about Dr. Worley's machines making the patients brain dead.

Both of them escape from the hospital while evading Nurse Wilson only for the two of them to fall into the river where the girl wasn't seen emerging from the surface.